Chapter 39: The Start Of A Feud (1)

Chapter 39: The Start Of A Feud (1) 

[Guild] Guild Leader Quiet And Steadfast has logged in.

[Guild] Vice-leader Dawn’s Twilight has logged in.

[Guild] Vice-leader Next Week Is Unlikely has logged in.

The round of PK was organized by Next Week Is Unlikely. Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen weren’t present for it. However, he hurriedly logged off to give his brethren, Quiet And Steadfast, a call upon seeing the increasing scale and intensity of the battle.

Although Next Week Is Unlikely had good relations with the others, his strength and reputation was still lacking when compared with Quiet And Steadfast. In a scrimmage between guilds such as this, both the number and quality of combatants played a decisive role in determining the victor.  

Once the battle broke out, Jade Sea Pavilion still managed to gain the upper hand. However, things took a turn for the worse when Life At First Sight’s Guild Leader caught wind of this and joined the fray.

Quiet And Steadfast would need to make an appearance if they wanted to level the playing field.

Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen immediately made a beeline for Sea Moon Island upon logging in. Next Week Is Unlikely was right behind them as he sent out letters to enquire about the state of the battle, while passing on what he knew to the two of them.

Shen Jingchen’s face immediately darkened upon hearing that his little sister was involved, becoming gravely injured in the battle. The Divine Dragon he was riding on seemed to have felt its master’s fury and unexpectedly increased its speed.

Quiet And Steadfast also wore a chilling look on his face when he heard that Shen Jingbin had been injured.

Next Week Is Unlikely, who was by their side, was unable to make any sense of the matter: I can understand why Shen Jingchen is angry. After all, she’s his sister. But why would Quiet have such a demonic look on his face? Was he even related to the daughter of the Shen family in any way?

“Nine Ballads! Are you alright?!” The executives of Jade Sea Pavilion were still on their way. The Guild Leader of Life At First Sight, Crying Fish, had already discovered the sudden commotion on the battlefield and made her way over, squeezing herself into the heart of the crowd in just a few steps. It was then that she noticed who her guild members were supporting and she let out a cry of astonishment.

Nine Ballads, the number two player on the leaderboards and the only female player ranked amongst the top ten players. She was also the greatest source of trouble for Jade Sea Pavilion.

This person’s method of attacking was vicious and cruel. Her strength was nothing to scoff at either. Although she was a Swordmaster, she frequently used weapons from other sects. She also devised her own style of fighting instead of relying on the one that the system provided, making her attacks almost impossible to defend against. Many experts from Jade Sea Pavilion had fallen at her hands.

“I’m alright.” Nine Ballads pushed aside the people who were supporting her, quickly drinking a large health potion. Her chilling gaze was fixed on Shen Jingbin who was currently being protected by a few people opposite her, as she said, “Come out you ugly monster.”

It was then that Crying Fish noticed several people who made up the main force of Jade Sea Pavilion’s strength carefully protecting a person. She looked over with rapt attention and immediately laughed upon seeing what the person looked like.

Crying Fish was a stunning beauty, and this laugh of hers made it look as if a hundred flowers were in full bloom. The male otakus who saw this were so stimulated by the sight that their hearts were rapidly pounding against their chests.

“Jade Sea Pavilion truly has no standards. You’re even willing to take in a person as ‘exotic’ as this. Don’t tell me you guys were planning on letting this ugly monster loose while we battled to scare us? How hilarious, what a brilliant plan!”

“How we go about selecting our members has nothing to do with you. What’re you *bleep*ing on about?” A Nymph with a doll-like face suddenly stepped out from behind Shen Jingbin, shooting a glare at Crying Fish. She wore a look of ridicule on her face as she said, “You’re pretty shrewd for a talentless hack who only knows how to spend her days hiding behind other men. Tell me, are your guild members the same ones who share a bed with you? Eh, I don’t think you’ve shared a bed with all of them, right?”

Lingering White Clouds quietly whispered into Shen Jingbin’s ears, “This is how Slight Chill is like. Although you and her may normally be at odds, don’t take it to heart. In truth, she’s a pretty good person. It’s just that she tends to have a sharp tongue at times.”

Shen Jingbin stared at Slight Chill’s back with a look of astonishment on her face. For a moment, she had trouble reconciling the unkind Slight Chill from her memories, and this person standing in front of her.

However, her feelings of astonishment were inconsequential. Slight Chill was far too busy hurling insults at Crying Fish to care about Shen Jingbin’s tangled emotions.

Slight Chill had immediately started hurling malice ridden insults the moment she opened her mouth. Crying Fish was so infuriated by her words that her pretty face flushed red as she said, “Nothing good ever comes out of a villain’s mouth. No wonder Quiet And Steadfast doesn’t want you, who’d want someone with such a filthy mouth!”

Slight Chill sneered, “Hmph, you make it sound as if my Leader fancies you. Who was it that sent my Leader a letter out of the blue and crowed about how much she loved him? Doesn’t that sound disgusting?”

“What did you say, you slut!?”

“I’m talking about you, bitch.”

“That’s enough!” Nine Ballads suddenly interrupted their bitching session and said, “Enough with the bullshitting. Jade Sea Pavilion, I’ll let you guys off today if you hand over that ugly monster. She actually had the gall to use me as a stepping stone even though she doesn’t have the capabilities to do so.”

“The fact that she’s using a tomboy like you as a stepping stone means she thinks highly of you. What’s there to be unhappy about?” Shen Jingchen’s voice was suddenly heard from the sky.

Everyone immediately looked in the direction of the voice.

What they saw was the mighty and domineering tail of a dragon swaying about as it overlooked the crowd from the sky. To the left of the dragon was a snow white Divine Beast that looked like a goat. On its right, a long horned fox could be seen.

It was Quiet And Steadfast’s party.

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