Chapter 65: A Farce (1)

Chapter 65: A Farce (1) Bar Number 8 was a very famous bar in B City. All of its patrons were wealthy and respectable individuals.

The bar’s proprietor was one of Zhao Chengning’s close childhood friends. Taking into consideration that it was Shen Jingbin’s first time seeing B City’s nightlife, he decided to give his friend a call in advance, getting him to set aside slightly better seats for them.

When they exited the car at the pub, Zhao Chengning’s shoulders were grabbed, and then embraced, by a man with mutton chop sideburns[1. Looks like this: Link]. “Ah Ning, what’ve you been so busy with lately? Ah Qi has been complaining about you for quite a while, saying that it’s almost impossible to meetup with you lately.”

Zhao Chengning hugged him in return and said, “I’ve been a little busy at work these days, so I didn’t have much time,” He then released the man from his grip and took a step away from him. “Let me introduce you, this is a friend I got to know in A City, Shen Jingchen. Beside him is his younger sister, Shen Jingbin… Enough with the strange looks, it’s not the nut job that you’re thinking of.”

The man with the mutton chop sideburns scratched his head in embarrassment. “Sorry about that lil sis, I wasn’t trying to make fun of your name.”

Shen Jingbin shook her head. “It’s alright, that was a very normal reaction.”

Zhao Chengning continued. “These two arrived in B City today and wanted to expand their horizons by seeing B City’s nightlife, so I decided to bring them over to your place.”

The man with the mutton chop sideburns gave a hearty laugh and walked up to Shen Jingbin with the intention of patting her on the shoulder. After realizing that it was inappropriate, he switched targets and slapped Shen Jingchen’s shoulder instead.

“You made the right decision in choosing to visit my place! Let’s go, let’s go! Ah Ning’s friends are my friends. Tonight’s my treat!”

Shen Jingchen didn’t stand on ceremony either as the two of them walked into the bar with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Xuya, who’d just returned from parking the car, shouted for them to wait up, and then the three of them walked in as a group.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but sigh. “The ‘bromance’ between you men is truly mysterious.”

Standing beside her, Zhao Chengning revealed a gentle smile upon hearing what she said. “Friendships between you women are the ones that are truly mystifying.”

As the two of them walked shoulder to shoulder into the bar, Shen Jingbin asked, “Second Young Master, all of your friends seem to be the very upright sort.”

Zhao Chengning nodded. “Most of my friends are like that. I’m probably just lucky.”

“I wish I had such upright friends too, instead of ones like Shen Jingchen who go around trolling others.”

Zhao Chengning paused for a moment before he said in a neutral tone, “My friends are your friends.”

Shen Jingbin was stunned, and she reflexively raised her head towards him.

With Zhao Chengning’s ink black eyes trained on her, she could see that they were filled with delight.

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt her face grow hot. “Cough, mm...thank you.”

Zhao Chengning’s lips moved a little, appearing as if he’d said something.

The duo were immediately assaulted by the heavy beat of music when they stepped into the bar. The music itself drowning out Zhao Chengning’s voice. Shen Jingbin looked up and raised her voice, “What did you say just now? I couldn’t quite catch it.”

The slight smile that tugged at the corners of Zhao Chengning’s lips grew more pronounced. He lowered his head and brought it closer to her ear.

His deep, manly voice resonated in her ear, whilst his warm, moist breath caressed her outer ear. “I said, don’t mention it.”

What the f*ck!

“Ding”, a sound rang out. Suddenly, these were words were the only things left in her head.

The two of them walked towards the seats that the man with mutton chop sideburns had reserved for them. Shen Jingchen’s group were seated and had already started drinking. Shen Jingbin wordlessly grabbed a bottle of fruit juice on the table and sat on the sofa that was closest to the window.

They were seated on the second floor, which consisted of glass and curtains that helped to eke out small personal spaces for patrons. To the left was the corridor, while to the right was a glass railing that was slightly higher than their table. Sitting on the sofa, they could see people gyrating on the dance floor below, as well as people by the bar hunting for dates.

Noticing someone sit beside her, Shen Jingbin looked over and was greeted by Zhao Chengning’s immaculate face.

He stretched out his hand and tore away her fruit juice, replacing it with a bottle of beer. “Try this, it’s much better than fruit juice.”

Shen Jingbin cast a glance at the trio sitting opposite her who were having a hell of a time playing their drinking games. Lifting the alcohol to her lips, she took a small sip.

Mm, it really was pretty good.

It might have been her imagination, but she felt as if a seal on Zhao Chengning had been removed when night fell, turning him into a completely different person.

A person that was particularly alluring.

He was also felt particularly...dangerous.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but shift to the side a little.

Zhao Chengning, having taken notice of her minute movements, suddenly felt the urge to mess around, inching towards her as she tried to move away.

Shen Jingbin wormed away once again...

While Zhao Chengning continued to slide towards her.


When Shen Jingbin was practically squished against the railing, Zhao Chengning flashed a smile at her and asked, “Shall we continue?”

Realizing her actions had been seen through, Shen Jingbin stretched out her hand and shoved him away in humiliation, before saying, “Move over a little, you’re crushing me.”

Although she didn’t use much strength, Zhao Chengning allowed himself to be carried along by the force of her push and shifted back a little. He then asked, “Are you trying to avoid me?”

Shen Jingbin looked him in the eye and replied, “No.”

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