Chapter 54: Blossom Rain In The Sky (2)

Chapter 54: Blossom Rain In The Sky (2)

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, if players wished to be wed, intimacy on both sides needed to reach 999 before they could apply for marriage at Matchmaker's Shrine. Furthermore, if their races differed, their intimacy would then need to reach 9999 before they could apply for marriage.

Not every player who wished to marry would have the inclination to raise their intimacy levels, so the system store specially prepared a tool for increasing the intimacy levels of these young lovers who were too lazy to raise it themselves.

There were three kinds of items sold by the system store. The first was very cheap and limited to one purchase per day. It was a small bouquet of flowers that would only add 10 points of intimacy. The second was the single-use local Blossom Rain that could add a full 999 points of intimacy. After using it, the entire map that the player was on would be filled with a rain of flower petals. However, it didn’t come cheaply. Lastly, there was the one that Quiet And Steadfast used—the server-wide Blossom Rain that could add a full 9999 points of intimacy in one go. In addition to the entire city map being filled with a rain of petals, it would also trigger a system announcement, so it naturally came at a frightening price.

The server-wide Blossom Rain persisted for five minutes. During that time, Shen Jingbin stood dumbfoundedly in place while staring at the sky. Remaining that way for a long time, she only managed to gather her wits about her when she heard several cries of surprise.

Turning towards the source of the sound, she saw Quiet And Steadfast dressed in his usual black attire that was paired with his black veil as he slowly rode towards her atop a handsome white horse.

The white horse's gait was very slow. Her heart thumped in her chest as its hooves stamped down on the ground one after another, making her feel as if her heart was pulsing along with the horse's hooves.

This was too f*cking stimulating! She really wanted to just forcefully disconnect!

The contrast between black and white was too striking, preventing her from ignoring the man on horseback.

“Our intimacy level was too low, preventing us from getting married. So I could only use a server-wide Blossom Rain to increase it.” Jumping off his horse, Quiet and Steadfast stood in front of her and explained.

The implication was that he wasn’t trying to be so extravagant.

Shen Jingbin felt her little heart still throbbing intensely.

Great deity, she’s still a young girl. This move is too much even for her! What would she do if she was treated to this act as reality one day! Shen Jingbin cried out in her heart.

Suddenly, a trade request appeared in front of her. She tilted her head in bewilderment and looked towards him.

“The intimacy added by the Blossom Rain is one-sided, so you need to use one on me too.” Quiet And Steadfast said.

Shen Jingbin waved her hand in dismissal, “No need to give me one, I can buy it myself.”

“Since when does a guy make a girl pay for this kind of thing? This is my pride as a man. Moreover, I've already bought it. It’d be a waste if you bought another one.”

Shen Jingbin clenched her teeth and turned her attention back to the trade prompt. Gritting her teeth, she clicked accept and a server-wide Blossom Rain immediately appeared in the trade window.

After the trade was completed, Quiet And Steadfast stood in front of her and looked at her with joy in his eyes, “I’ll stand here and you can use it on me. We'll go over to Matchmaker's Shrine once we’re done.”

“Isn't this being too hasty?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Quiet And Steadfast didn't reply and only looked at her.

Shen Jingbin’s scalp grew numb from his stare. After a moment of silence, she took out the Blossom Rain and slowly removed the seal on it.

“Hint: Do you wish to use the server-wide Blossom Rain? Yes/No.”


“Please select the target you wish to use it on.”

“Quiet And Steadfast.”

“Processing server-wide Blossom Rain, please wait for a moment...successfully applied. You have used up one server-wide Blossom Rain.”


My exuberant husband, clutching a flute in his left, beckoning me with his right.

Oh what a merry sight!

My jubilant husband, clutching a feather banner in his left, inviting me with his right.

Oh what a merry sight!

Player Nutjob has scattered a shower of Blossom Rain over player Quiet And Steadfast. May the universe bear witness, these heartfelt emotions are true.

Pink rain began to fall once more as petals floated down between the two of them. Shen Jingbin’s lips parted a little as she looked at Quiet And Steadfast who was standing in front of her.

She wanted to say something, but found the words lodged in her throat.

In the midst of this sea of flower petals, Quiet And Steadfast stretched out a hand towards her. His hand was fair and slender, while his fingers were well-sculpted. It was simply breathtaking.

Quiet And Steadfast didn’t say anything either. He merely extended his hand and calmly looked at her.

Shen Jingbin felt like her entire body was burning up. The temperature of her surroundings also seemed to be heating up, as if it were trying to burn her.

Why’s your face so red!

Closing her eyes, she faced death with equanimity and stuffed her hand into the hollow of Quiet And Steadfast's palm. A moment later, her hand was wrapped up in his.

As her eyes were shut, she missed the smile that flashed across Quiet And Steadfast's face.

Ah, a young lady's heart is truly a terrifying thing!

Quiet And Steadfast then helped Shen Jingbin onto the white horse. With a raise of its hoof, the two of them sped towards Matchmaker's Shrine, leaving behind numerous astonished players!

What the f*ck! The great god actually exchange Blossom Rain with the ugliest girl in the game!?

And it was a mother f*cking server-wide Blossom Rain!

What's wrong with this world!

[Realm] Crying Fish: Quiet And Steadfast! I’ve always been waiting for you! To get your attention, I spared no effort in going against you just to obtain a place in your heart! Why were all my efforts in vain!

[Realm] Crying Fish: Quiet And Steadfast, I love you! Don’t you know that?! Do you know just how much I love you? Why would you willingly marry an ugly woman yet not spare a single glance for me!

[Realm] Crying Fish: As long as you don’t marry her, I swear to immediately have Life At First Sight subjugate itself to Jade Sea Pavilion! From now on, there will only be your Jade Sea Pavilion in this game!

[Realm] Crying Fish: Quiet And Steadfast, why aren’t you answering me! Why?!

[Realm] Crying Fish: Nutjob, if you dare marry Quiet And Steadfast I’ll hunt you down till the ends of the earth!

[Realm] Quiet And Steadfast: Just try making a move against her if you dare.

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