Chapter 398: Graduation (2)

Chapter 398: Graduation (2)

Following the sound of the voice, she found Xuya holding Huajuan in his arms not far away. He was looking in her direction with a brilliant smile on his face.

The two of them got together not long after that incident. It happened so quickly that Xia Qihui’s jaw practically dropped to the floor in surprise. Once they were officially together, they were so lovey-dovey that even Shen Jingbin couldn’t bear to look at them. It was so bad that she had the urge to beat someone up whenever she saw them together. Since they lived in different cities, and Xuya came from a wealthy family, he was the one who usually made the trip to visit Huajuan. At the same time, he’d also occasionally bring Zhao Chengning along. If it wasn’t for this, Shen Jingbin would have long since taken care of these two idiotic lovebirds.

There was one other person standing beside the couple. He was tall, handsome, and wore casual clothes. He looked just like a poster child for a movie.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t fulfill your request.” With that, Shen Jingbin jogged over to the other person, leaving the shy student standing there with a look of disappointment as he watched her retreating figure.

A breeze blew past, causing her hair to flutter in the air and draw a perfect arc as she fell into his arms like a butterfly. In that instant, she felt his arms tighten around her, followed by a gentle peck to her ear. Whilst gentle, his kiss also felt a little ticklish.

He leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “Happy graduation.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Brother Ah Ning, you’re still in public. Can’t you show some restraint?” teased Xuya off to the side. He then had the idea of kissing his own partner, but that idea was stopped in its tracks when she slapped him away.

Zhao Chengning cast a sidelong glance at Xuya’s wretched expression. “The one who was caught having sex in the car over at the female dormitory by the dorm mother has no right to say anything.”

The moment he said that, Xuya immediately fell silent, and Huajuan’s cheeks flushed red. She then shot her sex-crazed boyfriend a glare.

“Master Zhao, please have mercy! Stop making fun of me! Here, look, I’ll get on my knees to thank you for your generosity!” cried out Huajuan bitterly.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, which earned her a roll of the eyes from Huajuan.

The incident caused a huge uproar in A City, to the point where she refused to be intimate with him in public anymore.

Both Huajuan and Xuya were bold individuals, and they did the deed not long after getting together. They truly loved one another, and once they crossed the line, they only got bolder from there. One moonless night, Xuya was giving Huajuan a goodbye kiss after dropping her off at the female dormitory when their passions ran high. With their inhibitions unbound, they decided to have car sex. The activity in the car caught the attention of the dorm mother. Putting aside her matchmaking show and holding a small torch in hand, she slowly made her way outside.

What kind of person was the dorm mother?

She was a meticulous person who was an old hand when it came to historical romances. This could be seen from the way she matched wits and bravery against the students when she inspected them for contraband electronics. One look was all it took for her to figure out what was happening in the car. For some reason, once she shone her torch at the car, Xuya and Huajuan were so surprised that any coherent thoughts fled their minds.

Thankfully, it was late that night. No one else knew of what happened apart from the three of them. But, just because no one else saw it didn’t mean no one else knew of it. Just think about it, how old was the dorm mother? There was no way she could keep that gossipy streak of hers in check.

The news passed quickly from mouth to mouth, and before long, more than half of the school knew what had happened. Huajuan was so infuriated by this that she almost broke up with Xuya. It took Xuya several visits to talk things out with Huajuan and the school authorities showing up for the incident to blow over.

Although this didn’t lead to them breaking up, Huajuan refused to be intimate with Xuya in public from that point onwards. This upset Xuya greatly for a long time, but he didn’t have the guts to say anything. More than that, he didn’t want to give Huajuan any attitude. So, he decided to compromise and give the dorm mother a verbal tongue lashing instead.

“Why are you here?” asked Shen Jingbin with joy in her eyes.

Xuya, who was jealous that he wasn’t able to get some, cut in and answered for Zhao Chengning. “Little Jing, Brother Ah Ning wanted to see you present your thesis defence, so he dropped everything to come over with me. Who would’ve thought that we’d be greeted with the sight of someone confessing to you. Looks like arriving early can’t beat coming at the right time.”

Huajuan gave Xuya’s waist a sharp twist. Why was Xuya so troublesome? He already knows how two-faced Zhao Chengning can be, yet he’s still doing something like this? God knows when he’ll decide to retaliate! Just thinking of being marked by him caused a shiver to run down her spine.

Sure enough, Huajuan caught sight of a certain God’s gaze casually drifting over to her just after she pinched Xuya.

It’s over.

That was the only thought in Huajuan’s mind.

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