Chapter 391: The Hero Saves The Girl (1)

Chapter 391: The Hero Saves The Girl (1)

Having a brain is a good thing, but sadly, not everyone possessed one. All four of the men were clearly becoming increasingly upset, but Huoqing acted as if she didn’t notice any of it and had no intention of backing down.

Of course, Huajuan was no pushover either. The sight of both women tearing into one another gradually attracted the attention of many people. Although Huoqing had a sharp tongue, she still wasn’t quite Huajuan’s match. Realising she was about to lose her verbal sparring match with Huajuan, she turned her attention to Shen Jingbin.

“Aren’t you supposed to be all that, Shen Jingbin? Why are you so quiet now? Can you match up to a graceful woman like me? Hurry up and get that bitch of yours under control, she attacks everyone she sees. It’s almost like she has rabies. She isn’t even afraid of being treated as a mad dog and being beaten to death.”

“Go f*ck yourself. You’re asking for it, Huoqing!” Huajuan didn’t bother arguing with her any more. She rolled up her sleeves and got ready to duke it out with Huoqing.

“What are you… Hurry up and hold her back… Ah!” In a moment of inattention, Huoqing’s long black hair was snagged by Huajuan. Huoqing was so wracked by pain that she started crying. “Huajuan you bitch! Hurry up and let go of me! Otherwise, there’s going to be hell to pay! Get this bitch off of me!”

Huoqing’s companions broke out of their stupor and hurriedly went forward to try and help her.

“Pui. Just the few of you are trying to have it out with me? Dream on!” Even though Huajuan had never learnt martial arts, the barbaric strength that she possessed wasn’t something a few women could deal with. Let alone helping Huoqing, her companions actually pulled out several chunks of her hair in the scuffle, causing her to cry out in even more pain.

“Trying to subdue her with numbers? You guys must think that other people don’t exist in our dorm. Dorm Leader, let’s go! Don’t worry Huajuan, your big sisters are coming to save you!”

When Xiaohe saw the whole group of them surrounding Huajuan and attacking her, Xiaohe’s heroic spirit flared. She rolled up her sleeves and jumped into the fray, tearing at their hair and biting her enemies the entire time. Jiangmeng was always the good student, but that didn’t mean she’d let other people walk all over her. Without any further ado, she too joined in on the melee. With these women duking it out, the scene was starting to look pretty savage.

How did the three men, who lived in B City like princes, and were accustomed to dealing with ‘noble women’ fare when they saw this scene unfold before them? Other than Zhao Chengning, who, because of his personality, didn’t reveal his emotions on his face, Xuya and Xi Qihui’s eyes were practically popping out of their heads. Due to his ties with his sister, Shen Jingchen had fortunately borne witness to several of these cat fights in the past, so he was still doing fine.

Xuya swallowed his saliva and forced out his question. “Uh, Little Jing… A-aren’t you going to help them?”

It was really awkward for men to just stand by the side and watch as a cat fight took place.

“Do… do we really not need to break them apart?” Xia Qihui asked hesitantly.

“My advice is for you not to. Women are even scarier than men when they get into a fight. Friend or foe means nothing to them. Kicking, punching, grabbing, pinching, anything goes. Even if you want to mediate, it’s best to let them duke it out for a bit and wait till they’re out of breath before doing so,” replied Shen Jingchen.

Huajuan happened to turn her head and caught, out of the corner of her eye, Shen Jingbin looking on with interest whilst she, Xiaohe, and the Dorm Leader were fighting with all their might.

“What the f*ck, where the hell are you, Shen Jingbin?! Why the hell are you standing over there for? Get over here and help your sisters take care of this bitch!” she roared.

Xiaohe spoke up immediately after. “Little Jing, don’t come over just yet! It’ll be over in a flash if you join in! Let me beat them up for a little while longer.” Immediately after that, she bit the interdigital folds of the woman who was grabbing her, causing her to cry out in pain. “Ah! My god, you actually bit me! You think you’re the only one with teeth? Take this!”

Jiangmeng: …

Everyone watching: Fights amongst women are ferocious.

Zhao Chengning surveyed his surroundings and found that more and more people were being drawn to the spectacle. Even the music from the speakers wasn’t enough to drown out the sounds of battle. “We’re causing too much of a commotion. Go help out your roommates, otherwise, things are gonna turn ugly if security comes.”

Shen Jingbin looked around after he said that and noticed that several security officers were doing their best to squeeze through the crowd of onlookers. Shen Jingbin immediately dropped out of spectator mode and walked forward.

Jiangmeng and one of Huoqing’s companions were locked in one another’s grasp at the edge of the battlefield. They were deathly afraid that the moment one of them let go, the other would run to the aid of their friends. Shen Jingbin walked over to the pair and grabbed the wrist of the girl who had a death grip on Jiangmeng’s waist and gave it a downward tug. With a cry of pain, the girl released her hold on Jiangmeng. Shen Jingbin took advantage of the opportunity to separate the girl and Jiangmeng. Freed from the girl’s clutches, Jiangmeng sped towards Xiaohe and Huajuan. The girl tried to chase after Jiangmeng, but she stopped dead in her tracks when Shen Jingbin glared at her, no longer able to muster up the courage to take another step.

Having taken care of one problem, Shen Jingbin turned around and made her way over to Huajuan and the rest.

The ongoing battle was beyond savage. In spite of losing their makeup, Huajuan and company still looked fine apart from some scratches on their faces. Huoqing’s group, on the other hand, didn’t just have scratches on their faces, but their makeup was in disarray. With splotches of black and white on their faces, disheveled hair, and disorganized attire, it wouldn’t be strange if a person thought they’d just gotten out of the looney bin.

Huajuan and Huoqing were in the midst of grappling with one another, and breaking them up wasn’t possible for the moment. Xiaohe’s fight with her opponents seemed like a prime target to be broken up though. Shen Jingbin walked over to Xiaohe and efficiently took out the two women plaguing her in less than a minute.

“I’ll come help you, Huajuan!” Now that the girl Xiaohe was tussling with was taken care of, she called out to Huajuan and was about to run over and help her when she was held back by the hawk eyed Jiangmeng.

“Don’t stir up more trouble, Little Jing’s taking care of it.”

Xiaohe paused for a moment before letting out an ‘okay’ and obediently taking her place beside Jiangmeng. “Go for it Huajuan, I’ll be supporting you in spirit!”

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