Chapter 64: The Hunger Games (2)

Chapter 64: The Hunger Games (2) 

Shen Jingbin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by someone suddenly pushing open the door to their private room. The one who entered wasn’t Shen Jingchen and Xuya, but rather, it was a very beautiful and fashionable woman.

The woman held a tray in her hands, and on it was an exquisitely plated dish. She twisted her slender waist and placed the dish on the table. Then, she pretended to glance at Shen Jingbin by accident. After that, she laughed in a flirtatious manner and said, “Oh, Second Young Master. It’s been such a long time since you’ve come to my Blooming Flower Pavilion. Are you hinting that my restaurant's dishes are lacking in taste?”

Zhao Chengning removed his hands from the table and straightened his back. He replied in a vapid manner, “You must be joking, Boss Chen. Having a meal at your Blooming Flower Pavilion is no easy task.”

The woman cast a coquettish glance in his direction and said, “Who is the Second Young Master?! I’d pull out another table for you even if all ten of our tables were full.”

Zhao Chengning didn’t respond. Rather, he held the boccaro teacup in front of him between his hands and took a sip. Shen Jingbin wasn’t too clear about their relationship, so she silently stared at her own teacup in front of her.

In that time, an awkward silence pervaded the atmosphere.

The woman’s expression turned rather ugly. She shuffled uneasily on the spot before drawing attention to Shen Jingbin. “Who’s this beauty? Why haven’t I seen her before? Nice to meet you, gorgeous. I’m Chenyi, the proprietor of Blooming Flower Pavilion.”

“Nice to meet you, Boss Chen,” Shen Jingbin calmly replied.

Shen Jingbin didn’t introduce herself, merely replying with a simple greeting. This caused the look on Chenyi’s face to turn even uglier than before.

“Second Young Master Chen has a very discerning eye. This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful person… Let me go and check on the remaining dishes. I wish the two of you an enjoyable meal.”

Zhao Chengning gently smiled at her and said, “Thank you, Boss Chen.”

Chenyi could only leave since the conversation had drawn to a close.

Feeling unresigned after leaving the private room, Chenyi immediately whipped out her phone, her fingers dancing on the keys as she dialed a number.

The phone only rang twice before the other party picked up the call. “What’s up, Boss Chen? You actually gave me a call.”

Chenyi went straight to the point and voiced her intentions. “Zhao Chengning brought a woman over to my place for a meal. Help me ask around and find out where she’s from.”

The other party immediately cried out, “What?! Zhao Chengning brought a woman?! F*ck! This is huge! Relax Boss Chen, you can leave this matter to me.”

Satisfied, Chenyi hung up and coldly snorted in the direction of the private room before leaving.

Shen Jingbin looked a little suspiciously at the man sitting next to her in the private room and said, “You don’t seem to like that boss much.”

Zhao Chengning nodded as he replied, “Yeah, she’s a little annoying.”

“Then why’d you come here to eat? We can always go to a different restaurant.”

“Even though the Blooming Flower Pavilion’s boss is a little annoying, her dishes are one of the best in B City,” He paused before continuing. “The main point is that the dishes here are more suitable for the tastebuds of the people from A City.”

People in A City were fond of spicy food, whereas most of the people in B City loved sweet things.

Shen Jingbin was momentarily stunned before she broke into a heartfelt smile and said, “Thank you, Second Young Master Zhao. You’re a very considerate tour guide.”

Zhao Chengning silently smiled along with her.

From then on, the dishes were served by the waiters and Chenyi no longer made an appearance. Only, Shen Jingbin doubted that any girl would feel like coming back after being subjected to Zhao Chengning’s previous attitude.

Xuya and Shen Jingchen only popped up when almost all the dishes were served. Zhao Chengning asked them where they’d been, but was only rewarded with a mysterious smile from the two of them.

It was almost eight o’clock when they finished their meal, and B City’s nightlife had just drawn open its curtains. Shen Jingchen made a ruckus, saying that he wanted to experience B City’s nightlife. Shen Jingbin was unable to dissuade him, so she could only agree to his demands.

Zhao Chengning was the type of person who liked going to nightclubs, so he would occasionally go there and have a drink or two with his friends. As such, he was familiar with a few bars in town. The four of them got into Xuya’s beloved car and set out towards B City’s nightlife.

A petite silhouette appeared by the roadside and watched as the luxury car took off. A closer look revealed that it was actually that young girl who’d brought Zhao Chengning and Shen Jingbin to the private room earlier on. She glanced in the direction that the group had left in and hailed a cab.

“Sorry to trouble you, sir. Bar Number Eight, please,” The young girl informed the driver of her destination as she sat down.

She had overheard Shen Jingchen loudly mentioning Bar Number Eight not too long ago.

As the cab slowly took off, she turned her around and watched as Blooming Flower Pavilion slowly disappeared from her sight, a trace of contempt twinkling in her eyes.

That slut Chenyi actually had delusions of chasing after Zhao Chengning. Can’t she see herself for the trash that she is? Why would Zhao Chengning be interested in her?

She removed a small mirror from her bag and examined her reflection.

Although she wasn’t an absolute beauty, she won out in terms of her youthfulness and she was filled to the brim with collagen. All those rich second generation youngsters had already gotten sick of seeing all sorts of beauties. Youthful and energetic girls like her were the in thing now.

Just then, the image of the woman who accompanied Zhao Chengning floated into her thoughts. She slammed the mirror shut with a bang.

Nothing would stop her.

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