Chapter 400: A Blaze Of Passion (2)

Chapter 400: A Blaze Of Passion (2)

Zhao Chengning heard a muffled sound after repeating that mantra of his once more. It sounded like someone falling to the ground, followed by a woman’s hushed sobbing that came at uneven intervals. Kind of like how a cat would meow every now and then.

Zhao Chengning felt his heart clench. He tossed the bottle of water aside, ran over to the door, and threw it open.

“Little Jing!”

The bathroom was filled with steam. Amidst the steam, he spotted a figure sprawled on the ground with their back undulating ever so slightly.

He hurried over to Shen Jingbin’s side and helped her up. Shen Jingbin’s eyebrows were knitted and her mouth was cast into a frown. Faint sounds of sobbing occasionally escaped her lips whilst droplets of water, that might have been tears or from the steam, ran down her cheeks.

“What happened?” he asked gently.

Shen Jingbin buried her head in his chest. Zhao Chengning looked down at her, and was greeted with the full glory of her curves.


The sound of something shattering within his heart could be heard.

Just then, he heard her squeaked reply, “You forgot to get the shower gel for me.”

Zhao Chengning gave her a bitter smile and carried her back to the bathtub. His gaze remained above her head the entire time, not daring to look any lower.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault. You wait here and don’t move a muscle. I’ll get it for you,” he said gently to her.

He felt a tug at his hand just as he was about to leave. When he looked back, he found her leaning against the bathtub with her head resting against her arm. Her eyes were now clear, crystalline spheres that held none of their previous cloudiness. “You were staring at me.”

F*ck, anyone who could hold themselves back in such a situation wouldn’t be a man anymore!

Zhao Chengning gave up on resisting. He squatted down and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Both of their lips impatiently attacked the moment they came into contact, and the bathroom was filled with the fiery passion of their intimacy.

Zhao Chengning was uncomfortable with having the bathtub between them. He cast his hand into the bathtub and wrapped it around her waist. With a tug, he lifted her out of the tub and carried her over to the bathroom counter. After propping her up, he went right back in for the kill.

Shen Jingbin’s back was plastered against the bathroom mirror. It was slightly cold to the touch, eliciting a whine of protest from her. This in turn caused the sides of his head to throb with repressed desire.

With great difficulty, Zhao Chengning separated himself from Shen Jingbin and gave her a good long look.

Because of his love for her, Zhao Chengning did his best to restrain himself from stepping over that last line. He’d previously hoped that their first time would be on their wedding night.

He wasn’t being chauvinistic, he was trying to be respectful towards her.

But, he probably wouldn’t be able to hold himself back any longer.

As he gazed at the cute look of dissatisfaction she had on because he’d tried to leave, he reached out to her face and gently wiped at it with his thumb.

“Look at me, Little Jing. Do you know what you’re doing right now?” Zhao Chengning’s voice was unbelievably low at the moment, giving him an unnatural level of sexiness.

Shen Jingbin’s face took on a momentary look of sluggishness before going back to normal. She then looked squarely at him and said, “I know.”

“Do you know who you are? Or who I am? What’s our relationship?” he asked once again.

“I’m Shen Jingbin, you’re Zhao Chengning, and we’re… husband and wife.”

Those last three words were like a hammer, breaking through whatever restraint was left. His eyes now bloodshot, he grabbed a towel beside him, wrapped her up in it, and princess carried her to the bedroom at a brisk pace.

He gently set her down on the bed and lightly kissed her brows, the tip of her nose, and other parts of her… Zhao Chengning guided Shen Jingbin’s body, and they explored parts of her that she wasn’t aware of. As they did, the atmosphere in the room slowly built up.

As he entered her, she took the chance to whisper three words into his ear in between her gasps of pain.

“I love you.”

In that moment, Zhao Chengning felt that he had absolutely no regrets in his twenty-something years of life.

The youthful man’s eyes welled up.


Shen Jingbin awoke the next day feeling sore all over. Before she had a chance to puzzle out what had happened to her, a turn of her head revealed Zhao Chengning’s sleeping face.

His handsome facial features were indescribably alluring. For some reason, she reached out and gently traced a line along the side of his face with her fingers.

He suddenly opened his eyes without warning, causing her hand to stop in surprise. The next moment, he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips for a gentle kiss. With mirth in his eyes, he said, “Good morning.”

Shen Jingbin froze in surprise for a second before snuggling closer to him.

“Good morning.”

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