Chapter 7: Gossip

Chapter 7: GossipShen Jingchen’s appearance immediately caused a group of female players in the vicinity to become restless. Shen Jingbin felt rather amazed upon overhearing their discussion. Was Shen Jingchen really that handsome? Then why did she find him so repulsive! Was there something wrong with her aesthetics?  

“Where are you? I’ve reached the coach station, why don’t I see you?” Shen Jingchen kept his Celestial pet out the moment he landed on the ground. He tried looking around, but the lack of a familiar face made him feel a little bewildered.

What an idiot.

Ruthlessly looking down on Shen Jingchen in her heart, Shen Jingbin stood up and brushed the hem of her clothes. She walked over to him and said, “Don’t bother looking anymore, I’m over here.”

Shen Jingchen’s eyes widened and he took a large step backwards as if he’d just received a fright, “That can’t be. Little Jingjing, are you making fun of me? How could someone this ugly be you!?”

“Do I have to mention the red birthmark on your butt before you believe me?”

Shen Jingchen hurriedly rushed up to her and covered her mouth, “What the f*ck! Can you not mention these things in public!?”

After saying so, he didn’t forget to survey his surroundings, only releasing Shen Jingbin after confirming the people further away from them couldn’t hear anything.

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance at him before she shrugged and said, “I’m simply verifying my identity.”

Screw you! Shen Jingchen felt as if he’d cursed out ten thousand times in his heart.

“Eh? You’re level 20 already? You’re leveling pretty fast!” After tossing over a party invitation to Shen Jingbin, he was given a fright by her leveling speed when she entered the party,

“Didn’t you just start playing a while ago?”

Shen Jingbin was unperturbed by his reaction and replied, “I encountered a hidden quest. Stop wasting time, hurry up and find someone who can welcome me into a sect.”

“...” Does my mom know how fierce you are? [1]

Shen Jingchen’s mount could seat two people. Being afflicted by her laziness disease, Shen Jingbin forced him to give her a ride before they took flight.

Shen Jingchen shed an imaginary tear as Shen Jingbin got onto his mount. He could already foresee this becoming the next day’s top story on the game’s forum.

“The male god, Dawn’s Twilight, from the Jade Sea Pavilion was seen with an ugly woman as they sat intimately together on his mount!!”

“The horror! Your male god was taken away by a woman looking like that!”

“A certain well-known male player gamed together with an ugly woman for the sake of wealth. Was it a loss of morality or a distortion of human nature?!”

...After stepping out of an instanced dungeon[2], Quiet And Steadfast immediately received a mail from a friend within the guild.

“F*ck, I just saw Dawn[3] riding together with a woman! Any idea who she is?!”

Quiet And Steadfast furrowed his brows. What’s so surprising about Dawn being together with another woman? He’d always garnered the affections of women all along anyway.

“I don’t. What’s up?”

The other party’s reply came swiftly. It looks like it really was a major event.

“Hahahaha! I happened to see how she looked like! My god. Truth be told, I’ve never seen anyone who looked like that before! Even big sis Feng looks dozens of times better than her! Who would’ve thought that after being so unrestrained and garnering the affection of many women, Dawn would actually have such “unique” tastes!”

“...So you’re reveling in the misfortune of others?”

“No no, definitely not! It’s just that that bitch keeps snatching all the girls I set my eyes on. Now with all this happening to him, I couldn’t help but gossip a little. At the same time, I wanted to see if I could get some of the inside story on what happened so I could make fun of him! But you look like you don’t know anything, so forget it! I’ll ask other people instead.”

After putting away the carrier pigeon, Quiet And Steadfast called out his mount and made his way towards the warehouse in the capital. Along the way, he wondered how her appearance was enough to make his friend think he could use it to launch an attack on Dawn.

However, these things had nothing to do with him.

Opening his quest log, his gaze fell onto the gold coloured quest and his eyes twinkled.

It’d been a long time since he received the quest, but he wasn’t able to make any headway even till now. Was giving up his only option?

No. He’d put in far too much effort in getting the quest to just give up here.

Additionally, the people from Life At First Sight seemed to be plotting something in secret. They had been carrying out a lot of underground activities recently, so he needed to use this quest to raise the strength of Jade Sea Pavilion.

No matter what, he had to complete this quest!

Closing his quest log, Quiet And Steadfast rearranged the items in his backpack and placed them in the warehouse. After which, he said his farewells to his guild members before logging off.

  1. It’s a meme in China, don’t pay it too much mind lol
  2. For those who are unclear as to what an instance is, this link contains more information
  3. Shen Jingchen’s nickname in-game. Dawn’s Twilight → Dawn

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