Chapter 44: Hell (2)

Chapter 44: Hell (2)

After seeing Shen Jingbin’s true appearance, Marco Polo Bun couldn’t bear spending another second with her, so he rapidly spoke, “If you look carefully, each of the Door Of Rebirths has a peach tree next to them, there’s some differences if you take a closer look. A small white spot at the bottom of the peach tree’s trunk signifies that it is the Celestial Door Of Rebirth. The peach tree with yellowish tipped leaves represents the Demonic Door Of Rebirth, while the remaining one is the Human Door Of Rebirth. I’ve said my piece, now goodbye female hero!”

Marco Polo Bun broke into a run the moment he finished speaking, but Shen Jingbin quickly stretched her hand to catch him by the collar. Although Marco Polo Bun was a guy, in truth, he was a useless otaku that never stepped out of the house. Just taking two steps would be enough to render him breathless. While he was a bit stronger in game, he was still nothing compared to Shen Jingbin. All Shen Jingbin did was grab his collar, but he unexpectedly found himself unable to break free.

“Why’re you running?” Shen Jingbin brought her eyes into a half squint as she questioned him.

“I’m not running. I just remembered I still had something to do!” Marco Polo Bun looked at her with a face that screamed “I’ve got things to do”.

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit before asking, “Which sect are you from?”

“I’m part of White Cloud Temple.”

This answer made Shen Jingbin smile, “What a coincidence, so am I. Since you have such pressing matters, why don’t we go together?”

How could I let you off when only God knows whether you’re telling the truth?

Marco Polo Bun wasn’t stupid. With a glance, he could tell that he wasn’t in the same league as the ugly monster in front of him. He sighed in defeat and obediently led the way.

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, even healers wouldn’t be able to bring someone back from the dead. Once they died, they’d have to come to Hell and pass through the Door Of Rebirth. However, going through the right gate wasn’t an easy task. There was always the risk of falling into one of the Eighteen Levels of Hell and suffering for their mistake. After all, not everyone was like Marco Polo Bun, which is why every player took great precautions to ensure their survival.

Of course, death was something that simply couldn’t be helped in a guild war.

Thus, Shen Jingbin died and arrived here. Surprisingly, she didn’t encounter any other players who’d died apart from Marco Polo Bun.

As they each had their own respective worries, the two of them travelled quickly, arriving in front of the Door Of Rebirth in the blink of an eye. From this distance, the Door Of Rebirth was way too eye catching. Shen Jingbin didn’t even notice that there really was a peach tree the size of a person beside the grandiose Door Of Rebirth.

“You see that tree over there? It doesn’t have a white mark on the bottom and its leaves are emerald green. This is definitely the Human Door Of Rebirth. You got it right on your first try, you must be really lucky today.” Marco Polo Bun said after approaching the peach tree and examining it.

“My luck has always been good.” Shen Jingbin replied.

Her line of sight wandered around the Door Of Rebirth, before it then shifted to the two shadows that stood in front of it.

Two hulking giants stood in front of the violet-black Door Of Rebirth. The one on the left wore brightly coloured armor. His eyes were shut and his face exuded a majestic, solemn atmosphere, making him look like a martial deity. He held a golden halberd [1. I-IT’S LU BU!]. The giant on the right wore a black battle gown. His eyes were also shut, but his expression was more relaxed. He was empty handed and both his hands were placed at his chest, giving others the impression that he was sleeping.

Shen Jingbin took a few steps forward.

Suddenly, the earth shook, as if all of Hell was trembling.

“Why hath thou been born, and why hast thou perished?” Shentu slowly opened his eyes and lifted his golden halberd. A deep, resounding voice filled the area as words flowed from his mouth.

Shen Jingbin gave Marco Polo Bun a dumbfounded look and asked, “What’s he saying?”

Marco Polo Bun waved his hands, “It’s just his script, don’t worry about it. Just speak with him and let him examine you. You don’t have a red name, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“What about you?”

Marco Polo Bun looked at her as if she was an idiot before he said, “Dear hero, I’m here to make some money. Once I cross the Door’s threshold, I’ll have to die again if I want to return here!”

"Methinks that the two of thee have a fortunate destiny. Thy bones are unique and thou shouldn’t have died so early...forget it, mine brother and I will open the Door Of Rebirth for thee today. Thee would do well to cherish this."

He even knows fortune telling, what a conman!

After he finished speaking, Yulü, who stood on the right, also slowly opened his eyes. He unhurriedly brought his hands down to his sides and said, “Take a step back, Mortal.”

The two of them listened and stepped back. Yulü raised his head and took a deep breathe, before turning to face the Door Of Rebirth. He then mustered his strength, stretched out his hands, and pushed with all his might.


The ear-piercing sound of screeching metal could be heard as the Door Of Rebirth slowly swung open, gradually revealing the world behind it to the two of them.

It was a vast expanse of rolling white clouds and mist, making it hard to discern what was before them.

“The Door Of Rebirth hath been opened. Whether this ends up becoming a blessing or a curse for the two of thee rests in thine hands.”

Marco Polo Bun looked at the open door and rubbed his head, “You go first, I’ve done my part by bringing you up to this point. That should be enough.”

Shen Jingbin stared at him, the look in her eyes enigmatic, “Enough? Of course it’s not enough.”

After saying so, she used a hand to push him straight into the Door Of Rebirth without giving him any time to react.

Marco Polo Bun gave a miserable shriek, “Ah! You ugly monster! You nasty little bitch! You…”

She couldn’t hear the rest of what he said clearly. It probably got swallowed up by the white fog.

Shen Jingbin patted her hands and whispered, “Who knows whether you’re lying to me or not, caution is the mother of safety.”

After waiting by the door for a bit, Shen Jingbin started to slowly approach the Door Of Rebirth after she noticed that Marco Polo Bun still hadn’t returned.

“Wait, Mortal. What is thy connection with the Divine Beast, White Tiger?” Shentu suddenly gave voice to his question just as she was about to step through the Door Of Rebirth.

“The Divine Beast, White Tiger?” Shen Jingbin was stunned for a moment before she replied, “It’s my pet.”

Cracks began to appear in Yulü’s tranquil expression. After a long while, Shen Jingbin finally heard him heave a sigh, “The birth of the White Tiger signifies that the remnants of the Shinra Sect hath appeared once more.”

Shen Jingbin was shocked, “Eh, you guys know about the Shinra Sect as well?”

Shentu replied, “Yulü and I hath defended Hell for many years, wherefore wouldn’t we know about these evil creatures? Back then, due to our negligence, we allowed an evil presence to escape from the Eighteen Levels of Hell, resulting in disaster befalling the human world. The evil presence was extremely overbearing and couldn’t be destroyed. It possessed the ability to corrupt the world, so it was suppressed in the most vicious level of Hell — the Eighteenth Level of Hell. However, after its previous escape, the seal in Hell lost its effect. With things as they were, Yulü and I could only resort to telling heroes from the human world about this incident and seal the evil presence in the Extreme Abyss. The four Divine Beasts preserve the order of the world, only appearing when the balance of the world is threatened.”

“Now that the White Tiger hath been born, it won’t be long before the rest of them make an appearance as well. The White Tiger and I share somewhat of a relationship. Since thee is the Master of the White Tiger, then I shall provide thee with some guidance.” Yulü took over from Shentu and waved his right hand in the air as he spoke.

Shen Jingbin shifted her gaze to Yulü’s hand, and saw a creature that looked like a White Tiger slowly appear beneath his palm as it swayed!

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