Chapter 412: Side Story (We’re not done yet!) (2)

Chapter 412: Side Story (We’re not done yet!) (2)

After the elders had left, the couple quietly lounged on the sofa in the living room with Zhao Chengning’s hand wrapped around Shen Jingbin’s shoulders. It was if they were just enjoying the peace and quiet.

A long time passed like this before Zhao Chengning heard Shen Jingbin say, “Let’s move back tomorrow.”

Zhao Chengning was momentarily caught off guard before a radiant smile blossomed on his face.


They discovered that Shen Jingbin would be having twins when she was two months pregnant. That was also the time when she was expressly forbidden from playing games. Thankfully, she still had Jiang Weiwei, Grandmother Shen and Mama Zhao who weren’t busy, so they could keep her company. The time spent this way wasn’t all that boring for her.

When Shen Jingbin was six months pregnant, Zhao Chengan and Jian Cishu returned from Africa. Zhao Chengning immediately got his brother to take over for him at work, and he freed up all his time to spend with his wife at home.

Zhao Chengan obviously wasn’t happy about this.

“Lil bro, you have a wife, but I have a girlfriend too!”

Zhao Chengning’s lips curled in disdain. “Hmph, my wife’s pregnant! Pregnant women are the most important!”

“Cocky little shit.”

Zhao Chengning jittered his leg. “Get Jian Cishu pregnant if you’ve got what it takes.”

Zhao Chengning silently turned to look at his girlfriend. Mm, looks like he could pick up the pace. That little shit Zhao Chengning’s getting too full of himself!

Just looking at Zhao Chengning got him annoyed!

When the members of Jade Sea Pavilion found out that Shen Jingbin was pregnant, they kicked up a fuss and went on and on about wanting to visit her. This was especially so for members that lived in B City.

Zhao Chengning thought about it, and came to the conclusion that since he and his wife didn’t have much to do at home anyway, they might as well have a gathering. Who knows, it might even help to brighten up Shen Jingbin’s spirits.

And so, on one fine day, the members of Jade Sea Pavilion who lived near B City came over to the Zhao family’s residence. The residence was huge, and there was more than enough space to accommodate them.

Mama Zhao and Old Master Zhao knew that a group of young’ uns were coming to visit and were worried that they might be on edge due to their presence, so they’d long since gone out.

Shen Jingbin remained just as beautiful as ever even after getting pregnant. In fact, she became even more eye-catching because of the faint motherly air she had about her now. In the past, while beautiful, she seemed somewhat distant. Anyone who looked at her would feel like they were gazing up at a celestial fairy in the sky. Now, she felt more personable, and it was easier to interact with her.

Worried that a noisy environment might not be suitable for a pregnant woman, everyone subconsciously lowered their voices. It was as if they were worried they’d scare the baby in Shen Jingbin’s belly.

Whilst chatting with one another, National Treasures suddenly thought about a thread that had received a lot of attention lately and brought it up. “Hey Nutty, did you know that woman who was always at odds with you, Nine Ballads, was actually the artiste, Xue Sijia who was very popular in the past? You know, the one who did an advertisement with you.”

“Nine Ballads is Xue Sijia?” asked Shen Jingbin in surprise.

No wonder they looked so familiar, they were actually the same person! She could finally understand why Xue Sijia was so hostile towards her.

There was animosity between them to begin with. When Shen Jingbin’s identity was exposed after the event, Xue Sijia must have found out about it and began hating her, to the point where she even put herself at risk just to go against Shen Jingbin.

That woman had it rough too. She just couldn’t let bygones be bygones, and instead chose to pursue old grudges.

“How’d you guys find out?”

“Everyone in-game knows about it now. The exposé is posted on the forums. Rumour has it that Yiju’s technological department tried to have the thread deleted but failed,” answered Lingering White Clouds.

“She brought it upon herself. It was her fault for provoking people she shouldn’t be provoking.” Descent Of Rain And Snow said with a hint of schadenfreude.

“Someone she shouldn’t provoke? Did something happen?”

“Here’s what happened: isn’t Xue Sijia past her prime? Rumour has it that she’s being thoroughly sidelined. And, she’s even being overshadowed by that now artiste from her company… Eh, speaking of which, the celebrity from Xue Sijia’s company that recently debuted looks very similar to you, Nutty. But, she lacks that X factor that you have… Ah, that’s not the point… The point is, Xue Sijia probably wasn’t very happy about being sidelined, so she vented her frustration by going around beating people up in-game. A majority of her kills were PK. It’d be fine if she PKed regular players since they knew how strong she was. All they had to do was bear with it since they couldn’t beat her. But, she even started going after newbies that just entered the game...” said National treasures

National Treasures was going on for too long, so Lingering White Clouds decided to cut in. “A newbie that just entered Novice Village and lost their newbie protection was cut down by her. That newbie actually turned out to be some godlike hacker in the real world, and they were the type to hold a grudge. After they were killed by her, they began digging out information about her. Yiju’s security is pretty good, but that newbie was even better. They easily bypassed Yiju’s security and retrieved Xue Sijia’s personal information. They also hacked her computer and found all of the underhanded things she’s done from her debut till now and released it online.

“This caused quite a stir on not just the gaming forums, but also only platforms like Tianya and Zhihu. Everyone is denouncing her now. In the leaked post, there was lots of information detailing how her personality was just a farce, and how she’d stolen resources and roles from her colleagues in the company. She’s basically lost her image as a cold and aloof goddess. But, thanks to this, she’s shot up in ‘popularity’ once again.” said National Treasures.

Lingering White Clouds sighed. “I don’t think anyone wants this kind of ‘popularity’.”

National Treasures spread out her hands in a shrugging motion. “It can’t be helped. This was all her own doing.”

Shen Jingbin silently listened to everything they said without expressing her own opinion. All she thought was that nothing ever remains the same.

“Ah, that’s right. There was that thing too. Rumour has it that Crying Fish and Neverending Journey have extended their relationship to real life. Now that I think about it, they do seem quite compatible,” said Descent Of Rain And Snow.

“Yeah, I think so too…”

Yet another round of gossiping...

National Treasures and company left after dinner. Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning were lounging on the sofa and cuddling when Shen Jingbin said, “I haven’t played for a long time. I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up to their pace.”

“Don’t worry about it. We can play together once you’ve given birth and you’re feeling better. When our children are a little older, we can play together with them too,” replied Zhao Chengning.

Shen Jingbin tilted her head upwards and looked him in the eye. “Is that how you really feel?”

Zhao Chengning kissed her forehead and said, “Yup. We made so many memories in-game. I know you can’t give it up, and neither can I. In the future, I’ll tell our children that this is where I met their mother. Back then, she was ugly, but that didn’t matter to me. Your father didn’t snub her for it…”

Zhao Chengning received a punch to the stomach before he could finish. He smiled through the pain and caught his wife’s hand...

When Mama Zhao and Old Master Zhao returned home, they saw the young couple sitting on the sofa with their backs towards them as they watched TV. The elders smiled.

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