Chapter 47: Marriage Compulsion! An Edict From The Sect Leader! (1)

Chapter 47: Marriage Compulsion! An Edict From The Sect Leader! (1)

After leaving Unparalleled Medicine’s house, Slight Chill was called to help out in an instance dungeon. Shen Jingchen had some matters to attend to as well, so he’d also taken off. In just a moment, Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingbin were the only ones left.

“Slight Chill seems to be different from how I imagined her to be…” For reasons unbeknownst to either of them, the duo decided not to board their mount. Rather, they chose to walk slowly alongside one another as they made their way towards the main city. Shen Jingbin shot a glance at Quiet And Steadfast from the corner of her eye. After considering for a moment on how to word her question, she asked, “I had the impression that she was the type of girl who was very… headstrong. I never expected her to be so loyal to her friends.”

Quiet And Steadfast gave a chuckle, “Slight Chill actually has a very good personality, but she might be a bit harsh when she speaks. She might’ve been mistaken about you when she targeted you previously.”

“A misunderstanding?” Shen Jingbin asked suspiciously.

Quiet And Steadfast nodded, “Only I knew that you were Dawn’s little sister when you entered the guild. The rest of them thought that you were another one of those girls that he’d flirted with. Slight Chill has this inexplicable hatred towards people who cling to influential individuals for their own benefit. It didn’t help that she was always at odds with Dawn. Since he brought you into the guild, she’d naturally hate you as well.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Slight Chill is the type of person who makes a very clear distinction between people she loves and hates. Now that she knows she’s made a mistake, she naturally won't go against you anymore. However, she’s the prideful sort, so she probably couldn’t bring herself to give you an apology. Instead, she could only resort to such roundabout methods as a means of making amends. Take today for instance, after finding out that you wanted to learn how to refine medicine, she volunteered to refer you on her own accord.”

When Shen Jingbin heard the familiar tone he used while mentioning Slight Chill, she couldn't help but ask, “You seem to know Slight Chill very well. Do you guys know each other in real life?” Immediately after speaking, Shen Jingbin felt that enquiring about the circumstances of others in real life might have been too impolite of her. She hurriedly corrected herself, “Uh, I don’t have any ulterior motives. I just suddenly thought of it…”

“It’s nothing.” Quiet And Steadfast interrupted her. There was a trace of a smile in his eyes as he spoke, “Slight Chill is a childhood friend of mine who grew up alongside me. We’re pretty close in real life.”

“Oh, then… that rumour about her liking you… was fake?” Shen Jingbin was actually a person who loved to gossip, but she normally enjoyed playing the part of someone who was reserved. The person standing beside her looked in her direction with a pair of eyes that seemed to be laughing at her, stirring her gossipy heart and giving voice to that question of hers.

What the f*ck! Shen Jingbin, are you an idiot?! Why’d you ask such a question!?

Shen Jingbin immediately felt as if her intestines were dyed in the colours of regret.

Quiet And Steadfast didn’t miss the look of remorse that slipped past her facade. Shen Jingbin’s face, coupled with her upset expression which revealed her inner grievance, made her appear more devilish than man-faced panda himself![1. Another meme in China. Refers to a picture of a panda with a man’s face. Think of Pepe the frog. Here’s a link if you wanna know what the man panda looks like: Link] For a moment, he couldn’t control himself and burst out laughing.

“How can you believe it when you yourself said it’s a rumour?” He reined in his laughter with great difficulty before explaining, “Slight Chill did like me in the past, but that was during our senior year in high school. Now, she seems to be head over heels for a friend of mine and doesn’t have the time to bother about me. She intentionally spread those rumors to cause a misunderstanding. Because I rejected her in the past, she wanted to troll me by causing others to misunderstand us.”

Shen Jingbin paused for a moment, “She’s a rather difficult person too.”

“Oh right, where’s your Mascot?”

Shen Jingbin suddenly thought of Shentu and Yulü when he brought up Mascot, “I ran into Shentu and Yulü in Hell. Yulü gave me a gift that helped Mascot to level up, so it’s currently still sleeping.”

A trace of dullness flashed across Quiet And Steadfast’s beautiful eyes for a second, “Shentu and Yulü? You’ve even managed to obtain a fortuitous meeting with the two of them? I… really don’t know what to say about your Luck. In the past, someone told Crying Fish that Shentu and Yulü might have a hidden quest on them. For this reason, she adamantly insisted on having her guild members kill her tens of times over. However, in spite of that, she didn’t manage to meet them even once…”

“Pfft!” Shen Jingbin laughed, causing the freckles on her face to tremble and stand out more than they did before. Due to this, Quiet And Steadfast suddenly felt like covering his eyes!

Younger sister! You’re a fine looking girl, so why’d you make your avatar look like this?! Don’t you know how painful it is to look at you?!

“Other than leveling up, did you get anything else? Your Luck shouldn’t amount to just this.”

“Mm… They requested that I bring together the Four Divine Beasts. Only then will it be possible to get rid of the Shinra Sect.”

Quiet And Steadfast rested his chin in his hand, pondering for a moment, “The Four Divine Beasts… when I became the sect’s Lead Disciple, I remember my Sect Leader mentioning that a Divine Beast resides beneath the main mountain of the Lich palace. However, I don’t know whether it has anything to do with the Four Divine Beasts.”

“Then let’s go take a look. The hint that Shentu and Yulü gave me was to look towards the Sect Leaders of the Six Great Sects for answers.” Came Shen Jingbin’s straightforward reply.


The two no longer traveled at a leisurely pace once they’d decided on their course of action. As Shen Jingbin lacked a flying mount, Quiet And Steadfast summoned his own mount and sent her an invitation to ride together.

After accepting his invitation, Shen Jingbin’s avatar, a petite daoist nun, cutely wormed her way into Quiet And Steadfast’s arms. Her actions gave others the impression that she was rather cute and helpless. However, that was only if he didn’t look at her face.

“What the f*ck!? What has the world come to? The great god Quiet And Steadfast has actually fallen to the number one ugly girl in the game?!” This scene that Passerby A happened to chance upon caused their jaw to drop to the ground.

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