Chapter 413: Weiwei’s Past (1)

Chapter 413: Weiwei’s Past (1)

Vv’s original name is Wei Heping. Although his surname was Wei, he had no blood relation to Weiwei. The two of them just happened to be neighbours that got along well. Because of that, their parents adopted their respective neighbours’ son as their godson.

But, the two of them never saw it that way.

Wei Heping was three years older than Weiwei. Both of them studied in the same school, but one of them was in junior high, while the other was in senior high. From an outsider’s point of view, Wei Heping was the stereotypical child that other parents wished their own child could match up to. He had a good personality, handsome features, and excelled in his studies.

But, to Weiwei, he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

A good personality? Haha, have you ever met someone with a good personality that tries to steal another person’s breakfast on a daily basis? Afterward, he would threaten Weiwei not to tell on him, otherwise, he’d beat him up the next time he saw him.

Handsome features? Haha, what’s the point of having good looks!? Snow White’s stepmother was beautiful too, but no one cared about that when she had a wicked heart. Wei Heping was just like Snow White’s stepmother!

Good grades? Haha. Yeah, he did indeed have good grades, but did having good grades mean he could just chuck his homework at Weiwei?! Could he!? Most importantly, Weiwei would get beaten up if he made a mistake when doing Wei Heping’s homework. Come on, no matter how you looked at it, he was a junior high student doing a high schooler’s homework...

All in all, Wei Heping was a nightmare for Weiwei during his younger days; a nightmare that he had absolutely no way of breaking free from! As such, young Weiwei’s most cherished wish for Wei Heping to be accepted into a university as quickly as possible, pick up his things, and get out of his life! The further the better!

At first, this wish of his was supposed to become a reality before long. With his good grades and numerous awards, he had a very good chance of being recommended to a university.

That was, of course, before that one unfortunate incident.

Weiwei had possessed a slim build. During his junior high days, a boy like him would have been well-received by girls. This was especially so during his sophomore days of junior high school, when boys and girls would start to develop an interest in romance. During that time, there was an ever-increasing number of girls who confessed to him. In stark contrast, the number of people who were openly and inwardly unhappy with him was also steadily increasing.

Thanks to Weiwei’s ‘training’, Weiwei developed a mindset that, as long as it wasn’t too extreme, allowed him to endure any hardship. This came about because he knew that neither telling his teachers nor his parents would be of any use. At best, the ones who bullied him would be taught a lesson. But, the resulting blowback would be even more intense and result in a vicious cycle. If he just endured out, the bullies would just put him through one or two rounds of bullying before they got bored and left him alone.

However, he never expected Wei Heping to see him being bullied.

There was an enormous sports field separating the middle school and high school division. For the most part, junior high schoolers and high schoolers wouldn’t cross the sports field to visit the other side.

As they were neighbours, Wei Heping and Weiwei would usually go home together after school. The journey back home that day was the first time Weiwei had ever heard his neighbour speak to him in such a cold and terrifying manner.

Wei Heping’s tone was even more terrifying than how he usually sounded when he threatened Weiwei to do his homework for him.

“Who were the ones bullying you today?” he asked.

Weiwei shook his head, refusing to say anything. Wei Heping immediately pushed him up against a wall and planted both his arms by Weiwei’’s sides to box him in.


Upon hearing his name, Weiwei reflexively looked up at Wei Heping. He looked as if he had flames bursting out of his eyes. Weiwei felt his legs begin to tremble. “I’m asking you a question: who were the ones who bullied you today? If you don’t tell me, I’ll go over to the middle school division tomorrow and go through every single class.”

Weiwei was almost brought to tears by his demeanor. He sounded as if he were about to cry when he spoke. “T-they were Fanghe’s group from class 3.”

From then on till they reached home, Wei Heping walked in silence with a stormy look on his face.

The next, Fanghe and his group of bullies from class 3 apologised to Weiwei during recess whilst sporting bloody noses and swollen faces. Weiwei was completely bewildered when that happened, and he felt his classmates looking at him strangely.

In the afternoon after school, Weiwei and Wei Heping walked home together like they always did, with Weiwei walking behind Wei Heping. While observing Wei Heping silhouette, he said in a whisper, “Thank you.”

Wei Heping stopped in his tracks and turned to face him. Sunlight shone down on his back, obscuring his expression. All he could hear was Wei Heping’s curt reply. “What did you say? I couldn’t catch it. Speak louder.”

Weiwei raised his voice a little and said, “I said...thank you…”

“Ah? What’s that? Did you miss lunch or something? Why are you speaking so softly? Are you a sissy?”

Weiwei’s anger flared up. He gathered his courage and shouted, “You’re an asshole, Wei Heping!”

The two of them stood there in stunned silence.

From that point onwards, their relationship improved. Of course, this might have all been in Weiwei’s head. Wei Heping treated him the same as he always did: he continued to steal his breakfast and force him to do his homework. But, Weiwei realised that although Wei Heping stole his breakfast, he’d quietly snuck his own breakfast allowance into Weiwei’s bag. And, while he Wei Heping did force him to do his high school homework, he also tutored him on parts he didn’t know or didn’t understand that well.

After setting aside his earlier prejudice, he realised that Wei Heping was actually a really good person. Sometimes, he even thought that having a godbrother like him wasn’t all that bad.

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