Chapter 407: Side Story (1)

Chapter 407: Side Story (1)

The Shen Group’s new wedding dress brand, Lieban, made its debut on the last day of the National Day holidays.

Lieban’s dresses turned a number of heads in the fashion industry from the very day it went on the market.

Of course, just like any other brand, Lieban garnered supporters, detractors and those who were in it just to watch how things played out.

Lieban’s supporters felt that for a magnificent country like China that was overflowing with talent, designing something as simple as a wedding dress was a piece of cake! To top it off, it was being produced by the Shen group, so the dress’ quality would be guaranteed.

As for their detractors, they felt that the country truly lacked talented individuals. All these years, whenever some Tom, Dick, or Harry designer made their debut, they’d always have their work copied not long after. Furthermore, just because the dresses were made by the Shen Group didn’t mean that the product’s quality would be guaranteed either. These days, even big companies skimping on quality and workmanship isn’t something unheard of.

And lastly, those who held no opinion had the mindset of sitting by the sidelines and watching the world burn.

Regardless of what each group thought, when Lieban hosted its news conference, everyone shut their mouths and turned on their computers.

Whether Lieban’s new line of wedding dresses would be the real deal, or just a pile of trash, would be revealed at first sight.

One other issue was who exactly Lieban’s ambassador was. Before the conference, their ambassador had always remained a mystery.

There were rumours floating around online that the Shen Group’s senior management had met up with the aloof princess, Xue Sijia, and they’d engaged in a rather agreeable discussion.

There were others making bold claims that they’d seen the Shen Group’s golden boy, Shen Jingchen, and the cool and elegant goddess, Fan Wenqi having a meal together.

There were even those who said that they saw Gao Kesong storming out of the Shen Group’s building.

Rumours spread like wildfire, leading netizens to speculate on which goddess managed to snag themselves the role of the Shen Group’s ambassador.

At 10 in the morning, Shen Jingchen - the Shen Group’s golden boy; the founder of group’s Lieban wedding dress brand; and also the General Manager of B City’s branch office - made his appearance in front of the swarm of journalists that had gathered for the conference.

He kicked off the conference with a simple introduction as to why he’d chosen the name ‘Lieban’ for the brand. He then went on to talk about his design philosophy, the brand’s goals, and so on.

Following that, he showcased Lieban’s new advertisement for all the journalists present and everyone who was watching online.

Everyone present at the news conference abruptly went silent. Shortly after, a gigantic LED screen lit up. The Shen Group followed by Lieban’s logos were shown in quick succession before the screen faded to black.

A single feather suddenly appeared on screen and slowly floated downwards. Just as everyone was thinking ‘This feather is such a pain. Why the hell does it keep floating?! Show me a real video!’, the feather finally reached its destination - a woman’s shoulder. The camera pulled back, revealing a woman’s silhouette.

It was the silhouette of an impossibly alluring woman. She wore a white gown with an open back, revealing snow-white skin, causing those who were just looking feel like they were about to pop a nose bleed. The camera zoomed in again, and the woman turned around...

Oh my god, how could she be so beautiful!?

Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths. They were deathly afraid that even something as trivial as their breathing might scare away the woman on screen.

By this time, with the help of special effects, the beauty’s dress had transformed into a strapless white lace wedding gown that had lace flower buds sprinkled all over it. The beauty was expressionless as her eyes that seemed to draw one’s soul in remained transfixed ahead of her. It was as if she were looking through the screen and observing herself.

This beauty was a combination of both nobility and sex appeal, melding aloofness and innocence into one.

She was the pinnacle of beauty.

Without giving the audience a chance to react, the scene changed once again. The journalistic interns, who’d come along for the experience, couldn’t help but cry out in surprise when that happened.

The following scene featured the beauty yet again, but she wasn’t the only one around this time. A man wearing the same line of clothing now stood beside her.

“Ah, isn’t that…” whispered a number of people in surprise. They’d recognised who the man was the moment he appeared.

Only to have their speech cut short by what happened next.

The man and woman on screen were both top class in terms of their looks. One might not be able to find someone with a comparable appearance even if they were to go through all of the artists in the entertainment industry.

Both of them wore wedding apparel that was both gorgeous and unique. Be it looking at the camera, smiling at one another, pressing their foreheads against each other, looking angry, and even mischievous, each and every action of theirs and expression of theirs looked as natural as one could be. At the same time, the audience was able to sense the depth of love they had for one another.

As the audience continued watching, a smile gradually began to form on their faces. It was as if they and their lover were in the pictures instead.


The lights suddenly turned on with a ‘click’, and the two people on the screen disappeared. In their place was a smiling Shen Jingchen on stage instead.

After a brief moment of silence, the crowd broke out into thunderous applause. Shen Jingchen continued smiling as samples of the wedding apparel that were displayed in the video were rolled on stage.

The journalists, who remained stunned for a long time, mechanically raised their cameras

Less than an hour after the news conference, numerous well-known media outlets started reporting on it, with a majority of them singing Lieban’s praises. This was quickly followed by someone releasing pictures and video taken from the news conference. Netizens singing Lieban’s praises and megathreads around it started popping up all over the place, and Lieban instantly became one of the most searched words on search engines.

The Shen Group’s Lieban wedding dress brand had become an overnight success.

Lieban’s enigmatic ambassador was also revealed to actually be the daughter of the Shen Group who’d recently gotten married to the Zhao family’s Second Young Master!

F*ck, this was basically a real-life fairy tale. A perfect beauty, coming from a perfect background, had now gotten themselves the perfect marriage.

And so, Lieban, Shen Jingbin, and Zhao Chengning once again took the world by storm, and ended up having more than half of the internet’s content dedicated to them during this time. As an added bonus, the Shen Group’s stock price also shot up.

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