Chapter 52: A Disturbance Upon Returning To School (2)

Chapter 52: A Disturbance Upon Returning To School (2)

Shen Jingbin was universally acknowledged as the campus Goddess, while Shen Jingchen, who’d been born from the same womb as her, naturally wouldn’t be that far off in terms of looks either. Back then when he was still in school, it could be said that countless girls were utterly smitten with him. Rumour has it that there were even some young female teachers who’d just started working that held impure intentions towards him.  

And, back then, the trio in her dorm were also part of Shen Jingchen’s fanatical fan club.

Shen Jingchen was already waiting outside the girls’ dormitory when the four of them stepped out. At the sight of Shen Jingchen’s car, the three fangirls gave a cheer and opened up the car’s back door on their own before worming their way into the back seat.

Before Shen Jingbin moved out of the dorms, she’d frequently bring the three of them over to see Shen Jingchen. Although the trio considered themselves to be Shen Jingchen’s fans, they didn’t act coyly towards him at all.

The five of them found a high-end looking restaurant at the school’s entrance and requested for a private room. Since Zone A was not far from the school gate, the siblings sent the three girls back to their dorm after they had finished their meal.

Thankfully, it was lunchtime so there weren’t many people wandering around school at this time. Most of them gathered in the canteen or various restaurants. If that weren’t the case, there’d be a terrifying blockade around the pair of siblings right now.

As they approached the ground floor of the dormitory, Shen Jingbin caught sight of a few girls standing nearby who were dressed a little strangely, yet still seemed vaguely familiar.

She motioned towards those girls with her head and asked, “What are they up to?”

Huajuan swept a glance over at them and replied, “They’re probably from the Anime Society. I heard my friends from the Anime Society say that they' received an invitation from a game company to publicise their game or something. They’re a common sight around school these days. Oh, I’ve also heard that the Anime Society in our school is rather famous within certain social circles.”

Their eye-catching appearance naturally garnered Shen Jingchen’s attention as well. He asked, “What game is it?”

Huajuan was a girl who only chased after Korean oppas. Knowing nothing about games, she could only give an ambiguous reply, “Something called demons something ghost something… Anyway, it’s that game that’s been very popular these past few years. It’s a virtual reality or something kind of game.”

“That game’s called <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>!” Jiangmeng really looked down on Huajuan’s IQ.

“Eh? <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>?” Shen Jingbin was a little shocked upon hearing this.

Shen Jingbin didn’t have much interest in two-dimensional things. In the past, she’d leave after glancing at this bunch of girls from the Anime Society when she saw them in the school. However this time around, she couldn’t help but to take a few more glances in their direction.

When they were assigning dorm rooms back then, it might have been predestined or some other twist of fate, but all of Shen Jingbin’s roommates were highly ranked in terms of their looks. The five of them standing there immediately gave rise to a beautiful scene. Naturally, the attention of girls standing on the dormitory’s ground floor were attracted towards them.

With a shove from her comrades, a girl dressed as a Nymph walked towards them with a stack of things in her hands and said, “I’m…sorry for bothering you, but can I ask whether you guys play games?”

Shen Jingchen was a busybody and couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He couldn’t think straight when he saw cute girls and he rushed to answer, “Yes, I do. It’s only natural for me to play games! How may I help you, miss?”

The girl’s face immediately turned red. Shen Jingbin felt that what she had witnessed was very magical. He’d clearly only asked you a question. Girl, what’s your face getting red for?

“Well, that’s… Our society is recently helping to promote a game. Here’s the promotional material for it. If you’re interested, you can take it back and have a look at it, and help us fill up in the form while you’re at it.” As the girl spoke, she handed out the information on the game that she had in her hands to everyone in Shen Jingbin’s party.

The information Shen Jingbin received from the girl really was related to <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>.

The game company that developed <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> had always promoted their game with a plethora of fanciful tricks. On one hand, they’d invite celebrities to endorse their game, while on the other, they’d include testimonials from the public. This updated version was the largest scale update since the start of the game. At the same time, this update also posed another opportunity to reach new highs. To this end, the game company would naturally pursue various means of promotion.

