Chapter 50: Returning to School (2)

Chapter 50: Returning to School (2) 

Shen Jingbin had no recollection of whatever Quiet And Steadfast said after that. Her entire being was frozen in a state of bewilderment up till the moment she logged out.

In reality, Shen Jingbin was still an innocent child when it came to matters of the heart. Till this day, she’d never gone on a date, nor had she ever done things like getting married in a game.

Online virtual reality games were just games, but due to their uniqueness, it could also be seen as a way of life. Now, she was about to get married through some inexplicable twist of fate. If she wasn’t dumbstruck by this, then who would be?

Moreover, her fiance was one of the most outstanding gods in the entire game!

This blessing came way too suddenly and she was caught completely off guard by it!

However, her astoundment didn’t persist for long.  Her handphone rang and she was jolted back to reality.

She glanced at her phone; it was a call from her class president.

Her class president was a very responsible and reliable girl. Whenever there was a school-wide announcement, she would call her classmates one by one to inform them.

Shen Jingbin really admired her sense of responsibility.

“Hello? Is this Shen Jingbin?” The moment the call connected, Class President’s simple and honest voice resounded in her ear.

“Yes, it’s me, Class President. What happened?”

“Ah, it’s like this. Coach just told me that all of us are required to individually verify the accuracy of our information in the database. It has to be re-submitted by Friday. It’s already Wednesday, so could you drop by the school some time tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow, so I’ll wait for you in the dorms.”

“Sure. Thanks, Class President. I’ll come by tomorrow morning then.”

Shen Jingbin didn’t like to engage in useless banter during phone calls. The Class President knew what she was like, so she immediately hung up after accomplishing her task.

It just so happened that Shen Jingchen was slowly strolling down the stairs when he saw her hang up. He asked, “Who called?”

“Our Class President. She wants me to go back to school to verify some information.  Why aren’t you gaming?”

Shen Jingchen sat beside her and placed both hands behind his head, “It’s because of my Class President’s incessant calls. You should know that my gaming pod is better than yours, right? It’s also connected to my handphone and it notifies me whenever I receive a call. After hearing it ring for over an hour, I couldn’t take it anymore and picked up the call.”

“What does your Class President want with you?” Shen Jingbin asked.

“He told me I passed the preliminaries of that competition I signed up for before, so I need to head back to school and pick up the qualification papers for the semifinals.”

Shen Jingchen took up Finance, but he was also intelligent and loved computer science programming. Thus, he frequently conducted research on materials related to it and tried his hand at writing up some programs for competitions. However, there were many talented people in China. As an untrained individual, Shen Jingchen was frequently eliminated in the preliminary rounds. It’s no wonder he was willing to lay down his games since this was his first time making it to the semifinals.

“Then when are you planning to go back to school?” With her head propped against her hand, Shen Jingbin leaned to the side with her legs tucked in as she watched Shen Jingchen. [1. Here’s a pic of how it looks like: Click]

Shen Jingchen responded, “Let’s return to school together since you’re planning on going back as well.”

Shen Jingbin rubbed his head in satisfaction and said, “What a good boy.”

Shen Jingchen, “... Get lost!”

Both siblings held driver’s licenses, but Shen Jingbin was far too lazy to drive, so the heavy burden of driving naturally fell onto Shen Jingchen’s shoulders. Shen Jingbin’s Class President was at the dormitory located in Zone A of the school, while Shen Jingchen needed to head over to the Finance Department in Zone C to pick up his qualification papers. So once they arrived at the school, he dropped her off at the entrance.

Since it wasn’t a weekend, most of the students still lingered about on campus. Shen Jingbin was amongst the most prominent individuals in the school’s popularity charts, which led to her being swarmed by students after only taking a few steps.

It took a great deal of effort before she managed to somehow pull herself out of the frenzied crowd that surrounded her. However, she was suddenly obstructed by a girl before she even had the chance to catch her breath.

“Are you Shen Jingbin from the Management Department?” The girl was shorter than Shen Jingbin by half a head, so she had to crane her head when she spoke.

She was a beautiful girl with exquisite facial features, and dressed in a refined manner. At the same time, the warm rays of sunlight that came in contact with her raised head gave off a feeling of indistinct beauty.

However, she didn’t look like anyone Shen Jingbin knew.

“ are?” Shen Jingbin asked doubtfully.

The girl’s eyebrows immediately arched up upon hearing her reply in a somewhat disdainful manner, “I thought you’d be a lot prettier based on the rumours. Tch, but it looks like you only amount to this much. What right do you have to take up the throne as the campus belle? How am I lacking when compared to you? Tell me!”

What the f*ck, what’s up with this self-centered act of yours?

Shen Jingbin couldn’t make head nor tail out of what the girl was saying. She furrowed her brows and replied, “I have no idea what you’re saying. If there’s no issue, please get out of the way.”

After saying so, Shen Jingbin rounded the girl and headed straight for the girls’ dormitory.

But the girl wasn’t willing to relent. She grasped firmly onto Shen Jingbin’s hand and cried out in a voice so shrill it hurt her ears, “You can’t leave! You haven’t told me how I’m lacking when compared to you! I don’t think you’re all that pretty anyway, so why is it that ever since I entered this school, the only thing I’ve ever heard about no matter where I go has always, always, ALWAYS been about you?! Don’t think of leaving today if I can’t get it out of you!”

The girl’s shrieks once again drew countless onlookers to the scene.

Following the trend of girls who enjoyed letting their fingernails grow out these days, this girl had kept her fingernails long as well. Due to her agitation she’d unconsciously used more strength, causing her fingernails to dig into Shen Jingbin’s petite arm, and giving rise to a bout of extreme pain.

This was practically an unprovoked disaster!

Shen Jingbin swept a glance at the girl who’d obviously lost her sense of reason and gave up on the idea of talking things out with her. With a lift of her wrist, a downwards jerk, and a timely application of strength, she pinned the girl’s hand behind her back.

The girl let out a screech at the sudden turn of events, while the surrounding crowd cried out in surprise.

Shen Jingbin paid no mind to the astonished gasps from the crowd. She leaned over to the girl’s ear and enunciated every word as she said, “Listen up: you’re lacking in every aspect.”

With that, Shen Jingbin gave the girl a light shove and patted her hands. She then continued on her way towards the girls’ dormitory without looking back.

This time around, owing to the terrifying scene that they’d just witnessed, the crowd surrounding her spontaneously opened up a path for her.

Shen Jingbin indifferently walked past the crowd, but her heart was filled with supreme irritation!

This was why she disliked going to school! What the f*ck was that all about?!

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