Chapter 51: A Disturbance Upon Returning To School (1)

Chapter 51: A Disturbance Upon Returning To School (1)

Shen Jingbin retreated back to her dorm after finishing up the matter with the Class President.

Previously, she had shared a room with three other girls in the dorms, and before she moved out of the school, the four of them had had a rather good relationship. Upon seeing her return, apart from welcoming her back, her roommates placed a great deal of emphasis on the admiration and jealousy that they felt at her not needing to attend school, as she’d already acquired all her necessary course credits.

While they idly chatted her roommate, Xiaohe, occasionally bent her head down and browsed through the forums before she abruptly shouted, “Hey, Little Jing! Did something happen when you came back? Look at this post!”

“What’s up?” Shen Jingbin inched closer to Xiaohe and craned her head to look at her phone.

A post was already opened on the phone’s display.

“The great PK battle between the campus Goddesses across two generations - Shen Jingbin from the Management Department vs Luo Xiaoqian from the Music Conservatory!”

“OP[1] didn’t have any classes this morning, so he went over to the female dorms in Zone A to have some fun with his girlfriend. But who would’ve thought that he’d encounter Goddess Shen from the Management Department before he even met his girlfriend! Everyone knows who Goddess Shen is, right! Even though the original poster is in the same year as the Goddess, he’d never been so close to the Goddess before! What the f*ck, the Goddess really is too f*cking beautiful! She’s flawless and looks perfect from every angle!”

“Rumour has it that the Goddess has already obtained the necessary course credits she needs, and that she doesn’t need to attend school anymore. It’s a rare opportunity for OP to catch a glimpse of her, naturally he wouldn’t let this chance slip by! So, OP decided to follow the Goddess! Well, who would’ve thought that someone would decide to obstruct the Goddess just after OP started following her! The person seemed to be a rather famous junior amongst this new batch of first year students. I forgot her name. Honestly speaking, that girl ends up looking worse and worse for every moment she spends next to Goddess Shen. You really can’t compare the two of them!”

“To hell with it. Prove it with a picture or it doesn’t count!”

“[Picture] Here’s a picture of the Goddess that I secretly took! Come on, say it out loud and let me hear whether you think she’s beautiful!”

“What the f*ck, OP, why didn’t you call me over when you saw the Goddess?! Back then, I remember not skipping class for an entire month just to see the Goddess!”

“Hahahaha, I saw the Goddess as well! The Goddess is still as beautiful as ever! I never would’ve thought that I’d get another chance to see the Goddess before graduating! With this, I’m happy!”

“OP, who did you say your Goddess was? I’m a new student and have no knowledge of any Goddess in the Management Department. I only know of a Goddess called Luo something from our batch in the Music Conservatory.”

“The one upstairs, are you kidding? How can that girl from the Music Conservatory compare to our Goddess Shen?! Goddess Shen can finish her off in an instant with just her pinkie, okay?!”


The post had only been up for ten or so minutes, but there were already over eight hundred comments in the thread. The speed of these comments was definitely regarded as something miraculous, seeing as their school forum was normally half-dead.

“I saw continuation threads saying that you fought with a female junior from the Music Conservatory. What’s up with that?” Came Xiaohe’s question.

Shen Jingbin returned Xiaohe’s phone to her, realising that her three roommates were staring at her with expressions that screamed: “spill the beans, spill the beans”. Seeing this, Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but heave a sigh as she dragged out a chair and sat down on it, “Well, I was about to reach the dorm, when a girl suddenly ran out and grabbed ahold of me for no reason at all. She just wouldn’t let go of me! Look!” She stretched her hand out and showed them the injury on her wrist.

Shen Jingbin’s tender and fair wrist was now completely red. There were even a few shocking bloody marks on it, all in the shape of fingernails. Shen Jingbin had very delicate skin, so the lightest of scars would be exceptionally obvious for her. The mark that the woman had left on Shen Jingbin’s arm appeared to be particularly hideous.

When she saw that the other three had clearly seen the mark on her wrist, Shen Jingbin rolled down her sleeve and continued, “At first, I didn’t want to pay any attention to her, but she refused to let me go. So, I took action to force her to release me. It was nothing as exaggerated as us ‘getting into a fight’.”

Huajuan said, “Haven’t I said it before? Whoever’s ignorant enough to pick a fight with you is just asking for a beating!”

The interest of the Dorm Head, Jiangmeng, was quite different from the other two. She sifted through her memories for information and said to Shen Jingbin, “I know a bit about Luo Xiaoqian. She’s a first year student and caused a stir here when she first entered. But later, I heard she was rejected by a senior she had a crush on because he was interested in you. She loves hanging around our dorms when she has nothing better to do. However, nothing much has happened since you haven’t been coming to school for awhile. I never expected you to run into her on the rare occasion that you return.”

“Well, that’s just my luck then. It’s fine, let’s not talk about her anymore. Let me treat you guys to a meal since since it’s one of those rare times when I’m back.” Seemingly afraid of them rejecting her offer, she added, “Shen Jingchen will also be coming along.”

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