Chapter 59: Till We Meet Again (1)

Chapter 59: Till We Meet Again (1)

“Nine Ballads has been caught. Aren’t you going to bail her out?” Shen Jingbin intentionally tousled her hair and crossed her arms in front of her chest. With a haughty look on her face, she looked at the woman standing before her who’d been angered to the point where her eyes were completely red. “However, if you want to stay here and block our path, that’s fine by me. After all, my people aren’t the ones who’re suffering in prison.”

Crying Fish felt all of the blood in her body flow back towards her brain. “I can’t believe Quiet And Steadfast actually fancies a girl like you!”

Shen Jingbin mindlessly went along with what she said and replied, “Yeap, I’m the kind of woman that Quiet And Steadfast fancies.”

“You’re practically shameless!”

“Yeap, I’m practically shameless!”

“You’ve no sense of shame!”

“Yeap, I’ve no sense of shame!”

“You’re a slut!”

“Yeap, I’m a slut.”

[Dejected] Crying Fish: Everyone, please solve this question; I’ve encountered a hoodlum. What am I to do?!

Any insult Crying Fish hurled at Shen Jingbin failed to have any effect on her. On the contrary, she felt as if the anger she was feeling was being stifled in her stomach for some strange reason. In the end, she could only hatefully grind her teeth as she hastily left with the other members of her guild, likely with the intent of bailing Nine Ballads out of prison.

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, players who were thrown into prison could be bailed out by their friends, provided they paid a certain amount of silver to the warden. The amount of silver needed to bail a player out was based on the severity of the crime they’d committed, and the amount of time they’d already spent in prison. The way Shen Jingbin resolved the situation that was on the verge of breaking into a full blown war left the members of Jade Sea Pavilion feeling a little dazed.

I’m Not A Monster carefully jabbed his three brothers. “Are we still going to fight the BOSS?”

I’m Really Not A Monster slapped his thigh and said, “Yes! Why wouldn’t we go?! It’ll make us look like we’re scared of them if we don’t go!”

Shen Jingchen followed up by saying, “Right! How can we not go?! Let’s go, let’s go! This elder brother will be leading the troops this time around! Kill anyone who dares to bar our way!”

“Team Too Lazy To Tackle A Pain-In-The-Ass Boss” set out to fight the world BOSS again.

They blitzed through all of the world BOSSes they met along the way, before Quiet And Steadfast declared that the activities over the past few days had finally come to a close.

After dismissing his fellow comrades from the guild, Quiet And Steadfast summoned his white horse and sent out a mount sharing invitation to Shen Jingbin.

Since she lacked any speedy mounts, Shen Jingbin would often share a mount with Shen Jingchen or Quiet And Steadfast. She should’ve gotten used to it by now, but for reasons unbeknownst to her, she suddenly felt a little hesitant when it came to accepting his invitation.

Of course, this was just a passing thought.

“Where are we going?” She asked after mounting the horse.

Quiet And Steadfast replied, “While we might’ve gotten married because of the quest, no matter what, we’re now married. We might as well foster our feelings for one another a little.”

Shen Jingbin fell silent. Why’d it feel as if Quiet And Steadfast was acting a little strange?

Was there really a need for them to do something nonsensical like fostering their feelings for one another?!

Regardless of what she thought, Quiet And Steadfast was true to his word and really only took her out on a stroll, doing nothing more than improving their relationship.

Admiring the scenery with one another was truly different from enjoying it alone.

Youzhou was a very special region that was situated beside Beiming. It was the only region in the game where the three races could coexist in peace and harmony. Other than that, players called this place the “Holy Land of Flirting” because it had the most diverse and unique scenery in the game. As a result, Quiet And Steadfast brought her there for their stroll as they slowly traversed through all of Youzhou.

“Since we’ve gotten married, shouldn’t we be making our way over to Poison Toad’s place today?” Shen Jingbin felt that the atmosphere between them as they silently enjoyed the view was really too strange. As such, she incessantly scavenged her mind for topics to converse about along the way.

Youzhou was a high-levelled map. Apart from possessing highly intelligent NPCs, these maps had plenty of aggressive wild monsters.

Quiet And Steadfast, who was casually disposing monsters that approached them along the way, replied, “There’s no need to rush. It’ll be fine even if we go a few days later.”

Shen Jingbin eyed the monster’s corpse on the ground with sympathy as she resisted the urge to jump off the horse and loot it. This was a bad habit she’d picked up after her run-in with Landlord Yang. “Oh right, in a few days, I might not be able to come online for a period of time.”

“Why?” Quiet And Steadfast asked, as he released his little auto-looting pet to search the monster’s corpse.

Shen Jingbin’s eyes suddenly lit up when she caught sight of the small pet, and she asked, “Dawn has an errand to run outside of town so I’m following him… What is this? Can it automatically loot corpses for you?”

“It’s a pet for looting corpses. I can give it to you if you like it.”

She quickly waved her hand and declined his offer. “There’s no need for that! I’ll just extort one out of Dawn.”

“You siblings have such a good relationship with one another!” Quiet And Steadfast lamented.

“It’s alright. He always says that his good looks are a hazard to himself, so he’d often drag me along to act as his bodyguard. It’s only natural for me to troll him a little after being his bodyguard for so many years.”

“I’ve always been curious about something. Did you learn martial arts in the past?”

Shen Jingbin looked up at him and said, “Yeah, I’ve been practicing martial arts for quite a while now. What about you? I saw you finish Nine Ballads off in a split second the last time we were at Sea Moon Island. Even if you had the level advantage or some other in-game factors, realistically speaking, you’d still need more than a single pass to finish her off, right?”

Quiet And Steadfast chuckled. When he did, Shen Jingbin realized that he made a very sexy snort when doing so. “You have quite a good eye, I was in the special forces for two years. Most people wouldn’t be a match for me.”

Shen Jingbin suddenly became very animated and exclaimed, “When can we have a match? Let’s pit our skills against one another!”

“Are all you people who practice martial arts so belligerent? I have a friend who also practices martial arts, and they seize every opportunity to have a match with me.”

Shen Jingbin grunted in reply, “It varies from person to person. I haven’t met any worthy adversaries for so long that I was feeling a little bored. Nine Ballads isn’t a bad opponent, it’s a shame she’s too oversensitive. It feels like I’m being stared at by a venomous snake when I’m up against her. It’s a rather blood curdling experience.”

Quiet And Steadfast laughed once more, and even Shen Jingbin could feel the slight vibrations coming from his chest. “It looks like you really are a martial arts expert. However, your level’s too low for now, there’d be too much of a disadvantage for you. Why don’t we have a match after you’ve caught up to me. How does that sound?”

Shen Jingbin’s joyous expression collapsed. “Then that day will never come. I might as well PK you in real life instead.”

Quiet And Steadfast: Little sis, why’re you so violent?!

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