Chapter 61: First Time In B City (1)

Chapter 61: First Time In B City (1)

“Hey, hey, hey! Can’t you empathise with your elder brother? I’m dragging two suitcases with me! Walk a little slower!” Shen Jingchen followed Shen Jingbin along with great difficulty, dragging a suitcase in one hand, whilst carrying a backpack on his back.

Shen Jingbin stopped and tilted her head in his direction, giving him a disdainful look as she said, “Are you a man?”

Shen Jingchen indignantly said, “Of course I am! I’m a pure 24K gold man!”

Shen Jingbin widened her stride and continued on. “Then what are you bawling on about? Keep up.”

B City was a metropolis on the level of other capital cities. Hence, the airport and other infrastructures would naturally be built in a very impressive manner. In spite of that, Shen Jingchen faced unprecedented levels of suffering.

Why the hell was the airport so huge?!

The siblings expended a great deal of effort before they finally found Zhao Chengning at Gate 5. As they approached, Shen Jingbin caught sight of Zhao Chengning leaning against the car door with his head bent down.

It had to be said that Zhao Chengning’s build, looks, and temperament, were extremely superb. He was about 185cm tall, with a pair of long legs and a slim waist. His perfect proportions were akin to that of a supermodel, making him look good in anything he wore.

Today, he wore a light blue shirt with a grey V-necked knitted sweater draped over it. He had paired it with a pair of dark jeans, further accentuating the contours of his legs. His appearance had a very leisurely feel about it, differing greatly from the look of an elite he’d previously adopted in A City.

At a glance, Zhao Chengning looked a little lean, but the aura he exuded gave off a feeling of power. Shen Jingbin guessed that he was definitely one of those that looked slim when clothed, but was brimming with muscles when stripped naked.

As his back was against the light, his facial features were cast in shadows and nearly indistinguishable. She only felt that the outline of his face was like a perfect sculpture that had been meticulously carved.

He’s perfect. 100 points!

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but grade him in a vulgar manner.

Zhao Chengning seemed to have felt her gaze on him, as he suddenly raised his head and looked in her direction.

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips when his gaze fell on her, and he waved at her to let her know where he was. He then walked towards her, taking large strides as he did so.

Shen Jingbin’s heart immediately tightened.

What the f*ck?! What’re you getting nervous for?! Look at you, your legs are going soft at the sight of a hot guy! Have some backbone!

She couldn’t help but to chide herself in her heart.

Shen Jingchen looked as if he’d seen his savior when he caught sight of Zhao Chengning. He tossed his luggage to the side and threw himself at Zhao Chengning. “Chengning! Quick, come help me! Look! I’m being abused by this ungrateful family member! I’m carrying so much luggage all by myself… This is simply too tragic!”

Upon seeing the look of shock on Zhao Chengning’s face, Shen Jingbin wordlessly tore Shen Jingchen away just as he was about to latch himself onto Zhao Chengning and said, “Can you not behave like an uke[1. The more passive person in a man/man relationship] who’s never seen a man before?!”

“F*ck! What kind of rubbish comparison is that?!” Shen Jingchen was about to explode when he heard the word “uke”.

Zhao Chengning patted him on the shoulder and shifted his gaze to Shen Jingbin. “Alright, the car’s outside. Let’s go, I’ll bring you guys over to the hotel first so you can see if it’s to your liking. I’ll help you guys change hotels if it’s not up to snuff,” He flicked his wrist and looked at the time. “It’s still early now, so there’s still time for things like this.”

Shen Jingbin nodded in assent. Seeing this, Shen Jingchen brusquely turned around and handed Shen Jingbin’s luggage to Zhao Chengning.

Shen Jingbin felt embarrassed and wanted to snatch the bag from him, but Zhao Chengning turned towards her and flashed a smile. Grabbing the handle of Shen Jingbin’s luggage with a neutral expression, he left her no opportunity to snatch the bag away.

Shen Jingchen obnoxiously nudged her with his elbow, to which Shen Jingbin responded by unhappily rolling her eyes at him.

Tch, dummy. Shen Jingchen indignantly snorted .

“You guys have just arrived, so originally Grandfather had wanted to let you wash up and hold a welcome dinner for you, but an urgent matter suddenly cropped up, so the dinner with Grandfather has to be set aside. You guys are probably very tired after sitting in the plane for so long anyway. We’ll be going to the hotel in a bit for you guys to wash up, and then I’ll bring you both out for a nice meal later in the evening,” Zhao Chengning said as he headed outside.

Shen Jingchen had no opinion on the matter and indicated that he’d follow Zhao Chengning’s arrangements.

Zhao Chengning shifted his gaze to Shen Jingbin and gently asked, “What do you think?”

“Hmm? Sounds good, let’s go with what you said.”

The group saw a car parked outside the gate when they exited the airport. Shen Jingchen couldn’t help but whistle. “Woah, your car’s pretty good!”

“Of course!” The car window suddenly wound down and a youthful looking face appeared before the trio. “I only managed to get this car after pestering my old man for a really long time.”

“Eh? This is...?” The Shen siblings looked at Zhao Chengning in surprise.

Zhao Chengning gestured for Xuya to open the trunk whilst he explained, “This is our complimentary chauffeur for the day, Xuya.”

“Brother Ah Ning, who introduces people like that?!” Xuya immediately blew his top when he heard himself being introduced as their chauffeur.

“Hello, I’m Brother Ah Ning’s good friend, Xuya.”

“Hello Brother Xuya, I am Shen Jingchen. I’m also your Brother Ah Ning’s friend. This is my younger sister, Shen Jingbin.” A friend of a friend was also his friend. Following this line of thought, Shen Jingchen introduced himself in a very familiar manner. At the same time, he’d conveniently introduced his younger sister as well.

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