Chapter 410: Side Story (Continued) (2)

Chapter 410: Side Story (Continued) (2)


“Answer me!”

Yangshu steeled herself and said, “Yes. I did warn you beforehand not to make an enemy of the Shen family. No matter how famous you are, you’re still a minor celebrity at the moment. The Shen family is both rich and powerful. Taking care of someone like you is as simple as flipping over their palm for them. Looking at the big picture, even if the Shen family didn’t take any action against you for your schemes, there are still many other people within the entertainment industry. Just think about how many people you’ve offended over the years. Do you think these people and those who want to curry favor with the Shen family would let go of such a fantastic opportunity pass them by? You were far too impulsive, Sijia.”

“Bang.” Xue Sijia tossed away her handphone in a fit of rage.

She suddenly felt that her making an enemy of Shen Jingbin just because of her dislike and sense of superiority towards the other person was completely irrational; be it in-game or in real life.

But, the die was cast, and her pride wouldn’t allow her to lower her head to Shen Jingbin.

Perhaps, her career as an artiste might really be coming to an end because of her own doing.

After the wedding ceremony, Shen Jingbin moved into Zhao Chengning’s apartment and the two of them enjoyed the joys of life together as a married couple.

In the day, they’d go their separate ways to work. But come night, they’d return home to prepare dinner together. Naturally, Zhao Chengning was the one doing the cooking most of the time. Shen Jingbin would stand by his side and watch him, occasionally helping out by handing him condiments and other such tasks.

When Zhao Chengning was too tired from work to cook, they’d eat out instead. All in all, they led a simple, blissful life. Life was so satisfying for them that they’d completely forgotten about <<Legends Of Celestials And Demons>>.

When the members of Jade Sea Pavilion couldn’t stand waiting for their guild leader and Shen Jingbin to log on any longer, they began pestering Xia Qihui and Shen Jingchen for their whereabouts instead.

Where’s the Boss?! Why hasn’t he come online!?

Where’s my Nutty?! Why hasn’t she come online!?

Don’t tell me the Boss and his wife decided to abandon the game?!

Don’t ask why they didn’t just go straight to Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning and ask them instead. None of the guild members had dared to message them in private ever since meeting them in real life.

Why was that so? They themselves didn’t know either! All that mattered was that they couldn’t bring themselves to do it anymore!

Xia Qihui didn’t reveal anything. All he said was that the two of them were rather busy in real life, and they couldn’t find the time to play. But, they’d come back before long.

He was thinking that the lovey-dovey couple would come back to the game once their honeymoon period was over.

On the other hand, Shen Jingchen accidentally spilled the beans. “Ah, those two? They’d recently gotten married. They’re probably too busy whispering sweet nothings to one another and being all lovey-dovey. I doubt they’d be in the mood to play any games.

Everyone: ...

National Treasures and her pals from B City suddenly had an epiphany.

“So those pictures released online of Leader and Nutty wearing Lieben’s wedding apparel weren’t just promotional pics, but actual wedding pictures?!”

“No, they were both promotional and wedding pictures,” said Shen Jingchen.

National Treasures started weeping. “My Goddess has been snatched away by another man, and I was the last to find out.”

Everyone else: Hey, we still exist, you know!

And so, everyone from Jade Sea Palace began kicking up a fuss and pestered both Shen Jinchen and Xia Qihui. Left with no other choice, they got in contact with the newlyweds who were knee-deep in marital bliss. “Hey guys, why don’t the two of you give those crazy fans of yours some attention? Spending all day being lovey-dovey just won’t do!”

Only then did the couple remember that they’d neglected their friends for too long. So, after getting off work that day, for the first time ever, they didn’t spend their night holed up at home watching some trashy show and doing things that shouldn’t be done around children. Instead, they climbed into their gaming pods and logged into the game.

[Guild] Guild Leader Quiet And Steadfast has logged in.

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: Ah, Leader’s here! Ahhhhhh, Leader, why didn’t you tell us that you were getting married to Nutty?!

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Sorry.

[Guild] I’m Not A Monster: Sob sob sob, my Goddess has gotten married, and I’m not the groom.

[Guild] I’m Really Not A Monster: Waah, my Goddess has gotten married, and the groom’s better than I am. I can’t even steal her away from him.

[Guild] Actually, I Am A Monster: *Sniffle* My Goddess has gotten married, and the groom’s more handsome than I am. There goes my chance at seducing her.

[Guild] I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: Waah, my Goddess has gotten married, and I’m inferior to the groom in every possible way. What should I do?

[Guild] Nutjob: … You can go kill yourself.

[Guild] Descent Of Rain And Snow: Oh, the Goddess herself is here!

[Guild] Syrup Time: Capture the Goddess alive!

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: Good evening, Goddess. Muack~ Goddess, do you need a lover on the side? I can live somewhere else, I know how to be cutesy, and I can even warm your bed for you~

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: ...

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: I think it’s about time we cleaned up the guild’s roster. I’ve always felt that there are too many layabouts in here.

Everyone: !!! We’re sorry, Leader! We were wrong!

Shen Jingbin had long since returned to Jade Sea Pavilion, and Bronze Tree and Jade Sea Pavilion had also formed an alliance with one another. Since it was rare to see the couple online, Pure Crane suggested that the two guilds hunt a World BOSS together. Since everyone had nothing better to do, they agreed.

The combined force of one hundred players from both guilds broke up into smaller parties with their preferred members and began clearing out the map in an impressive display of force, taking out one BOSS after another.

Once the last BOSS was down, the sky suddenly began to churn.

On closer inspection, it turned out to be realm messages from members of both Jade Sea Pavilion and Bronze Tree.

[Realm Message] Pure Crane: Congratulations to Nutjob and Quiet And Steadfast on getting married. Although we’re just in-game friends, I still feel happy for you all the same. Congratulations once again.

[Realm Message] Cheshire Cat: I don’t know if it’s too late for congratulations, but I still want to say: Congratulations on your wedding.

[Realm Message] National Treasures: I love you Nutty! All the best to you and Leader. Hurry up and give birth to a son!

[Realm Message] I’m Not A Monster: I’m writing this message on behalf of those three useless bros of mine: Congratulations on your wedding, Goddess and Leader! Here’s a kiss from me to you, Goddess *muack*! Don’t forget to spare a thought for us four bros if you ever decide to get a divorce! I’m sure a difference in age won’t be a problem! Love between an older woman and a younger man is a beautiful thing!

[Realm Message] Lingering White Clouds: Congratulations on your wedding, Nutty. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and Leader. I hope Jade Sea Pavilion and Bronze Tree will keep going strong.



Shen Jingbin’s nose suddenly felt a little runny as she watched at the stream of realm messages roll by. Zhao Chengning wrapped his arm around her shoulders and silently comforted her.

Being able to meet these people in-game was truly a blessing for them.

Shen Jingchen stood behind the couple and watched his sister’s depressed figure. All of a sudden, he said, “Hey sis, don’t tell me you’re pregnant? What’s with that frail and pitiful look? That’s not like you.”

Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning: ...

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