Chapter 45: Returning To The Mortal Realm (1)

Chapter 45: Returning To The Mortal Realm (1)

Unlike Mascot’s snow white body, this White Tiger had ink black stripes on it. Its white fur glistened as if it were freshly washed. The pitch black stripes followed their own rules as they drew line after line on the White Tiger’s fur, forming a separate world of their own. All these features culminated into an appearance that was especially eye catching in the dusky environment of Hell.

This White Tiger stood half a person tall on four powerful and sturdy limbs. Its golden beast eyes were half closed as its head occasionally rubbed against Yulü’s palm, making it seem very cute.

“This is mine Divine pet, Cenxia. It also holds the bloodline of the White Tiger, but its blood isn’t pure. It’s no match for thy White Tiger that ranks as one of the four Divine Beasts. However, thy White Tiger has just been reborn and lacks spiritual wisdom. Although Cenxia is inferior to thy White Tiger, it still possesses a certain degree of spiritual wisdom. Now, I shall present Cenxia’s life to thy White Tiger so that it may aid a little in its growth.” Yulü said as he gave a look of sorrow to Cenxia who was rubbing itself against his palm.

Shen Jingbin subconsciously looked towards Cenxia and saw that it had already stopped rubbing its head on Yulü’s palm. Turning its head towards her, its golden beastly eyes were twinkling like a reflection in the water.

“Do you really have to do this? My White Tiger can slowly grow on its own.” Shen Jingbin felt a little unwilling when she looked at Cenxia. She’d developed a fondness for large felines ever since she tamed Mascot.

Upon seeing the look of unwillingness on her face, Shentu said, “Hark now, the four Divine Beasts are one of the keys to completely eradicating the Shinra Sect. Thy White Tiger may be the strongest out of the four Divine Beasts, however, it is also the most susceptible to the influence of the Shinra Sect. Moreover, it hasn’t developed its spiritual wisdom. Just a moment’s carelessness could result in thy White Tiger becoming the Shinra Sect’s strength. An[1. Here's a helpful Contemporary -> Elizabethan list for those who find the olde English used in this chapter confusing :D Link] that happens, the situation would verily become unsalvageable.”

Yulü massaged Cenxia’s head and said, “Thou need not worry. As a White Tiger, it would be considered an honor for it to be able to offer itself up to a true White Tiger. Moreover, the disasters wrought by the Shinra Sect came about as a result of us brothers’ negligence, and since we’re unable to leave Hell, we can only use this method to save whomever we can. I only hope for thee to use Cenxia’s strength to shore up the power of the four Divine Beasts, annihilating the Shinra Sect as soon as possible.”

After Yulü finished speaking, Shen Jingbin heard the pleasant tone of the system’s notification ring out in her head.

“Congratulations on triggering the hidden quest ‘Search For The Four Divine Beasts’, will you accept? Yes/No. (Trigger condition: Die for the first time while possessing the Divine Beast, White Tiger.)

This should be a hidden quest belonging to the epic grade category that Quiet And Steadfast talked about. Shen Jingbin silently accepted the quest, before asking, “How do we sacrifice it it?”

“Summon thy White Tiger.” Yulü replied.

Shen Jingbin summoned Mascot in accordance with Yulü’s instructions. When it appeared, Mascot didn’t excitedly dash and bounce about like it usually did. Instead, it hid behind her and stuck out its head. Quite some time passed before it let out a soft roar in Cenxia’s direction.

Cenxia responded with a low roar of its own. Upon hearing it, Mascot immediately recovered from its slump and sped towards Cenxia like it’d seen a slab of meat.

“MASCOT!” Shen Jingbin roared. She was worried that Mascot might not know his place and end up getting injured. After all, Cenxia was Yulü’s Divine pet.

Yulü allayed her fears, saying, “Leave it be. Cenxia bears the scent of a White Tiger, so thy White Tiger is feeling excited after sensing its own kind.”

Indeed, just as Yulü had said, Mascot was only overexcited. After dashing over to it, Mascot stuck to Cenxia’s belly in an incomparably cute manner, continuously crying out. Mascot was still in its miniature form, so it was a lot smaller than Cenxia. For the sake of giving in to it, Cenxia obediently sat down and occasionally licked Mascot’s fur.

After licking Mascot a few times, Cenxia raised its head in Yulü’s direction and issued a muffled roar that was tinged with sorrow.

“Cenxia’s ready.” Yulü lowered his voice and explained to Shen Jingbin.

Shen Jingbin wordlessly nodded her head.

Yulü stretched out both of his hands. One rested on Cenxia’s head, while the other was placed on Mascot’s back. Mascot twisted about in discomfort, but there was no further movement from it. Despite its discomfort, Mascot continued to remain firmly stuck to Cenxia’s side.

Yulü raised his hand slightly, and a round ball of light slowly emerged from Cenxia’s head. This continued until it completely broke free of Cenxia’s body. Shen Jingbin watched as Cenxia’s body gradually began to fade till it winked out of existence. After losing its support, Mascot revealed a look of unease and tried to jump up. However, the hand on its back prevented it from taking even a single step.

“Roar!” Mascot furiously cried out in response.

Yulü, who held the glowing ball in his hand, seized the moment when Mascot was crying out in frustration to shove the glowing ball into Mascot’s mouth. Mascot’s entire body trembled for a moment before it crumpled onto the floor, becoming motionless.

Yulü bent down and gently stroked Mascot’s head, “Take good care of it. It’ll need some time to absorb Cenxia’s cultivation.”

“Thank you.” Said Shen Jingbin as she lifted the unconscious Mascot.

“Nay, thanks are necessary. This is mine karma. Mortal, thee should quicken thy pace back. Once thee has returned to thy mortal realm, hie to the six great sects and enquire on the locations of the four Divine Beasts. They might be able to give thee a clue.” Shentu stood at Shen Jingbin’s side and gently patted her on the back. At that moment, Shen Jingbin felt as if a matchless force had slammed into her back, causing her to stumble towards the Door Of Life.

A flash of white light engulfed her vision...

A blue sky, white clouds, and the faint fragrance of flowers played at the tip of her nose. She could also feel the gentle caress of the breeze as it brushed past her face.

This was the feeling of being back in the secular world.

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