Chapter 57: Evil Schemes (1)

Chapter 57: Evil Schemes (1)

They got married, received their red packets, and had their fair share of fun. As proposed by the Four Monsters, everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion decided to formed their own teams to beat the world BOSS together.

The group that had walked towards the Matchmaker's Shrine, now advanced onwards towards the first World BOSS.

Excitedly leading the charge was naturally the pumped up “are you guys really monsters or not” group of four.

Eternal Rest and Long Life followed behind the Four Monsters. However, they were caught completely unaware when the group of four suddenly stopped in their tracks, causing them to crash into their backs.

“F*ck, are the four of you courting death?! Why didn’t you say anything before you stopped!?” Long Life held her small nose in her hand and cursed at them.

Eternal Rest really wanted to complain too, but stopped short when he realised the Four Monsters were standing there stock still ever since they'd come to a halt. He couldn’t help but swallow his complaints and curiously asked, “What’s up with you guys?”

He strode between the four of them as he gave voice to his question.

“F*ck me!” Came Eternal Rest’s uncontrollable wave of expletives.

Since the ones leading the way had stopped, the rest behind them were forced to come grinding to a halt. Quiet And Steadfast’s team was positioned at the very end of the group. He noticed the ones in front had stopped, but wasn’t aware of what was going on.

Next Week Is Unlikely motioned to Shen Jingchen with his eyes. The two immediately understood one another, and proceeded to shoulder through the parties of their guild members ahead of them till they reached the very front of the crowd.

Slight Chill, who was originally in the middle of the crowd, saw the two of them and advanced along with them.

Shen Jingchen walked up to the gate of the Matchmaker's Shrine. His good looking brows immediately knotted together after taking a good look at the situation.

Countless players were neatly lined up in rows just outside the gate. Closer inspection revealed that they were players from Life At First Sight. At the forefront of these players, Crying Fish and Nine Ballads could be seen with chilling expressions on their faces.

Other than the individuals from Life At First Sight, not a single person remained from the densely packed audience previously surrounding the gate. No one knew whether they’d dispersed on their own accord, or whether Life At First Sight had broken them up.

Slight Chill felt anger swelling up in her when she saw Crying Fish, and taking a step forward, she gave a cold laugh. “Quarrelsome Fish, what’re you planning to do by gathering such a large group? Are you going to kidnap the groom?”

Crying Fish stared fixedly at the shrine’s entrance and replied without even glancing at her. “Enough with the small talk, call Quiet And Steadfast out!”

Slight Chill was so infuriated that she broke into a smile. “Who the f*ck do you think you are?”

From a certain standpoint, Shen Jingchen had the same temperament as Slight Chill. Having heard what Crying Fish said, his face sank and his lips trembled. He too wanted to ridicule her.

With his sharp eye and quick reflexes, Next Week Is Unlikely quickly held Shen Jingchen back and tugged at Slight Chill’s sleeve, pulling them both behind him. He then spoke up and said, “Today is Steady’s wedding day, one that calls for great celebration. Let us put our grudges aside for today and leave it for another day. Hurry up and leave with your people, otherwise we won’t stand on ceremony with you guys any longer.”

Crying Fish continued to harp on and said, “Call Quiet And Steadfast out now!”

“This slut really is…” Slight Chill glared at her, looking as if she was about to charge towards her at any moment.

Just then, the Four Monsters who were standing behind them, hurriedly pulled the raging Slight Chill back.

“Slight Chill, you bitch! Calm down! Quickly, follow the movements of my hand! Slowly now. Left hand, right hand…”

“Then right hand again… and left hand… Now once more in slow motion!”

“F*cking retard!”

“What the f*ck are you two idiots going on about?! Slight Chill, let me tell you something, you can’t go over there right now. We’re currently in a safe zone! You’ll be falling into their trap if you make a move!”

Slight Chill, “...”

Why did their guild have such retards amongst them?

Because the Four Monsters had interrupted Slight Chill, she had calmed down some, but that didn’t stop her from viciously glaring at Crying Fish and Nine Ballads. Nine Ballads hugged her chest as she stood there with droopy eyelids, not even bothering to cast a glance at them.

“I’ll give you guys one minute to call out Quiet And Steadfast. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving here today!” Crying Fish snarled.

Shen Jingchen coldly snorted, “Hmph! We’re a safe zone. I doubt you can do anything to us.”

There were only a few safe zones in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, and it just so happened that the Matchmaker's Shrine was one of them. Once a player attacked another in the safe zone, the system would immediately rush in and send the former to prison.

In the end, Crying Fish finally deigned to shift her gaze from the Shrine’s door over to Shen Jingbin. The corner of her eyes were slightly red as she said, “While it’s true that I can’t harm you guys, I can still confine all of you here.”

Once she finished speaking, she shot a look at Nine Ballads. The air in Shen Jingchen’s chest suddenly stifling. He could neither spit it out nor swallow it down.

He’d definitely argue with this girl to no end if Nine Ballads wasn’t here.

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