Chapter 405: The Grand Finale (1)

Chapter 405: The Grand Finale (1)

After Xue Sijia stormed off, Shen Jingbin gave her brother a call and let him know what happened. Shen Jingchen was so riled up by this development that he nearly passed out from anger in the office.

They could have had a falling out at any time, but they just had to do it now. Were they intentionally trying to screw him over!? The photographer was already on site. How was he supposed to find a replacement when their ambassador skipped out at the very last moment? They’d be in big trouble if Abner somehow thought they were making fun of him and left in a huff.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Shen Jingbin!? What’re you going to do now that our ambassador’s run off?! Who’s Abner going to film now, huh? You?!” roared Shen Jingchen into the phone. This was the very first time he’d spoken to Shen Jingbin in such a way.

Unperturbed, Shen Jingbin remained calmly seated within the studio. “Film me? That’s not a bad idea.”

Shen Jingchen was taken aback. “Are you serious? Would you really be willing to star in the advertisement?”

“This whole incident started because of me. If we’re not able to find anyone else, and you think I’m suitable, then I’m not exactly opposed to the idea. Regardless, I do still have a few million people following me on Weibo.”

The moment she said that, she heard Shen Jingchen yelp with joy on the other end of the phone.

“Why didn’t you say that sooner! You were my ideal ambassador from the very beginning, my little sister! You’re attractive, have a good background, and your aloofness towards others stands at the very pinnacle. To top it off, you’re an internet celebrity too. The buzz around you might have dropped off a little, but all we need to do is put you and Ah Ning out in the open for a bit and you’ll be all set. Tell me, who could possibly be a better fit than you?”

“I can’t believe I didn’t realise you were lusting after me this whole time.”

Shen Jingchen sighed. “Previously, after the meeting, someone came to me in private and said that they felt that you’d be a choice over those amorous bitches from the entertainment industry. But, thinking that you’d reject the idea, I told them not to bring it up in the future. Little did I expect you to bring it up yourself. Lil sis, do your best and I’m sure you’ll outshine everyone else and kick off our brand with a bang!”

Suddenly, a thought came to Shen Jingbin’s mind. “There’s one problem: will I be able to wear the dress? There’s quite a big difference between Xue Sijia’s and my figure.”

Xue Sijia was lanky, while Shen Jingbin had a buxom figure. If the wedding dress was sized to Xue Sijia’s proportions, there was no way she’d be able to wear it.

“Don’t you worry about that. The wedding dress was originally sized for you. We only altered it to fit Xue Sijia after we secured her services. We still have several spares in reserve that don’t even need any adjusting. All we need to do is bring them over and you’ll be able to wear one immediately.”

Shen Jingbin’s expression darkened. “They were based on my proportions? And how exactly did you get them?”

Shen Jingchen “I, uh, them from Ah Ning…”

“... You’re asking for it, aren’t you, Shen Jingchen!”

“Ahahaha. If you’re really going to step up to the plate, then we won’t be able to use that male model that we had planned. Otherwise, Ah Ning would really have it out for me. Besides, your marriage is drawing close, and you haven’t taken any wedding pictures either, so why not call Ah Ning over and two of you can get your pictures taken. Two birds with one stone. I’d imagine Abner would be all for it too.”

Shen Jingbin's eyes narrowed. "You just didn't want to pay for me, right?"

"Ah, you saw right through me."

"You little shit, don't tell me you were actually thinking that?!"

And so, after the staff members came back from their break, they found themselves short of an annoying Xue Sijia. At first, they thought that she'd thrown a tantrum and stormed off. Only later, when the Zhao family's Second Young Master - who was also Shen Jingbin's husband to be - made an appearance to deliver a wedding dress, did they find out that it was Shen Jingbin who fired Xue Sijia and personally stepped forward to replace her!

Oh my god! T-t-this…

Was absolutely amazing!

The staff members weren't the only ones who were pleased with this outcome. Abner was overjoyed too. While he was abroad, Abner took a liking to Zhao Chengining and wanted him to be his model. Unfortunately, Abner was ruthlessly rejected by him. Even after they became friends, Zhao Chengning still refused to be his model.

With an opportunity like this, why wouldn't he be happy?

Zhao Chengning had a similar build to the male model that they'd hired, so he looked right at home in a tuxedo that they'd prepared for the model.

The Shen family planned to put out a flower-themed wedding dress for their debut release. It was a strapless dress made out of white lace flowers with flower buds made out of the same material interspersed throughout. This brought out a woman’s sex appeal while at the same time enhancing their innocence. The designer intended the dressed to symbolize the bride’s willingness to shoulder the burden of love, and signifying her transformation into a beautiful woman.

When Shen Jingbin laid eyes on the very first sample of the dress that was produced, she decided to keep it simple and wear that design for her own wedding. Little did she expect it to actually become a reality.

When Shen Jingbin stepped out of the changing room, the whole studio fell silent. Even Abner, who was accustomed to viewing spectacles was left speechless.

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