One of the game’s main demographics was university students. Moreover, two-dimensional culture still held a large amount of influence amongst university students. So, the game company specially invited a few relatively popular university societies in the nation to promote the game for them.

This proved that its effect on reality was quite far reaching.

“Lil sis, do you play the game that you’re promoting?” Shen Jingchen threw the information in his hands over to his younger sister, focusing all of his efforts on making conversation with this girl. The girl had a very bashful look on her face as she said, “Eh, I don’t play the game. Only the Vice-President of our society plays this game.”

“Is your Vice-President a girl or a guy? Since you guys are promoting this game, shouldn’t you experience it for yourselves first?”

The girl replied, “The gaming pod is a little too expensive and I can’t afford it. The game company didn’t provide us with one either, so… In any case, no one will know if we don’t bring it up! As for our thoughts on the game and so on, the game company already wrote a script on their end, and all we have to do is recite it. Our Vice-President is a girl. She’s just gone back to her dorm to change her outfit. We’ll be heading over to the auditorium in a bit… Oh, there! Our Vice-President’s come down!”

The group looked in the direction of the girls’ dormitory that she pointed at.

Out came a girl dressed as a Daoist nun from the entrance of the stairway. She was tall and curvaceous. On top of that, while they couldn’t see her face clearly, they could tell that she was definitely a beauty!

But, Shen Jingbin felt that this beauty looked very familiar...

F*CK! Wasn’t that Luo Xiaoqian, the one who blocked her way before?!

“Hey, Little Jing! That girls looks like Luo Xiaoqian from the Music Conservatory… Oh, I remember now! The Music Conservatory shares the dormitory building with us!” Shen Jingbin wasn’t the only one who recognised Luo Xiaoqian. Jiangmeng had also recognised the other party. And when she did, she asked the girl from the Anime Society, “Is your Vice-President Luo Xiaoqian? How can a first year student be the Vice-President?”

When this point was brought up, the girl clearly looked a little unhappy about it. Her loli face immediately puffed up as she said, “She’s beautiful. Once she entered the school, she immediately got along with the President. When the time came for the former Vice-President to leave the society for their internship, the President immediately vouched for her to become the Vice-President.”

Shen Jingchen was still unaware of what took place in the morning, so he had a look of bewilderment as he asked, “Who’s Luo Xiaoqian? What’s up with your faces? Hey, hey, hey! Tell me what’s going on!”

Xiaohe impatiently patted him on the shoulder and said, “Male God, that Vice-President bullied Little Jing in the morning.”

Shen Jingchen shot a look that said “you’re pulling my leg” at Xiaohe as he said, “What the f*ck!? How’s that possible?!”

Huajuan spread her hands in front of her and replied, “You can see for yourself on the school’s forum. Oh right, you better hurry on back lil sis. Don’t let your Vice-President catch you talking to us, she almost fought with this beauty beside me this morning.”

The girl’s face blanked for a moment. She had some difficulty processing this sudden development, but she still obediently turned around and prepared to return to her group.

As the girl was about to walk off, Shen Jingbin suddenly asked, “Lil sis, do you know what your Vice-President’s in-game name is?”

She didn’t ask for Luo Xiaoqian’s ID because she wanted to pay her back. But rather, the impression that Luo Xiaoqian gave off was far too terrifying. Shen Jingbin would definitely make it a point to avoid Luo Xiaoqian in advance if she encountered her in game.

The girl thought for a minute before replying, “I think it’s… Morning Glory Chime or something, I can’t quite recall it. The only thing I remember is her saying that she’s been called Xiao X Bingbing before in game.”

Xiao X Bingbing?

Something clicked in Shen Jingbin’s head as she suddenly thought of a person.

What the f*ck? It can’t be. Why did she feel as if so many enemies of the people were suddenly appearing in her gaming life?!

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