Chapter 53: Blossom Rain In The Sky (1)

Chapter 53: Blossom Rain In The Sky (1) 

“The semi-finals will be held at the end of this month in B City. Let's go together, we can play around there for a few days while we're at it.” Shen Jingchen suddenly said while driving back home.

“B City’s too far. I'm not going.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t you have any familial love?! How’s about I pay for all the expenses to B City?” Shen Jingchen cried out.

Shen Jingbin had a look of consideration upon her face, “I’ll consider it.”

Shen Jingchen instantly wore a face full of smiles and said, “Then why don’t you give Zhao Chengning a call. Isn't he in B City? Let him entertain us for a while.”

“So this was why you wanted me to come along.” Shen Jingbin glared at him.

“Why'd you say that? Can't you be more lady-like when you speak? Plus, it looks like Gramps and co intend to play matchmaker for the two of you. Aren't I giving you guys an opportunity to interact by doing this?”

“...” Why are so many people obsessed with playing matchmaker these days? Even the NPCs in the game were the same.

Could spring have finally come for her after twenty-odd years?

Once they reached home, and no longer able bear Shen Jingchen’s pestering as if he was begging for his life, Shen Jingbin mustered up her courage and gave Zhao Chengning a call.

This would be their first time conversing since Zhao Chengning had returned home. Truth be told, she was a little nervous.

She didn’t know why though.

What would she do if he’d forgotten her?

Calling someone out of the blue like this; what would she do if he was busy with something?

Would she feel embarrassed if she were rejected?

Countless doubts and conjectures swam about in Shen Jingbin's mind. Then, when she couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to hang up, the call connected.

“Hello, this is Zhao Chengning.”

Zhao Chengning's voice on the phone sounded a little different from his normal voice. His tone sounded colder, seemingly possessing a kind of indescribable allure. He was a typical northerner, and his enunciation was especially distinct over the phone. When she heard his voice it felt as if something was scratching at her heart.

“Hi, how are you. This is Shen Jingbin.” Shen Jingbin introduced herself as was the custom.

The other party let out a soft chuckle, which held a certain sex appeal about it. He replied, “I know, I saved your phone number. What’s up, why’d you call me?”

After organizing the words in her head, she said, “Shen Jingchen wants to visit B City at the end of this month, and he was thinking of asking you to be his guide.”

“Will it just be Shen Jingchen by himself? You’re not coming?”

“Er…” Despite being separated by the phone, Shen Jingbin felt awkward upon hearing the other party mention her, “I’ll be going with him.”

When the other side paused for a bit, Shen Jingbin seemed to hear the sound of pages being flipped, “Have you guys decided on when you're coming? Let me know once you’ve decided, I'll book a room for you in advance. Autumn is the peak of B City's tourist season, so booking a room later would be difficult.”

Shen Jingbin thought for a moment and said, “We'll come on the 20th. Will we be troubling you?”

“It’s no trouble at all. Besides, didn't we inconvenience you guys for quite a while when Grandfather and I visited A City last time?”

“I don’t have much to do anyway, so there’s no need to bring up something like whether or not you’re being an inconvenience.” His finger started to unconsciously tap against the wall.

“Then we’ll go with this arrangement. Forward your flight number to me once you guys have booked your flight. I’ll meet you guys at the airport when the time comes.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Mm, you're welcome.”

After disconnecting the call, Zhao Chengning continued to stare at his handphone in a slightly spellbound manner.

Shen Jingbin's call came a lot later than he’d expected, causing some concern on his part.

Before meeting Shen Jingbin, his Grandfather had often told him about his old friend's granddaughter.

He naturally knew about his Grandfather’s little tricks and ulterior motives, but his old habits made him subconsciously feign ignorance. He knew that his family was concerned about his love life, about his affairs, but he had no intention of involving himself in anything at present.

To him, girls were synonymous with trouble. And, just like his experience in games, they were hard to ditch once they clung to him. Furthermore, they were over-sensitive, stubborn, provocative, and lacked the ability to read the mood of others or their expressions. To top it off, they believed that the world should worship them. They were truly too bothersome.

However after meeting Shen Jingbin, he found out that she bore absolutely no resemblance to any of the girls he knew.

Curiosity had made him start to consider the thoughtful arrangements of his elders.

Shen Jingbin was the most beautiful girl he knew. Moreover, her personality was also very good. He couldn’t deny having a very favourable impression of her, and he probably wouldn’t reject going further with her either.

This was why he’d constantly done his best to show off during those few days in A City.

Love was like a business deal. Both sides needed to be satisfied for the relationship to succeed. Since he could be considered satisfied with her, all that was needed was for her to feel satisfied with him.

But why did it seem like everything he’d done was in vain? She didn’t seem to care at all.

Zhao Chengning suddenly recalled the little Daoist nun in the game who was so ugly that even he couldn’t look her straight in the eye.

Although their appearances were as different as heaven and earth, both of them were similarly dense and slow-witted.

He wouldn’t believe it if someone told him they weren't the same person.

It looked like he needed to be a little more aggressive.

He couldn’t wait for things to slowly take their course.

“Head over to the Imperial City, I’ve got something for you.” Quiet And Steadfast's carrier pigeon flew over the moment she logged in.

Shen Jingbin ran to the Imperial City without rest. Just when she was about to ask where he was, she caught sight of many petals suddenly raining down from the sky. A striking red announcement also appeared before everyone's eyes following the rain of petals.


There is a beauty in the northern lands,

Unequaled, high above the world she stands.

At her first glance, soldiers would lose their town,

At her second, a monarch would lose his crown.

Player Quiet And Steadfast has scattered Blossom Rain over Player Nutjob. May the universe bear witness, these heartfelt emotions are true.

What the f*ck!

As Shen Jingbin stood amidst the rain of petals, there were only these three letters in her mind.

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