Chapter 67: What Kind Of Things Are You Into? (1)

Chapter 67: What Kind Of Things Are You Into? (1)Due to Zhang Beiyu’s disturbance, the rest of them no longer had any interest in continuing with their revelry, so they prepared to head home.

Xuya sent Zhao Chengning back home after dropping the Shen siblings off at their hotel.

Old Master Zhao was already sitting in the living room when Zhao Chengning reached home. What was surprising though was that even his parents were present.

Just like xxx, Zhao Chengning’s parents were rarely at home. This was possibly one of the woes of being rich.

“You’re back already? Why’re you back so early? You didn’t even mention when you’d be back.”  

Zhao Chengning paused in the midst of changing to his indoor footwear, feeling a little helpless. He always had to put up with his Grandfather’s nagging whenever he missed out on dinner because he had to work overtime and come home a little later.

Was this the so called difference in treatment?

“Granddad, the Shen siblings were feeling tired after sitting on the plane for the entire day.”

“True, true. In that case, pick them up a little earlier tomorrow. We’ll have dinner together when you’re back in the evening.”

Zhao Chengning’s Father was very curious about the Shen siblings his Grandfather spoke of. “Chengning, why’d they come over to B City?”

Zhao Chengning walked over to the sofa and sat down before replying. “Shen Jingchen got past the qualifiers for B University’s computer science programming competition.”

B University was one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. And, computer science programming was B University’s strongest selling point.

“Not bad.”

Old Master Zhao acted as if he were showing off a valuable piece of treasure and said, “It’s better than ‘not bad’. That brat from the Shen family studies finance. Everything that he’s achieved thus far in programming has all been self-taught.”

“Then what about the girl from the Shen family?” Zhao Chengning’s Father enquired.

Zhao Chengning’s Mother interjected without giving him the chance to reply. “That’s enough. Things haven’t even begun to take shape yet. How do all of you know whether the Shen family is willing to hand over their daughter to us? In my opinion, Cishu is more suitable for him.”

Cishu was the daughter of the Jian family, whom the Zhao family had been friends with for a long time and was also Zhao Chengning’s junior. The Jian family had long since expressed their intention to tie the two families together by marriage, but Old Master Zhao and Zhao Chengning’s Father weren’t willing to accede to their request, so the matter was dropped.

However, both families still had dealings with one another, and so even though Jian Cishu had a rather introverted personality, Zhao Chengning’s Mother had interacted with her a few times and felt that she was a pretty good person. On top of that, she took greater notice of Jian Cishu after seeing how devoted she was towards her son.

Compared to Shen Jingbin who she’d never met before, Zhao Chengning’s Mother would obviously be biased towards the girl she had a favorable impression of.

Zhao Chengning’s face grew cold when he heard his Mother bring up Jian Cishu and said, “Granddad, Father, Mother, I’m very tired today. I’ll be going up to rest first, good night.”

Zhao Chengning’s Father glared at his wife as he watched his son walk upstairs.

Zhao Chengning’s Mother indignantly hissed, “What? I really do think that Cishu is a pretty good catch.”

Shen Jingcheng’s competition was on the 25th in B University. The next day, Zhao Chengning drove the siblings over to B University.

In Shen Jingchen’s words, this was called “walking the grounds”.

B University was a century old famous school. It had a nice, studious atmosphere about it. Once a person stepped past the school gates, their senses would be assaulted by the school’s vast history and culture, which caused them to feel a deep veneration for it.

Although A University’s fame was on par with B University’s these days, A University was an up and coming school that modeled itself after Western teaching methods. However, it placed even more of an emphasis on the development of each individual student’s personality and scientific learning. In addition, A University had a more modern construction style, giving it a totally different feel from B University.

The competition was held at B University’s Science and Technology Building. Shen Jingchen knew that his had sister had no interest in such things, so he allowed Zhao Chengning to bring her around for a stroll while he went to take a look at the Science and Technology Building.

B University’s campus was smaller than its counterpart, which made the number of students in the school seem more numerous. And just like that, Zhao Chengning and Shen Jingbin, both of whom could be considered top tier in terms of their looks, had immediately become the center of attention.

Thankfully, B University’s students were very introverted and were content with observing them from a distance instead of charging right at the duo.

Thus, the two of them continued on with their stroll till they reached a basketball court.

There was a saying that went: The most handsome guy in a university would either appear in the library, the laboratory, or the basketball court.

To women, guys who immersed themselves in whatever they were doing had a certain inexplicable allure.

B City’s weather was a little hotter than its counterpart, so even though it was only autumn, the basketball court bleachers had many girls that were lightly dressed.

The two of them found a relatively empty spot on the bleachers and sat down.

When Shen Jingbin still resided in the school dorms, she’d always be dragged off by her roommates or classmates to watch basketball competitions. Reason being that the guys in their department would put all of their effort into winning if she was there.

As time went on, she’d developed no small amount of interest in basketball.

After all, most things would always become interesting after you understood how they worked.

Upon seeing her gaze fixedly at the people playing basketball on the court, Zhao Chengning asked, “Do you like watching basketball?”

Time dragged on as they sat close to one another. Just the slightest movement and their hands would touch.

She didn’t know why she was afraid of looking over, but she could only continue staring at the basketball court. “Mm,” she replied.

Shen Jingbin heard him chuckle, and that sexy snort of his buried itself in her ear. “In that case, would you like to see me play?”

In that instant, she turned to face him and was greeted by a faint smile. His eyes seemed to be filled with stars and twinkled with an unknown light. “You even know how to play basketball?” she asked.

“I’m not that good, but I can play a little.”

She turned back to the basketball court that was filled with raging testosterone and thick sweat. Feeling a little conflicted, she said, “We’d better not. They’re a little too… energetic.”

The meaning behind her words was: Uncle, you’re a little too old to be joining in on the fun.

Zhao Chengning was taken aback. At first he didn’t really mind whether he played or not, but now he definitely had to join in. “It’s fine. Help me look after my clothes.”

She thought he was too old! He definitely wouldn’t stand for this!

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