Chapter 396: The Importance Of Having A Backer (2)

Chapter 396: The Importance Of Having A Backer (2)

Liufang cut him off. “Who’s on duty today?”


“Where is he?”

“I told him to go home,” Leader Li answered hesitantly.

Liufang’s gaze became as sharp as a knife. “Give Xiaozheng a call right now. I want to speak to him.”

Leader Li tried to drag things out by rejecting Liufang’s command, and as he did so, Liufang locked eyes with Mama Shen. He walked over and grabbed Leader Li’s phone, looked up Xiaozheng’s number, and made the call.

At that moment, Leader Li was incredibly vexed by how he had Xiaozheng as the only number in his contacts list. All it took was a moment for Liufang to find him.

Leader Li didn’t know what Xiaozheng said to Liufang, but he saw Liufang repeatedly nodding his head and his expression growing darker and darker. When he hung up the phone, his face was as black as Judge Bao’s!

Liufang glared at Leader Li for a moment before he turned to Mama Shen and said, “Secretary Li, we, the police, have failed in our duties. I’ll look into this matter and report to you later on.”

Mama Shen gave an indifferent wave of her hand and asked, “So, can I take them away now?”

“Of course.”

The three of them immediately stood up and walked over to Mama Shen when she beckoned at them. Then, the group made their way towards the door. When they were about to leave, Shen Jingbin tugged at Mama Shen’s clothes. Knowing what her daughter wanted, Mama Shen turned back and said, “Vice Chief Liu, the interrogation this time around was rather harsh. Do take care of this. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be implicated, right?”

Liufang froze for a moment. “I understand, thank you, Secretary Li.”

When Shen Jingbin’s group disappeared from sight, the first thing that came out of Liufang’s mouth when he turned back to Leader Li was an unending stream of curses. Following that, he made Leader Li write a letter of resignation and told him to get lost. Everything had happened so suddenly that he was left in a daze, looking like he had no idea what just transpired even after a while had passed.

Seeing this, Liufang sighed and said, “I’ve always known you were brainless. It’s fine if you were brainless, but I didn’t expect you not to have an eye for people either. The person you offended today was Secretary Li’s daughter.” He then casually turned to look at Huoqing and her father. “As for these two, treat it as a case of intentional harm… Don’t try to argue with me on this. The one she attacked was Young Master Xuya from B City. One of the leaders coming for an inspection belong to the Xu family.”

Liufang’s words struck Leader Li like a bomb, dazing him yet again. Huoqing herself was scared witless too. She honestly thought that he was just… She never expected him to be…

Ole Huo was the only one who gave a deep sigh. Upon seeing this, Liufang shook his head and walked out.

After leaving the police station, Mama Shen cast a glance at Shen Jingbin, while the latter shrunk back.

“You lot are rather impressive as well. You managed to have fun all the way to the police station,” Papa Shen softly chided.

Afraid of leaving a bad impression on Mama and Papa Shen, Xia Qihui hurried to explain, “Uncle, Auntie, we really were the victims…”

Mama Shen interrupted him. “We know. We already got an idea of what was happening along the way. Alright, it’s getting late. Go back and get some rest.”

Xia Qihui silently gulped down his saliva and gave a grunt of acknowledgement. Mama Shen was too imposing, and he had trouble withstanding it.

“Auntie, Little Jing should go back with the two of you. Xuya’s still in the hospital, so we’ll be paying him a visit,” said Zhao Chengning.

Mama Shen took a moment to recall who Xuya was before she nodded and left with Shen Jingbin.

Once the Shen family’s car had driven out of sight, Xia Qihui let out a deep breath and said, “Your future mother-in-law’s presence is way too strong.”

“Yeah, it was quite strong, but it was only directed at you,” replied Zhao Chengning.


Xia Qihui was at a loss when it came to this bro of his!

Huajuan had fallen asleep by the time Zhao Chengning and Xia Qihui arrived at the hospital. Xuya was lying on his side on the hospital bed staring at Huajuan with a vulgar look on his face.

As soon as he saw the two of them walk in, Xuya jumped up and spoke in a hushed voice, “Brother Ah Ning, you’ve come! So, what happened to that woman who attacked me?!”

“Your bro and his mother-in-law took action. What do you think is going to happen to her?” countered Xia Qihui.

“You’re referring to Auntie Shen? My god, I can see her ending already!”

Zhao Chengning laughed and sat beside Xuya’s bedside. He glanced at Huajuan and said, “So, this is the girl you’re interested in?”

Xuya violently nodded his head. “Up for helping me, bro?”

“Have you gotten rid of all the other women by your side?”

Xuya continued to vigorously nod his head. “I got rid of them long ago!”

“Alright then, just wait and see.”

Xia Qihui looked at them in confusion. “Hold on, what are you guys talking about? Who’s interested in whom? What’s going on?” Why did he feel like he missed out on a lot of things?!

Unfortunately, the two of them acted as if they hadn’t heard him and completely ignored him, leaving Xia Qihui in a state of melancholy.

Shen Jingchen arrived shortly after Shen Jingbin was dropped off at the villa. After asking about what happened at the police station, Shen Jingchen started grousing about why he had to be the chauffeur. If he’d known beforehand, he would’ve gone along with them to the police station to join in on the fun!

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him and went up to her room. Not long after, she received an SMS from Zhao Chengning.

“I just checked up on Xuya. He’s gotten rid of all the girls around him. Please be at ease, Organizer.”

Shen Jingbin smiled.

“That’s good then. Please pass on the message that after careful consideration, the Organizer has decided that he’s turned over a new leaf. However, he has to swear to be devoted to the Organizer’s personnel.”

“He’s promised to be devoted, just like how I’ve promised my devotion to the Organizer. Mother-in-law was very imposing today. I feel like I’ve found a huge backer.”

“She’s not your mother-in-law yet. Hmph!”

Zhao Chengning didn’t immediately reply after she’d sent her message. A while passed before she finally received his reply. When she opened it, she was greeted with several words.

“Hurry up and graduate, Little Jing, so that I can make you my wife.”

Shen Jingbin tossed her handphone aside and hummed a good-natured tune.

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