Chapter 63: The Hunger Games (1)

Chapter 63: The Hunger Games (1) “Why’d you come over?” Shen Jingbin had an intense urge to punch him as she watched him rummage through her room.

Shen Jingchen replied without raising his head, “I say…is there a secret between you and Ah Ning that no one else knows about?”

“No,” Shen Jingbin bluntly replied. “Just what are you looking for?”

He stopped after giving her room a once over and said, “It’s common knowledge to inspect the room for pinhole surveillance cameras when staying in a hotel. Don’t you know that? Your awareness when it comes to safety is really bad!”

Shen Jingbin glared at him. “You came over just for this?!”

“This is very important! But, this obviously wasn’t my only reason for coming over. I want to ask you something,” He plopped down beside her and said, “Tell me honestly, how do you feel about Ah Ning?”

Shen Jingbin stopped drying her hair and asked, “What’re you trying to get at?”

Shen Jingchen supported himself on the bed with both his hands and looked towards the ceiling. His legs dangled over the side of the bed, swaying as he spoke, “You remember me not wanting to introduce you to our Guild Leader before, right? But now I think that Zhao Chengning is rather suitable for you. I’m currently a little conflicted because I don’t know who I should give you to, so I’ve come to ask for your opinion.”

“Are you f*cking mental?” Shen Jingbin almost flung the towel in her hands at his face. “Since you’re so free, why don’t you worry about yourself!”

Shen Jingchen confidently held his temple with his hand and said, “I’m so handsome, countless girls would pounce at me no matter where I go!”

“...Get lost. I might lose control of myself and beat you up if you don’t,” Shen Jingbin said through her gritted teeth.

“Fine, I won’t joke around anymore,” He suddenly revealed a serious expression and said, “Honestly speaking, what do you think of Zhao Chengning? I can tell that he’s quite concerned about you. Based on my experience, I think he’s fallen for you. Thinking about it, most guys would feel the same way about you since you’re so pretty. However, you’re my younger sister. We’ll keep our distance from him if you don’t have any feelings towards him. After all, Granddad is quite close to their family. It wouldn’t look good if things got out of hand.”

Shen Jingbin stayed her hand and fell silent for a few seconds before she replied, “He’s a pretty good person.”

Who was Shen Jingchen? He was her brother! He immediately understood the underlying meaning of her words. He patted his younger sister’s shoulder with a smile on his face. “You don’t need to be shy. Your big bro understands, big bro understands.”

“Scram!” Shen Jingbin reached the end of her patience and threw a pillow at him.

Shen Jingchen dodged as he backed away towards the door.

Shen Jingchen couldn’t help but laugh when he walked out from Shen Jingbin’s room.

There’s a kind of destiny in this world. There were two people who clearly weren’t in an intimate relationship whatsoever, yet those around them only needed to take one look at them before concluding that they would definitely end up together.

This exactly described how Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning were like.

It was a shame that their poor Guild Leader would end up being friendzoned though.

Shen Jingchen shrugged and returned to his room to rest.

The Shen siblings took a short nap in their respective rooms, barely making it in time for their six o’clock meetup at the hotel lobby.

Zhao Chengning was already waiting for them when they arrived.

Shen Jingbin spoke first after they walked over to him. “Sorry for the long wait.”

Zhao Chengning smiled, indicating that he didn’t mind and said, “No worries, I’m the one that came early. Xuya is waiting for us outside, let’s go. I’ve already booked a table for us, so all we need to do is head straight for the restaurant.”

The duo walked closely behind Zhao Chengning as they exited the hotel, their assembly of good-looking people attracting the gazes’ of countless onlookers in the process.

“Was that the Second Young Master from the Zhao family?” The hotel receptionists only dared to secretly gossip when the trio disappeared from their line of sight. “He’s really handsome! No wonder so many people dream about entering the Zhao family. Those who have him as their boss are truly blessed.”

“I wonder who the other two following him were. They looked like pretty important people too. That woman especially, she’s more of a celebrity than a real one. But, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a person in B City before.”

“Sigh, it’s impossible for them to be nobodies since Second Young Master Zhao is personally entertaining them. However, this is not a matter that ordinary people like us can ask around about.”

“I heard that Second Young Master Zhao was supposed to get married to the mistress from the Jian family. Is that true? I’ve seen the young lady from the Jian family, and she’s not the woman that he was with.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You shouldn’t make wild guesses and attract the displeasure of the rich and powerful.”

It took less than ten minutes by car for the four of them to reach Blooming Flower Pavilion from the hotel. Xuya went to park the car, while Shen Jingchen insisted on following him. As a result, Shen Jingbin had to go along with Zhao Chengning first.

“Second Young Master, you’ve come. Your private room is here,” Once they entered Blooming Flower Pavilion, a young and energetic girl greeted them. She shot a few curious glances in Shen Jingbin’s direction when she saw her behind Zhao Chengning.

Zhao Chengning let the young girl lead the way. He then turned his body slightly to the side and said to Shen Jingbin, “Be careful when you walk. They dim the lights here for ambience.”

Shen Jingbin grunted in response.

After they arrived at the private room, a smile bloomed on the young girl’s face and she asked, “Second Young Master, would you like the dishes to be served now?”

Zhao Chengning nodded and the young lady left. In only a moment, the two of them were left alone in the private room.

After sipping a mouthful of tea, Shen Jingbin broke the silence and asked, “Why are you called Second Young Master? Do you have an older brother?”

Zhao Chengning placed his hands on the table and turned towards her. “I have an elder brother. He’s a volunteer in Africa and hasn’t been home for a few years.”

Shen Jingbin was a little surprised, she knew how dire the circumstances were in Africa. Moreover, the safety of volunteers wasn’t guaranteed either. She hadn’t expected that the Zhao family would be willing to part with their son and let him suffer through this ordeal.

Zhao Chengning saw her expression and smiled. “He insisted on going there no matter how we tried to advise him against it. In the end, we could only let him do as he pleased.”

“Your elder brother is truly a man amongst men.”

“That’s right. This is why I’ve always held great respect for him,” Zhao Chengning said.

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