Chapter 402: A Spokesperson (2)

Chapter 402: A Spokesperson (2)

Huajuan didn’t take long to finish her work, and the four of them arranged to meet up somewhere. Shen Jingbin then proceeded to explain her request.

After some thought, Xuya said, “If you want someone aloof, you can try Fan Wenqi. She’s recently taken part in a huge production. To top it off, she’s popular and of the right age too.”

Shen Jingbin shook her head. “Fan Wenqi won’t do. Someone else in my company mentioned her before too. Thinking that it was a pretty good idea, Shen Jingchen spoke to her to see how she felt about the opportunity. Unexpectedly, she decided to put on airs and said that if we wanted to use her this time, we’d have to use her in every other instance. We have our own considerations when it comes to who we choose, so we can’t have her dictating everything. And, it feels like that whole aloof facade of hers is more than likely not just an act. I don’t want our very first ambassador to be someone like that.”

“Then, what about Xu Fangfang? I don’t think she’s putting on an act, right?” Xuya asked.

“Xu Fangfang’s a little too young, and her popularity seems to be dying down.”

“Gao Kesong should be fine, right? She’s young, pretty and has the right personality. On top of that, she comes from a rich and powerful family too. She alone is enough to get people talking.”

Zhao Chengning suddenly let out an unnatural cough. “Don’t bother with Gao Kesong. There’s no way she’ll agree.”

Xuya looked at him in confusion. He didn’t know why Zhao Chengning was so sure about it.

Zhao Chengning glanced helplessly over at Shen Jingbin and said, “Recently, my company had an ambassador partnership with her. As I was acquainted with her father, I was the one who took charge of it. She got the wrong impression and came running over to me to offer herself up. In the end, she was pushed away by your big sis Little Jing over there.”

Xuya and Huajuan were both dumbfounded. At first, they sympathised with Gao Kesong. But, after hearing how she threw herself at Zhao Chengning and how she tried to push Shen Jingbin out of the relationship, wasn’t she just asking for it?

“That’s why there’s no way she’ll agree to be the Shen family’s ambassador.”

“I’m all out of ideas then. Nowadays, all of these celebrities try to connect with their fans. To begin with, there aren’t that many aloof idols. All the ones who are of the right age have already been rejected by you. All that’s left are the ones that are a little older,” Xuya said awkwardly.

Huajuan suddenly chimed in. “What about Xue Sijia? Her personality’s pretty close to what you want. And, she’s always been rather popular!”

As a former fangirl, the moment she heard the word ‘aloof’, Huajuan’s former goddess immediately popped into her mind.

Due to her conflict with Xue Sijia in the past, Shen Jingbin had subconsciously overlooked her when she was considering potential candidates. On the other hand, the rest of the employees at the company felt that while she did have an aloof air about her, she was also kind of terrifying, so no one brought her up as they felt she wasn’t a good fit.

“Xue Sijia? Isn’t she the one that shot an advertisement together with Little Jing? Now that you mention it, she does seem like a good fit. It’s a shame I’ve never spoken to her before though, so I don’t know her that well,” muttered Xuya.

Shen Jingbin seriously considered Huajuan’s suggestion. Putting aside the inexplicable grudge that they had, she really did seem like a very suitable person. Since they couldn’t think of anyone else, she decided to give it a shot.

“Mm, sounds like a good idea. I’ll get in touch with her. Thanks, Huajuan,” said Shen Jingbin.

A brilliant smile lit up Huajuan’s face. “I wholeheartedly accept your thanks… Come on, let’s order some food. I’m starving.”

Zhao Chengning chuckled. “As thanks for helping my Little Jing solve her problem, this meal’s on me. Order whatever you like.”

Both Huajuan and Xuya gave a shudder. My god, he’s spoiling her so much it’s terrifying!

With a plan in mind, Shen Jingbin contacted Xue Sijia’s manager the next day.

When Yangshu, Xue Sijia’s manager, heard that there was an opening to be the Shen family’s ambassador, she almost wanted to accept the offer then and there. After hanging up the phone, she had this nagging feeling that the other party’s voice sounded somewhat familiar, but she pushed it aside and tossed it to the back of her head.

Xue Sijia was rather interested in the ambassador position after she heard everything her manager had to say. But, since she was in the midst of filming for a movie, she couldn’t find the time to attend the meeting with the Shen family’s liaison, so she sent Yangshu in her stead. Yangshu happily gave a call to the Shen family’s liaison and arranged for a meetup.

They agreed to meet up at a Starbucks near Xue Sijia’s office. Yangshu was the first to reach, but a familiar face entered not long after. Before Yangshu had the chance to react, the person started walking towards towards her before stopping right in front of her.

“Long time no see, Miss Yang. I’m Shen Jingbin, and I’ll be in charge of overseeing this matter.”

Yangshu was an experienced manager. She quickly recovered from her momentary shock and shook hands with Shen Jingbin. “Miss Shen? It really has been a long time. I never expected to be meeting you here today. So, you really were related to the Shen family.”

Shen Jingbin smiled and pulled out the contract that she’d been working on for the past few nights from her bag. “This is the draft contract with our requirements and remuneration clearly listed on it. Please have a look at it, Miss Yang. If you don’t have any major objections with it, please bring it back and show it to Miss Xue.”

Yangshu glanced through the contract. The conditions that the Shen family set out were very favourable. Putting aside everything else, this was a fantastic job opportunity that offers both fame and fortune for Xue Sijia.


A look of consternation appeared on her face.

Seeing this, Shen Jingbin said, “I know what you’re worried about. There may have been misunderstandings between Miss Xue and I in the past, but I’m not the one requesting Miss Xue to act as the Shen family’s ambassador, but rather the Shen family itself, and we’re very sincere about our offer. If possible, I hope Miss Xue will be able to set aside her animosity for the time being.”

Yangshu inwardly heaved a sigh of relief, but her face didn’t betray any emotion. “I understand. I’ll let Sijia have a look at the contract. Don’t worry, Miss Shen, I’ll do my best to convince her as well.”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

Yangshu had many things to take care of, so the two of them briefly exchanged ideas for a bit before leaving. As Shen Jingbin watched Yangshu’s departing figure, she thought to herself: I only hope that Xue Sijia has the good sense to know what she should and shouldn’t be doing.

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