Chapter 69: A Knight In Shining Armor (1)

Chapter 69: A Knight In Shining Armor (1)

Shen Jingchen noticed that his sister’s face was exceptionally red when he bumped into her at the school gate. He eyed her suspiciously before he lightly pushed Zhao Chengning and asked, “What happened to my sister? Why’s her face so red?”

Zhao Chengning glanced playfully at Shen Jingbin’s flushed cheeks and said, “I don’t know either.”

Shen Jingchen noticed that little glance of his and immediately understood what was going on. He broke out into a radiant smile and hooked his arm over Shen Jingbin’s neck. “Hey, sis! Are you feeling embarrassed? What did Ah Ning do to make you feel so embarrassed? Come on, tell your big bro!”

Shen Jingbin felt disgusted by how ecstatic he sounded at the end. She grabbed ahold of his arm that was draped over her neck, and threw him over her shoulder.

“What the f*ck…” Shen Jingchen only had enough time to scream out in alarm, before he landed on the ground with a bang. “Shen Jingbin, are you trying to kill me?! What the f*ck, my waist…”

Shen Jingbin crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head to the side. “Chatterboxes won’t live beyond the first episode. You should be hanged for having lived till now.”

Shen Jingchen kneaded his waist as he stood up. Gritting his teeth, he glanced at Zhao Chengning who was clearly enjoying the show and said, “Ah Ning, you better take a good look for yourself. This girl is a barbarian! You’ll be the one on the receiving end of this if you marry her in the future!”

“Shen Jingchen, are you really looking for a beating?!”

“Hey, hey, hey. Calm down for a moment. You guys are still at the school gate,” Zhao Chengning hurriedly interjected upon seeing the looks of astonishment the students who passed by were giving them. He had no intention of becoming the top story in his school’s forum.

However, what he didn’t know was that they’d already made the headlines of the school’s forum.

Zhao Chengning hadn’t parked his car in B University, instead, he’d left it in the underground carpark of the office next door. Since they still had plenty of time left on their hands after they’d left the school and they didn’t know what to do, they decided that they might as well head on over to Starbucks for a cup of coffee while they mulled over what they should have for lunch.

After ordering their coffee at the counter, Shen Jingchen stayed behind to collect their drinks while Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning looked for a place to sit. It might have been through sheer luck or some other occurrence, but they managed to get a seat by the window.

As it was between peak hours, there currently wasn’t many people in Starbucks, so Shen Jingchen soon arrived with their coffee.

The trio drank their coffee and started to idly chat, which consisted mostly of Shen Jingchen asking questions and Zhao Chengning answering them, with Shen Jingbin silently listening at the side.

Zhao Chengning sat opposite Shen Jingbin, while Shen Jingchen sat next to her. Out of respect, Zhao Chengning would look at Shen Jingchen when he spoke to him. However, she had this feeling that he wasn’t looking at Shen Jingchen, but rather he was looking at her.

Why did she suddenly feel sorry for Shen Jingchen?

When they were just about done with their coffee, a group of youngsters suddenly walked through the door. Amongst them was a slightly older looking woman. Her eyes immediately lit up after she swept a glance in their direction.

“Zhao Chengning!” After saying a few words to her companions, the woman rushed over to them.

The trio simultaneously raised their heads and looked over when they heard a woman’s voice.

The Shen siblings were sitting with their backs against the entrance. The woman only knew that there were two other people present, but she didn’t know what they looked like. When she drew closer and was able to make out their appearances, her legs turned to jelly, causing her to nearly fall down in the process.

Using his quick reflexes, Shen Jingchen stretched out his hand and caught her. After steadying herself, the woman thanked him for his help.

“Why’re you here?” The woman stood in front of their table and asked. “I heard from Xuya that you’ve recently hooked up with a hot chick? Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you a little too selfish? You didn’t even let us take a look at the beauty after getting your hands on her. Answer me this first, is this beauty Xuya mentioned as beautiful as that girl over there?”

The three of them were stunned into silence when they heard what she said.

The Shen siblings turned to face Zhao Chengning as one and stared at him.

Is this girl your friend? She’s an idiot!

If I could, I’d act as if I didn’t know her.

Zhao Chengning placed his hand on his forehead and looked helplessly at that woman. He then introduced the two siblings to her, “This is Jiang Weiwei.”

From the looks of it, Jiang Weiwei was a straightforward woman who spoke her mind. She immediately smiled and greeted the duo, “Hello. Eh, are you two siblings or a couple…? You ought to be siblings, right? You guys look rather similar… Hey, Zhao Chengning, you still haven’t told me about that beauty!”

“She’s standing right in front of you,” Zhao Chengning didn’t harbour much hope when it came to Jiang Weiwei’s IQ and EQ.

Jiang Weiwei’s face froze for a second, but she immediately recovered and said, “And that’s why I noticed you as soon as I walked over. You’re really beautiful!”

This was the first time that someone had openly praised Shen Jingbin for being good-looking in her presence. She momentarily felt embarrassed and stuttered out, “T-thank you.”

Zhao Chengning looked like he couldn’t be bothered with her, and waved his hand in an attempt to chase her off. “All your classmates are waiting for you. Hurry on back to your group.”

Jiang Weiwei plopped herself down beside him, refusing to leave. “Why’re you chasing me away? I haven’t even gotten the chance to speak much with this beautiful girl yet. Hey, Zhao Chengning! Aren’t you being a little too petty as well? This beauty doesn’t belong to you, so why’re you trying to chase me off!”

Zhao Chengning, what sin have you commited for you to meet this harbinger of bad luck?

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