Chapter 401: A Spokesperson (1)

Chapter 401: A Spokesperson (1)

After matters at school were taken care of, Shen Jingbin grabbed her luggage and hopped on a plane that was bound for B City. This time around, she wasn’t going for pleasure or for her internship. She was headed there to start a new life.

Be it intentional or not, once Papa Shen came to the realisation that his daughter would be living in B City, he spent the rest of the year shifting the core components of his company to B City. This in turn led to B City’s branch office seeing the most growth apart from the company’s main office.

Shen Jingbin was greeted at the airport by Zhao Chengning, Xia Qihui, and Jiang Weiwei. Shen Jingchen had other matters to take care of and couldn’t be there to welcome her. After having lunch, Shen Jingbin returned to her apartment and dropped off her luggage before heading to the office.

Shen Jingchen had officially taken over Ye Linfan’s position and looked to be doing a good job of it. Shen Jingbin, on the other hand, retained her position as the General Manager’s assistant, which she was actually quite pleased about.

The General Manager would be so busy, they’d basically be living a dog’s life, and that was a perfect fit for a single dog like Shen Jingchen! Nope, this was none of her business!

Once Shen Jingbin had gotten used to her work life, Papa Shen made a trip over to B City with the rest of the Shen family to discuss wedding plans with the Zhao family. Mama Zhao, having come to the realisation that her son was dead set on Shen Jingbin, and having heard the news that her eldest son was together with Jian Cishu, finally acknowledged Shen Jingbin as her future daughter-in-law.

Getting married was a momentous occasion in a person’s life, and it’s execution wasn’t something that could be decided over the course of one or two meetings. Both families only managed to agree on a rough date for the wedding after their first meetup.

If all went well, the couple’s wedding would take place in October. The rest of the details would be decided at a later date.

The younger generation, like Zhao Chengning, didn’t know much about arranging for a wedding, so they decided to just leave it up to the older generation to worry about. All they needed to do was focus on their work and love life.

That being said, these days, Shen Jingbin was so busy, she didn’t even have time for romance.

The Shen family had their hand in businesses across various industries. The recent discussion over arranging Shen Jingbin’s wedding led to the family thinking of going into the wedding dress design industry.

As everyone knows, most of the famous wedding dress brands such as Pronovias, Rosa Clara, Cymbelin, Dior, and so on are all foreign brands. China itself has several reputable brands too, but they can’t quite match up to those other brands.

It’d be fine if China just didn’t have what it takes to make high-end wedding dresses, but all these famous foreign brands were clearly outsourcing their production to China. What China was really lacking in was its brand recognition.

As such, Shen Jingchen was currently mulling over how to develop a high-end wedding dress design brand.

Developing a brand was no easy feat. To begin with, one needs to conduct an enormous amount of market research, while also investing vast quantities of capital and manpower. Fortunately, Papa Shen was a born businessman. He had more than enough money for Shen Jingchen to try his hand at it without any fear of failure.

The plan was to build up the brand from within the country itself through the use of the Shen family’s name and celebrity endorsements. Following that, they’d look at expanding into overseas markets.

The first season’s dresses were already completed. All that’s left was to advertise it and get ambassadors on board. The problem was that the popular artistes didn’t have the right personality, while those that did have the right personalities were of the wrong age.

The Shen family was planning to put out high-end products, so they needed a female celebrity with an aloof air about her to be their ambassador.

The issue of looking for a suitable ambassador had the whole company in a tizzy. Thinking that a woman’s touch was more appropriate here, Shen Jingchen decisively passed the buck over to Shen Jingbin. It was such a headache for Shen Jingbin that she was left mulling over it all the way up to the time she met up with Zhao Chengning.

Zhao Chengning was very upset by his wife-to-be’s lack of attention. In his eyes, they were both very busy, and they didn’t have much time together. Now, even that little bit of time was being taken up.


And so, he began his inquiry. “What’s got you so worried?”

Shen Jingbin thought for a bit before telling him the whole story. “I’m trying to figure out who should be the ambassador for the first season’s wedding dresses. This is our very first showing, so we need to wow everyone. This is why choosing the right person is so important.”

Zhao Chengning never concerned himself with looking for ambassadors when it came to his own company. He left that to his secretary to worry about, which was why as much as he wanted to help, he couldn’t. He thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t you try asking Xuya about it? Since he’s spent so much time with women in the entertainment industry, he’s bound to know them better than we do. You can trust his recommendation.”

Asking Xuya had never even crossed her mind. The moment Zhao Chengning brought Xuya up, Shen Jingbin’s eyes lit up and she gave Xuya a call. When she called, Xuya happened to be spending time with Huajuan who’d come over to B City for a magazine shoot. When she heard about it, she immediately accepted, leaving poor Xuya who’d been looking forward to spending time alone with Huajuan feeling down in the dumps.

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