Chapter 393: Taking ‘Courting Disaster’ To The Extreme (1)

Chapter 393: Taking ‘Courting Disaster’ To The Extreme (1)

All they wanted was to relax and have some fun outside at night. Never did they expect their outing to turn out like this instead.

The ambulance quickly arrived and Xuya was sent off to the hospital along with several other people who accompanied him. Along the way, Xuya regained consciousness, but he didn’t seem to be in good shape. He remained nestled in Huajuan’s embrace and appeared out of it. Thankfully, they found out that the injury he’d sustained wasn’t very serious when he was examined at the hospital. Only the skin had been broken. All it took were several stitches and a bit of bandaging and he was as good as new. But, Xuya kicked up a fuss about wanting to be put under observation and staying the night at the hospital, fearing that he might be suffering from a concussion. Unable to convince him otherwise, the doctor could only agree to let him stay the night and put him under observation.

As expected, Huajuan chose to stay behind and keep Xuya company.

Truth be told, Huajuan’s heart had practically jumped out of her throat when she saw Xuya taking the hit for her. Afterwards, when he was lying in her arms with blood dripping out the back of his head, she felt both heartache and a sense of tenderness welling up within her heart. It was an inexplicable sensation. Now that he’d gotten back some of his strength and was looking at her with sparkling eyes, that mix of emotions now turned to joy.

Huajuan wasn’t some little girl who’d never been in a relationship before, so she obviously knew what this sudden change of emotions signified. When she saw the laughter in his eyes she couldn’t help but cry out in her heart.

This is bad! This is bad! I’m harbouring improper thoughts towards someone else’s kid!

Little did she know, this ‘little kid’ was scheming how to conquer this big sister in front of him.

The bar’s manager gave Shen Jingbin a call and informed her that Huoqing had been apprehended. She and her companions were now being detained at the police station. He also said that the police would like to get a better understanding of what had happened, and they were wondering if she and the rest of her group could drop by to answer some questions.

Shen Jingbin agreed and also told him to keep an eye on them. He was to stop them from leaving by preventing anyone from paying their bail.

The manager saw this as a good chance to redeem himself, so he agreed without a moment’s hesitation.

Shen Jingchen was charged with sending Jiangmeng and Xiaohe back to school, while Shen Jingbin, Zhao Chengning, and Xia Qihui would make their way over to the police station.

Upon reaching the police station, they found that apart from Huoqing and themselves, there were several other people there who appeared to be parental figueres. Amongst them, the most immaculately dressed was a man who froze when he saw Shen Jingbin’s group. He then turned his gaze to his daughter and shot her a vicious glare.

Shen Jingbin didn’t recognize them, so she just glanced at them before passing by.

The police officer enquired about what had happened and the condition of the victim.

“It’s a rather serious injury. He had to receive eight stitches, and the doctor said that he might have a concussion. He was asked to stay the night for observation,” Zhao Chengning said seriously.

Huoqing began to panic when she heard what he said. “You’re lying! How can being hit on the head with a beer bottle result in the possibility of a concussion? Are men really so frail? You guys are clearly trying to use this as an opportunity to make things difficult for me!”

Zhao Chengning turned to glare icily at her. Under his gaze, all of her courage fled her as she swallowed her saliva and fell silent.

“He can’t possibly have a concussion? Why don’t I try hitting you on the head with a beer bottle and we’ll see what happens? So what if he’s a man? Should a man’s head be harder so you can hit them?”

The middle aged man beside Huoqing hurriedly spoke up. “Sigh, young man, that’s not what my daughter meant. You don’t need to be so upset.” He could tell that the two youths in front of him weren’t people that he could afford to offend. He was deathly afraid that one wrong move on his daughter’s part would set the other party off.

The police officer spoke up to try and defuse the situation. “Alright, let’s put aside our differences and try to settle this calmly. Look at how late it is, and these girls over there are still students. Do you have lessons tomorrow? Why don’t we settle this as quickly as possible so that we can all go home? You guys are the victims, so how would you like to settle this incident?”

“We’ll follow standard legal proceedings. I want to sue them for causing intentional harm to another,” replied Shen Jingbin.

Huoqing’s group paled when they heard what she said. Huoqing’s companions and their parents, in particular, had especially horrified faces.

Just then, someone else walked into the room and heard what she said.

“Little miss, I advise you to think it through. I just got off the phone with the hospital. Your friend’s injury isn’t serious enough to be counted as a case of causing intentional harm. I’ve also obtained the bar’s surveillance footage. Your group was the one who started the conflict, so please be reasonable.”

“Leader.” The police officer stood up and saluted when the man walked in.

The man who was referred to as ‘Leader’ turned to the police officer and waved his hand. “It’s late, why don’t you head home. Let me handle this case.”

“But…” The police officer looked at Shen Jingbin, then turned to Huoqing and her father.

“Go on, do you really think that things can get out of hand with me around?”

The police officer knew what he was getting at and sighed. He then obediently packed up and left the office.

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