Chapter 60: Till We Meet Again (2)

Important Note: The names of the "Four Weirdos" have been changed to the "Four Monsters". Flubbed their names cause it could be interpreted in a few ways, but this is the correct one considering the context. Sorry about that! 

Chapter 60: Till We Meet Again (2) 

Quiet And Steadfast traversed across the entirety of Youzhou with Shen Jingbin, before they parted ways and went offline.

It’s said that one would only feel motivated when they had a goal, and ever since Quiet And Steadfast had declared that he’d swap pointers with her once she’d made a name for herself in the game, Shen Jingbin had suddenly become very energetic and gave her all to leveling. Her frenzied rate of leveling was so astounding, that even Shen Jingchen received a huge shock.

Did his younger sister turn stupid after getting married?

The days slowly passed with Shen Jingbin dividing her time between frantically levelling up, and improving her relationship with Quiet And Steadfast.

The duo hadn’t gone to Poison Toad’s place at all during this time. In light of Shen Jingbin’s unexpected luck, along with the direction that their current quest was heading towards, the two of them felt that there ought to be a very complicated quest on Poison Toad’s end. She didn’t have much time now, so she was speeding through her task of levelling up. She’d look for Poison Toad once she was back from her trip to B City.

After the siblings landed at the airport on the twentieth, the moment Shen Jingbin switched her phone on, she received a call from Zhao Chengning.

Shen Jingbin handed her luggage to Shen Jingchen and found a quieter place to answer the call. The airport was packed with people, and she was worried she wouldn’t be able to hear the other party clearly.

“Have you arrived?” Once the call connected, Zhao Chengning’s pleasant voice streamed in from the other end of the phone.

Shen Jingbin had a hidden voice fetish. She’d easily have a favorable impression about people with pleasant voices.

She knew perfectly well that the caller couldn’t see her, but she still nodded her head out of habit and said, “Yeah, we just arrived. Where are you?”

“I’m at gate number 5. You guys wait for me at the exit.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Just stay right where you are and we’ll come find you. There’s too many people here, it’ll make things even more difficult if we end up missing each other.” Shen Jingbin hurriedly replied.

“Don’t you guys have a lot of luggage with you? If that’s the case, then it’s better for me to go over and help.”

“No no, not much at all. There’s no need to trouble yourself. Besides, don’t I still have Shen Jingchen with me? In any case, he’s a guy. There’s no reason why he can’t carry a few things.”

After hearing her say this, Zhao Chengning didn’t push the matter any further. “Alright then, just be careful. I’ll be waiting over here for you guys. There’s no need to rush, just take your time if you’ve got lots of things to carry.”

The other party grunted in reply and hung up. After which, Zhao Chengning kept his phone in his hand and leaned against the car window.

He was naturally a very attractive person, but today, he’d specially dressed up and was currently leaning against a luxurious car. People of all genders and ages who passed by him couldn’t help but do double take in his direction.

They wondered who was lucky enough to have a hunk picking them up from the airport.

“Hey, Brother Ning, just who are you going to fetch from the airport today? You’ve even gone and done something so grand like borrowing my car too!” The driver’s window suddenly wound down, and a head with a cap on it popped out. The driver was a man who dressed a bit like a ruffian. “I remember you saying that you looked down on this kind of flashy car the most, no?”

The one wearing the cap was called Xuya, and he was one of Zhao Chengning’s good friends. There was a significant age gap between the two of them, but their relationship was still pretty good.

Xuya had just turned twenty, and was at an age where guys loved to act in a flamboyant and pretentious manner. The material goods he used and consumed were brands that had huge, striking logos printed on them, and Zhao Chengning had derided Xuya’s love for showing off more than once or twice before. There even were times where Zhao Chengning’s temper got the best of him, and he refused to look his friend in the eye. Yet, Xuya would’ve never thought that Zhao Chengning would actually call him early in the morning and ask to borrow his car. It wasn’t just any car either, it was the Maybach 62s that he’d just bought.

It’d only been a few days since he’d gotten his hands on his beloved car. He fawned all over it to the point where he even wished he could sleep inside of it. Even so, he was willing to lend his precious car to his good friend when the request came. However, it came with a condition; Xuya had to be the one driving it.

At the same time, he could have a look at the person who managed to make a guy like Second Young Master Zhao want to borrow his car. This was especially so since Zhao Chengning was a person who was so low key, that he wished he could ride a bicycle instead.

Zhao Chengning cast a sidelong glance at him and said, “You’re gonna have to keep your mouth shut in a bit. Otherwise, I’ll get your elder sister to turn you out when you get back home.”

Xuya had an older half-sister born from his father’s previous marriage. No one knew how things had turned out like this, but he, a person who was unafraid of either the heavens nor the earth, and was practically the devil incarnate, was unexpectedly most afraid of this elder sister of his.

When his sister was brought up, Xuya immediately adopted a much more sincere tone of voice and said, “Brother Ning, you really know how to bully honest people like me. Humph!” Giving a tsundere-like snort, he then hatefully walked up to the car window with a face that had “I’m angry” written all over it. At the sight of his childish antics, Zhao Chengning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Zhao family didn’t like driving all that much, so there were only a few standard cars parked in their garage. And, as it just so happened, all of the cars they had were in use today. Zhao Chengning had no choice but to call Xuya, who had a large amount of cars at his house, to lend him one.

Strangely, when Xuya asked which car he wanted to borrow, Zhao Chengning had actually asked for the car that he’d just bought; the very one that he’d been showing off on Moments. [1. WeChat’s social networking function between friends, similar to a timeline or newsfeed]

Thankfully, Xuya placed more importance on his bonds of brotherhood than his love of cars, hesitating for only two seconds before agreeing to lend Zhao Chengning his car. If that wasn’t the reason, then it probably would’ve been because of the inexplicable guilt he’d feel at denying his good friend’s request.

Rousing himself from his thoughts, he once again looked towards the airport filled with people coming and going.

This time around, he immediately caught sight of Shen Jingbin walking towards them from within the sea of people. A slight breeze blew past and lifted the stray hair that lined her forehead, revealing a face so beautiful, it was as if it’d reached perfection. In an instant, all of the passersby around her became indistinct.

It was as if she was the only person in existence.

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