Chapter 395: The Importance Of Having A Backer (1)

Chapter 395: The Importance Of Having A Backer (1)

Papa Shen was being lovey-dovey with Mama Shen when he received a call from his daughter. Being interrupted when they were just about to get to the good part was definitely not ok! His tone was extremely unfriendly when he picked up!

“Hello!? Who is it?!”

Thinking back, his tone might have been unfriendly, but the voice of the other party over the phone sounded even worse.

“Dad, regardless of whether you’re working or doing some indescribable thing with Mum, your daughter and your future son-in-law are being held up and bullied at the police station. I don’t dare to lay a hand on the civil police, so think on whether you want to come over and lend a hand or not.” She then hung up without giving him a chance to reply.

“Who called?” Mama Shen asked when she saw Papa Shen holding his handphone in a daze.

“Our daughter.”

Mama Shen knitted her brows. “What happened?”

“She said that she and Zhao Chengning are being held and bullied in the police station. She wants me to bail her out.”

Mama Shen’s frown grew even deeper.

Papa Shen continued, “From the way she spoke, she sounds furious.”

Mama Shen got up from the bed and donned her clothes. While doing so, she said, “Go get the car, I’ll give Liufang a call.”

Liufang was the Vice Chief of the police.

“Sigh, you’re calling Liufang just like that? Aren’t you worried that that girl might have been the cause of whatever happened?” Papa Shen unhappily asked has he put on his pants.

“I would have my doubts if Shen Jingchen was the one calling. Pick up the pace, it’s your daughter we’re talking about.”

Papa Shen gave a sigh of resignation and donned the rest of his clothes.

I knew this little shit was a troll!

Over at the police station, Shen Jingbin had just finished her call. Leader Li’s face was twisted into an unsightly expression. His expression flickered as he looked at Shen Jingbin and spoke in a lowered voice, “Little Miss, don’t you think there’s a problem with your attitude? The fact that you dare to threaten someone in front of me shows just how out of line you are!”

Shen Jingbin harrumphed and ignored him. Speaking to scum like him was an insult to herself.

“You!” Leader Li was infuriated by her attitude.

“Leader Li! I’m sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you tonight! This was indeed our fault. We’re willing to apologize… Miss Shen, we really are willing to apologize! I swear that my daughter will apologize to your friend in front of the entire hospital. We’ll also apologize to your roommates. Will that be enough?”

“Dad, what are you doing?!” Huoqing clutched her face as she stared at her father in disbelief.

Leader Li was upset by the pathetic way Huoqing’s father was acting too. He stood up and said, “Ole Huo, step out with me for a moment. I need to ask you something.”

“Is there something that can’t be said here?” asked Zhao Chengning.

Leader Li glared at him and said, “Do you really think I’d dare let anyone else speak in front of you after you’ve threatened them?!”

Huoqing’s father’s gaze darted between Shen Jingbin and Leader Li for a moment before he sighed and walked out with Leader Li. He wanted to apologize for implicating Leader Li in tonight’s incident.

As soon as they stepped out of the room, Huoqing’s father immediately told Leader Li not to involve himself with this case anymore.

Leader Li was greatly upset by what he heard.

You were the one who asked me for help in the middle of the night, and this is how you show your appreciation? Not only that, if he were to compromise after being threatened by those brats, they might get the impression that he was afraid of them. Now that they were at this point, there was no going back even if Ole Huo wanted to pull out!

Aren’t they just a bunch of kids from rich families? How good could they be? On top of that, his brother-in-law was the Vice Chief! Would they really have what it takes to overcome a governmental position even if they had money and status? He’d definitely be putting the squeeze on them later!

When Huoqing’s father saw the look on Leader Li’s face, he knew that he had to disclose Shen Jingbin’s identity. After mulling over what to say for a moment, he was just about to speak up when Leader Li dashed back into the room. Along the way, he even warned Huoqing’s father not to ever come asking him for help again if he dared to bring up the topic of compromising!

A wave of exhaustion washed over Huoqing’s father. Why’d he have to be stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Leader Li pretended to accidentally bump into Shen Jingbin when he returned to the room. When Zhao Chengning tried to stop him, he acted as if he’d been knocked down. When he got up, he pointed at Zhao Chengning and proclaimed that he was attacking a police officer.

Leader Li’s clumsy acting was so bad that Shen Jingbin, Zhao Chengning, and Xia Qihui couldn’t even bring themselves to call him out.

Just as Leader Li was about to forcibly detain them, the door to the room swung open and three people walked in. Leader Li immediately started panicking when he saw who was in the lead.

“V-V-Vice Chief, what are you doing here at this hour?”

Liufang silently surveyed the room and said, “What’s going on?”

“Ah, I-I was just looking into some small issue.”

“And, what issue would that be?” Liufang asked as he shot Leader Li a disdainful glance. “Be clear about it.”


Liufang’s brows knitted when he spotted the handcuffs in Leader Li’s hands. “What are you planning to do with those handcuffs?”

“They attacked an officer just now!”

Papa Shen sneered. “Attacked an officer? You mean they ‘attacked’ you, right? The ones standing before you are a martial arts champion and an ex special forces soldier. If they really wanted to attack you, do you think you’d still be standing here?”

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