Chapter 62: First Time In B City (2)

Chapter 62: First Time In B City (2) 

Xuya thought he’d misheard and asked again in a slightly puzzled tone, “Eh? Nutjob? Is it the same Nutjob that I’m thinking of?”

Without waiting for Shen Jingbin to explain, Zhao Chengning walked over after placing the luggage in the trunk and said, “It’s the “Jing” for quiet, and “Bin” with the “wang” and “fen” pairing. [1.玢 - This is the Bin portion of Shen Jingbin’s name. What Zhao Chengning was trying to explain is that when you take the character apart, you get 王 and 分. Looking at both words individually, the former means king and the latter means separation.] You should read up more. Don’t only think of playing games all day, your inadequacy is showing.”

Xuya had a defiant look on his face. “You’re also playing games from morning till night!”

Zhao Chengning rapped his knuckles on Xuya’s head and said, “But I’m smarter than you.”

Opening the car door for the Shen siblings, he said, “Get on. Let’s head over to the hotel.”

Shen Jingchen gave a curt word of thanks before he squeezed into the car. Shen Jingbin, on the other hand, shot a curious glance at him before entering the car.

He plays games as well? What games does he play?

Xuya slowly drove off after his passengers were snug in their seats, and headed towards the hotel that Zhao Chengning had booked.

The hotel that Zhao Chengning had booked was in the heart of B City, which was about an hour away from the airport. Along the way, Zhao Chengning introduced a few buildings to the siblings while answering any questions they had, and with Xuya’s chatter adding to the conversation, it gave rise to a very harmonious atmosphere.

By the time they’d arrived at the hotel, Shen Jingchen had succeeded in becoming “bros” with Xuya. Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but lament at his communication skills.

“This is your room card, wash up once you get back into your rooms and take a nap. I’ll meet you guys here in the evening at six and bring you guys out to eat,” Zhao Chengning took the room card from the receptionist and handed it, along with the siblings’ identity cards, over to them. He then said, “Xuya and I still have something to do, so we won’t be accompanying you for now.”

Shen Jingbin took the room card and her luggage from Zhao Chengning and said, “Go ahead and do what you need to do.”

Shen Jingchen also chimed in. “Yeah. Ah Ning, just go about your business. You don’t need to bother with us.”

Having been in the car for an hour, Xuya had successfully convinced Shen Jingchen to call Zhao Chengning by “Ah Ning”, instead of “Chengning”.

“Alright then, you guys head upstairs by yourselves. Little Jing, remember to lock the door. I’ll be taking my leave first,” Zhao Chengning said.

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt that Xuya and Shen Jingchen were looking at her. She unconsciously rubbed her nose and said, “Mm, I know.”

After that, the siblings entered the elevator with their luggage behind them.

Xuya and Zhao Chengning watched the Shen Siblings go till the elevator door closed in front of them. Once it did, Xuya immediately revealed a mischievous smile and said, “Brother Ah Ning, what’s your relationship with beautiful Little Jing? I can tell that you care a lot for her, that’s really rare.”

Without averting his gaze, Zhao Chengning turned around and walked towards the hotel’s exit and asked, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

“I’m curious! But really, I’ve never seen a person as beautiful as Sister Jing. She’s so pretty she doesn’t even look like a person at all. She’s too perfect!”

Zhao Chengning shot him a fleeting glance. “She wouldn’t be yours for the taking even if she were prettier. Wipe the drool off your face.”

A look of “I know, I know” was plastered on Xuya’s face as he said, “I know she’s not mine to take. Sister Jing is yours after all! I’ve never seen you behave so attentively towards anyone before… This won’t do. I definitely have to tell Elder Brother Qi and the rest about this!”

Upon seeing the look on Xuya’s face that screamed “I know a huge secret and I need to tell the whole world about it”, Zhao Chengning couldn’t help but to flick him on the forehead and ask, “Are you really that bored?!”

As they spoke, the two arrived at the carpark. Once they buckled up, Zhao Chengning said, “To Blooming Flower Pavilion.”

Blooming Flower Pavilion was a very famous privately-owned restaurant in B City. They would only cater to 10 tables a night. Because of that, one wouldn’t be guaranteed a table even if they were rich.

Xuya couldn’t help but run his mouth. “Tsk, tsk. Brother Ah Ning, this performance of yours has really opened my eyes. Why are you so serious about her?”

“I’ve always been a very serious person. Have you ever seen me not been serious towards anyone?”

Xuya’s lips curved downwards. “You’ve never taken anyone seriously before. But that aside, if you’re really serious about Sister Jing, then you better not let Li Moran see her before you’ve gotten her for yourself. Otherwise, that beast will definitely fight with you over her. That fellow has to have every beauty he sees, let alone someone as beautiful as Sister Jing.”

“I’m very curious, why do refer to her as Sister Jing? Are you guys that close?”

“Don’t I also call you Brother Ah Ning? Aren’t I calling her Sister Jing to pair it with what I call you?! This is called creating intimacy between the both of you starting with little details! See, I’m so considerate of you.”

“I think that you’re so bored you’re just turning into a pain in the ass now. Send me over to the office once we’re done with Blooming Flower Pavilion, I still have some unfinished business over there.”

“Sure, I’m your complimentary chauffeur for today! All you need to do is bring me along for dinner tonight. I still want to see more of Sister Jing!”

Zhao Chengning was speechless. Why did he feel as if this fella was asking for a beating?

Shen Jingbin felt alive again after taking a shower.

Flying by plane was truly a thing of evil!

Shen Jingbin was leaning against the bed’s headboard and drying her hair with a towel when the phone in the room suddenly rang.

“Hurry up and open the door! Your elder brother wants to come over!” The moment she picked up the phone, the roar of Shen Jingchen’s loud voice was transmitted over before she could say a word.


Without saying anything, she immediately hung up and opened her room door. She then turned around and walked back to the bed before continuing to dry her hair.

Although her hair was long, Shen Jingbin had always been very insistent on not using hair dryers to dry her hair. This was probably the reason why her hair was of exceptional quality. She had a head of jet black glossy hair that tempted others to touch it the moment they laid eyes on it.

“Aiya, Little Jingjing, didn’t Elder Brother Chengning remind you to lock the door properly? How can you be so disobedient?!” Shen Jingbin heard Shen Jingchen’s voice before he appeared at the door.

“Then get out. I’ll lock the door once more,” Shen Jingbin retorted in displeasure.

Shen Jingchen immediately went silent.

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