Chapter 73: Logging Back Into The Game (1)

Chapter 73: Logging Back Into The Game (1)Shen Jingchen had a wonderful dinner. He and the grandfather-grandson pair talked up a storm, to the point where they even lamented a little over the fact that they hadn’t met earlier.

Shen Jingbin on the other hand was a bundle of emotions. Not because of them, but rather it was due to Mama Zhao glaring daggers at her every now and then.

Shen Jingbin’s expression remained impassive as she continued on with her meal. She could even give very fitting answers to Papa Zhao’s questions, but at the same time, she was crying sorrowfully in her heart.

Auntie, this is our first time meeting, right?! I haven't done anything to offend you yet! Can you stop giving me that death glare?!

Shen Jingbin was itching to leave after making it through dinner with great difficulty!

After returning to the hotel and washing up, Shen Jingbin tossed herself onto the bed and lay there, a vacant look in her eyes as she stared blankly into the air.

She felt that too many things had happened over the past two days, so she needed some time to sort out her thoughts.

However, her handphone beside her started to buzz before she had the chance to think things through.

She glanced at her phone and found that Zhao Chengning had sent her a text message.

“Have you gone to sleep yet?”

Her gaze floated over to the clock at the top left hand corner of her phone’s display; It was only 8PM. What kind of person would sleep so early?


After sending her reply, it took less than a minute before her phone vibrated once again.

“My Mother was a little rude today, but don’t take it to heart.”

“You’ve already mentioned it before, I won’t take it to heart,” Shen Jingbin’s brows furrowed in dissatisfaction.

Did he really think she was that petty a person?

“That’s good then. I was worried that she might have hurt your feelings.”

“I’m not that weak minded,” Suddenly thinking of something, her hands started to dance across the keypad and she sent out another text message. “You lied to me today!”


“When did I deceive you?”

Shen Jingbin got up and started tapping out another text message.

“I asked you whether or not you played <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> today and you told me you didn’t. But Xuya clearly said that you game from dawn till dusk!!!” To emphasize her point, she specially added exclamation marks at the end of her message.

As usual, the other party’s reply came quickly. “ I’m normally pretty busy at work, so I really don’t have any time to play games. Xuya probably got the wrong impression when he went over to my office last time and saw me playing a small game to relax.”

“What kind of small game?”


Shen Jingbin issued a chuckle while she held her phone in her hand. She tried imagining how Zhao Chengning would look like while he played minesweeper.

Such poise. Much concentration. Many amuse. Wow.

She received another message from him before she had the chance to get her fill of laughing. “You’re definitely laughing at me, right?”

She obviously knew he couldn’t see her, but Shen Jingbin still tried to hold back her smile. She steeled her expression and replied, “No, I’m not laughing.”

“I’ll believe you for now. You should rest early. I’ll be very busy from tomorrow onwards, so I won’t be able to accompany you guys. Give Xuya or Jiang Weiwei a call if you guys need anything, they don’t have much to do these days.”

He was going busy from tomorrow onwards?

Shen Jingbin’s hand paused for a moment before she asked, “Wouldn’t that be troubling them?”

“Nope, that’s what they want.”

Shen Jingbin gave a sly smile when she thought of Xuya and Jiang Weiwei. “Alright then, don’t worry about us and focus on your work.”

“Mm, goodnight.”


Shen Jingbin lay on her bed once again and rested her phone on her chest, before she heaved a long sigh of relief.

Based on what Zhao Chengning said, they wouldn’t be seeing him from the second day onwards. Xuya and Jiang Weiwei had taken turns to call them and ask if they needed any help, but the two siblings politely declined.

Both of them were adults, they didn’t need someone to look after them just because they were going out to have some fun.

Time passed in a flash and Shen Jingchen’s competition was over; it was about time for the siblings to return home.

As a show of respect, they bought several everyday items for the older generation and paid a visit to the Zhao family before they left. Part of their reason for doing so was to say their farewells, while the other was to thank the family for looking after them.

At present, Mama Zhao was the only one at home in their villa. She greeted them indifferently and took their gifts, before she handed them over to the nanny to receive them.

The two siblings weren’t idiots and they could clearly tell that Mama Zhao didn’t like them from her attitude. They had no intention of making a nuisance of themselves, so they said a few polite words before leaving.

The siblings booked an afternoon flight. Only Xuya and Jiang Weiwei were present when they left. And as usual, Zhao Chengning was nowhere to be seen.

Xuya scratched his head and said embarrassedly to Shen Jingbin, “Little Jing, Brother Ah Ning set aside quite a bit of work just so he could accompany you guys earlier on, and that’s why only Jiang Weiwei and I are here to send you off today. Don’t take it to heart.”

Jiang Weiwei added, “Gorgeous, muack muack! All you need is your Big Sis Weiwei to send you off. Don’t bother with Zhao Chengning!”

Shen Jingbin smiled at the two of them and said, “Just having the two of you around to send me off has already made me very happy.”

Noticing that Jiang Weiwei was still feeling a little uncomfortable, Shen Jingchen said, “Sigh, about that, we’ve troubled you guys quite a bit over the past few days. If you’re free, come over to A City in the future and let us take care of you!”

Jiang Weiwei went straight up to him and gave him a pat on the back. “Definitely! Make sure you take care of everything for me when I come over!”

Shen Jingchen, who was caught completely off guard by the pat on his back, choked on his saliva.

Once the boarding announcement was broadcast, the two siblings waved goodbye to Jiang Weiwei and Xuya who were reluctant to see them part, before they then set forth on their journey back home.

Xuya waited till the Shen siblings disappeared into the departure gate before he fished out his phone and reported to Zhao Chengning. “Brother Ah Ning, Little Jing and her brother have boarded the plane.”

Zhao Chengning cradled his phone between his shoulder and face as he looked over a document and said, “Mm, you guys can return.”

Jiang Weiwei grabbed Xuya’s neck and shouted at the top of her voice into the phone, “Zhao Chengning! I’ve helped you to send Gorgeous off, so you have to treat me to a meal!”

“Move aside Weiwei, you’re too close!” Xuya said to her disdainfully, as he entertained the thought of pushing her away.

Jiang Weiwei glared at him. “Are you looking for a beating, brat?!”

Zhao Chengning chuckled in amusement and hung up after hearing their bickering on the other end of the line.

After hanging up, he got up and walked over to the french window [1. A pair of glazed doors that also serve as windows. Here’s a pic Click] and gazed at the heavens.

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