Chapter 40: The Start Of A Feud (2)

Chapter 40: The Start Of A Feud (2) 

Once their mounts descended a little, the three of them leaped off and made their way towards Jade Sea Pavilion’s guild members in a few steps.

“O Great Leader Quiet And Steadfast, your guild members have bullied the members of our guild’s quest party. What do you intend to do about this?” Crying Fish looked like she’d turned into a completely different person the moment she caught sight of him. Speaking in a pretend alluring voice, she contorted her body into the shape of an “S”.

“What’s there to talk about, Aunt, we’re enemies.” Quiet And Steadfast interjected in a chilling tone.

Shen Jingchen felt that Crying Fish had a screw loose too. Both sides were enemies and PKing one another in a PVP zone was only natural. This was his first time seeing someone speak in such a way. However, he took greater offence at Nine Ballads and said, “Nine Ballads, you’ll have to get through me first if you want to lay your hands on my little sister!”

Nine Ballads retorted, “So it turns out she’s your sister. Your sister probably made her debut without knowing she could change her appearance. Dawn’s Twilight, it looks like we need to investigate your title as a male god. After all, you might be just as unbearable to look at as her…”

Before she even finished, a cold glint flashed out of Quiet And Steadfast’s hand. In that instant Nine Ballads, who’d just recovered from her injuries, turned into a beam of white light and disappeared. Although Nine Ballads was strong, she was far from being Quiet And Steadfast’s match. His position as the number one player in the game wasn’t just for show.

“When enemies meet, apart from killing one another, what else is there to talk about?” Everyone present was rendered speechless by his actions. After that, they were faced with his cold voice before they even had the chance to break out from their stupor.

Crying Fish was so infuriated that her face flushed red as she shrieked, “Quiet And Steadfast, you’re an intolerable bully! You…”

“Bullying you isn’t counted as bullying!” Slight Chill cut her off and immediately attacked her.

As if everyone had received some sort of signal, the temporary ceasefire that both sides had tacitly agreed upon was tossed aside as they grappled with each other once again. However this time, Life At First Sight wasn’t able to gain the upper hand at all. Their guild members successively fell due to the ferocity of Jade Sea Pavilion. And after turning into beams of white light, they then disappeared.

With support from the Jade Sea Pavilion’s healers; Imperial Treasure and White Cloud, Shen Jingbin’s horsetail whisk swayed about, taking care of a number of enemies as well. As she moved about, her simple daoist robes from White Cloud Temple drew line after line of green arcs. This display of hers gave others a feeling of overflowing elegance and freedom, which repeatedly drew raised eyebrows from everyone in Jade Sea Pavilion.

Who would’ve thought that this ugly monster would turn out to be pretty skillful. It looks like Dawn wasn’t bullshitting this time around!

The number of players from Life At First Sight on Sea Moon Island steadily decreased. Upon realizing they had no chance of winning, the remaining players made a break for it and never looked back. Seeing this, everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion stored their weapons and began to joyfully pick up the bloody garments of the players they’d killed.

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, although players who’d been killed wouldn’t drop any of their equipment, they’d instead drop bloody garments with their name and time of death.

Just as everyone was happily picking up all the drops and planning to broadcast their opponent’s humiliating defeat on the forums at night, the clouds suddenly started to roll about. Next, a procession of golden words slowly made their way across them.

[Realm] Nine Ballads: You’ve got balls, Quiet And Steadfast. I’ll remember this debt. And as for that ugly monster from Jade Sea Pavilion, you better pray you don’t meet me in the future, because I’ll kill you each and every time I see you!

Unexpectedly, it was an announcement from the game’s realm chat.

For online games megaphones were a must have, regardless of whether they were a casual online game, or a roleplaying one. Virtual reality online games were no different. Furthermore, to embody the uniqueness of using it, the special effects of megaphones in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> were especially cool. Naturally, their prices were sky high as well. Apart from whales[1. People who spend a lot of money in games], few people would use this item whose only purpose is to show off.

“F*ck, Nine Ballads must have gone mad from anger.w” I’m Not A Monster said with some difficulty.

I’m Really Not A Monster said, “She’s definitely gone mad. Think about it, no matter what, she, the second best player on the leaderboards, was unexpectedly killed just like that. If it were me, I’d get seizures from being so pissed.”

Actually, I Am A Monster, “The point is, I remember her saying in the past that our Leader was only 5 levels higher than her. In that case, he shouldn’t have been able to beat her so easily.”

I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me shook his head, a mix of loathing and sorrow on his face as he said, “She lost face this time around. Pa pa pa pa, it must have hurt.”

Eternal Rest, “Did you guys notice? Nine Ballads has been going on about Nutty since she fell. There’s definitely more than meets the eye going on here.”

Shen Jingchen, “Eh, someone fell down? Who? Where’d they fall from? Why’d they fall?”

Shen Jingbin received a fright when everyone turned towards her. She reached out her hand and pointed towards the main island of Sea Moon Island and said, “She ambushed me when I was up there. I happened to pull her down while dodging her attacks.”

Next Week Is Unlikely was flabbergasted. He asked, “You avoided her ambush?”

Nine Ballads’ ambush skill was very high leveled. Both he and Shen Jingchen had fallen prey to her ambushes a number of times.

Shen Jingbin didn’t know any of this, so she just nodded her head. At that moment, everyone had a look of incomparable astonishment on their faces.

“Hmph, at least you have some skill.” Slight Chill tilted her chin upwards and walked up to Shen Jingbin. She was around half a foot shorter than Shen Jingbin, so she had to incline her head a little as she said, “However, don’t think I’ll recognize your abilities with just this little bit.”

“Shoo shoo shoo, does my little sister need you to recognize her abilities? Who do you think you are?” Shen Jingchen jumped in without waiting for Shen Jingbin to reply. Slight Chill’s eyes went wide, before she suddenly lunged at Shen Jingchen. Her body was ready for battle as she chased him around and tried to hit him. On the other hand, Shen Jingchen was dodging her attacks while he whispered insults at her.

Shen Jingbin suddenly had an epiphany as she looked at the two of them.

Previously, when the two of them quarreled, Shen Jingbin found it strange that Quiet And Steadfast didn’t deal with the matter in a stern manner. Normally, the penalty for causing internal strife in a big guild such as this should be very severe. But based on what she’d seen now, she was probably the only one who took their quarrelling seriously.

Or did the two of them think that they were seriously quarrelling?

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