Chapter 392: The Hero Saves The Girl (2)

Chapter 392: The Hero Saves The Girl (2)

When Shen Jingbin approached Huajuan and Huoqing, they were clawing at each other’s hair whilst hurling insults at one another. Shen Jingbin didn’t hold back and pinched the back of Huoqing’s hand that was clutching onto Huajuan’s hair.

“Ah! Shen Jingbin you bitch! Where’s your sense of shame? How dare you pinch me!” Huoqing immediately retracted her hand as if she’d been burnt and rubbed at it. She then shot Shen Jingbin a glare before pouncing at her with the intention of clawing her.

Huoqing loved dolling herself up, which also extended to her fingernails. She’d kept them long and even went the extra mile to have them manicured. Who knows how painful a scratch from her would be, so Shen Jingbin obviously wouldn’t be silly enough to allow herself to be injured by them. She grabbed Huoqing’s hand and used her free hand to send a slap flying towards Huoqing.

The sound of Shen Jingbin’s slap was crisp and clear. Just the sound of it alone was enough for others to know that there’d be swelling for sure. Some of the onlookers even subconsciously rubbed at their faces. Thank goodness they weren’t the ones being slapped!

Huoqing’s eyes widened as she clutched her face, looking as if she couldn’t believe that she’d just been slapped. A long time passed before she came to her senses. When she finally did, she charged forward like a madwoman whilst baring tooth and nail. It was almost as if she was planning to stake her life to take Shen Jingbin down.

When the hotel’s security officers managed to make it through the crowd of onlookers who were deliberately obstructing them, they were greeted with the sight of a woman who was acting like a crazy old lady trying to harm Miss Shen! There was no way they’d let this stand!

They hurriedly stepped forward and restrained Huoqing from both her left and right, preventing her from taking even a single step forward. Later, when the hotel’s manager arrived and saw what was happening, he jogged up to Shen Jingbin and issued an anxious apology. “Apologies for startling you with this incident, Miss Shen.”

Shen Jingbin didn’t appear to be upset. She patted the manager on the hand and said, “My Father likes coming here because he feels that your members-only establishment is quite peaceful, and that there aren’t crooks mixed in amongst honest folks. Who would’ve thought that just anyone could become a member of your establishment now.”

Cold sweat started to form on the manager’s forehead. “I’m so sorry, Miss Shen. This was an error on our part. We’ll be escorting them out.”

Huoqing immediately started throwing a fit when she heard that she was going to be thrown out. “What?! Hey, what did you say, you damn fatty? You’re going to chase us out?! I’m a member! Your god! What right do you have to throw me out?! I’m going to lodge a complaint!”

The manager’s expression distorted in an instant. He hurriedly turned to the two security officers restraining Huoqing and said, “What’re you standing around for? Hurry up and throw her out!”

The two security officers acknowledged the manager’s order, hoisted Huoqing up, and brought her out. The manager then said, “There’s a few more over here. You lot, throw them out as well!”

The rest of the security officers that were on standby ran over and dragged Huoqing’s companions out.

“Watch out!”

Unexpectedly, as Huoqing was walking past Shen Jingbin and Huajuan, she somehow managed to throw off the security guards restraining her and grabbed a bottle of beer from a table. She then mustered up her strength and smashed it towards their heads!

Huajuan and Shen Jingbin were standing side by side. In that moment, no one could tell who she was aiming for!

The expressions of the men, who’d been quietly standing by the side and watching the events unfold, quickly changed. Zhao Chengning and Xuya locked eyes on their targets, and without saying a word, charged forward. One protected Shen Jingbin while the other protected Huajuan.

Pa. The sound of the beer bottle shattering against someone could be heard. On inspection, a line of dark red blood could be seen oozing down the back of Xuya’s head as he slowly slumped onto Huajuan.


“Little Ya!”

Everyone cried out in alarm.

Upon seeing the blood running down Xuya’s head, Huoqing fell into a fluster. She dropped the remains of the beer bottle and started to flee. Her companions were scared out of their wits as well. However, they were restrained by the security officers and couldn’t escape. They went weak in the knees and fell to the ground.

The manager was beside himself in anger. “What are you standing around for?! Go after that woman and bring her back! Also, get someone to call an ambulance and the police!”

Although he didn’t know who the ones accompanying Miss Shen were, since they were associated with her, they wouldn’t be too far off in terms of status either. They definitely weren’t people he could afford to offend.

The servers broke out of their stupor and started hurrying around. The manager put a hand to his brow and felt the cold sweat collecting there. He felt as if his legs were turning into jelly, but he forced himself to remain strong and began pacifying the rest of the guests.

“Hey, hey, are you alright, Xuya?! Wake up!” Xuya, who was close to 1.8 meters in height, was now slumped against Huajuan. She couldn’t see his face, and could only feel the blood trickling down the back of his head. When she saw that her entire hand was dyed red, she started to panic and she sounded like she was on the verge of crying.

Several people hurriedly surrounded them as a press of bodies attempted to hoist him onto the sofa.

“Have you called for the ambulance yet?” Zhao Chengning asked calmly.

“We have! Sir, please be calm. The ambulance is on its way,” replied the server.

Shen Jingchen’s expression turned stoic as well. He swept his gaze past the women who were now paralyzed on the ground and said, “Make sure you keep an eye on these people. Don’t allow them to go anywhere before the police arrive. Also, apprehend the one that ran away and send her over to the police station!”

The server’s back was ramrod straight as he delivered his reply. “U-understood Mr Shen. W-we’ve already dispatched some people to retrieve her.”

Xuya’s eyes remained tightly shut as he lay on the sofa. His complexion was now a pale shade of white. It was a far cry from the frivolous and joyous expression that he’d previously had.

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