Chapter 389: A Group Of Women Kicking Up A Fuss (1)

Chapter 389: A Group Of Women Kicking Up A Fuss (1)

At night, several youngsters, including Shen Jingbin’s three roommates, went to a members-only bar in A City together. Actually, though it was said to be members-only, there were still exceptions like Shen Jingbin who wasn’t a member, but who could use her face to get in.

The eight people chose a relatively quieter area separated from the rest of the bar by a light muslin, forming their private area.

Once she arrived, the tomboy, Huajuan, made the waiter serve an entire carton of beers. Then, under the astonished stares of several men, she used her teeth to open two bottles. “Little Jing, no matter what, you have to drink a bottle with me tonight. You’re already engaged, so take pity on us three sisters who are still single,” she said with gusto.

After she spoke, she tipped her head and drank a mouthful of beer. The way she cleanly down her alcohol left Xuya speechless. He discreetly tugged at Shen Jingchen’s sleeve and asked quietly, “Brother Chen, has that young lady always been so bold?”

Shen Jingchen thought for a bit and said, “I think so.”

Xuya silently glanced at at Huajuan several more times, thinking to himself that a lady like her was really rare.

In B City, Young Master Xu was used to seeing sweet looking and soft spoken small time celebrities or models who could make men go weak in the knees. Even those aristocratic young ladies would be bashful when they laid eyes on his group of brothers. To be honest, this was his first time seeing a girl as bold and unconstrained as Huajuan. Him paying more attention to her was inevitable.

Seeing how straightforward and determined Huajuan was, Shen Jingbin couldn’t say no and tipped her head after her.

A beauty is a beauty regardless of what they do. When Shen Jingbin did it, even a crude action appeared refined. Zhao Chengning stared at her slightly moving throat, and felt like his mouth was dry and that he was thirsty too. He silently opened a bottle for himself and took small sips from it. Xia Qihui, who was by his side, elbowed him and said to his ear, “What happened? You can’t even bear something like this?”

Zhao Chengning put down his bottle and glanced at him. “What nonsense are you spewing?”

Xia Qihui looked at him with a ‘I’ve already seen through you, you don’t have to put on an act’ expression. “Don’t rush, you’ve almost achieved success.”

Zhao Chengning rolled his eyes.

The singer waiting outside got into position, and the sound of instruments being tuned could be heard. Shortly after, a supple female voice rang out. She sounded a little hoarse, but that lent an expected element of sexiness to her voice.

Several people listened to the music as they chatted. Shen Jingbin knitted her eyebrows when she noticed that Xuya was, intentionally or not, continuously glancing at Huajuan. Conversations with him also always drifted towards Huajuan.

“Hey, I’ve got a question for you,” she pulled at Zhao Chengning and whispered.

Zhao Chengning motioned for her to ask with his eyes. She thought for a while and asked, “Does Xuya have a girlfriend right now?”

“He dated a small time celebrity previously, but I’m not too sure if they’re still together now,” Zhao Chengning said.

“Go find out.”

“Eh?” He looked at her in confusion, not really understanding why she’d bade him to do so.

“Have a gander at who he’s looking at.”

Zhao Chengning looked over and realised what the problem was. He turned back to her. “Xuya’s a pretty good guy. He’s just too young and a little playful.”

“I know, that’s why you have to find out if he has a girlfriend. Huajuan said that she likes younger boys. If Xuya doesn’t have a girlfriend, hooking the two of them up isn’t a bad idea.”

Finally understanding what she wanted to do, Zhao Chengning said, “I’ll found out later. You sound your friend out too.”

Whilst the two of them were discussing amongst themselves, Huajuan spotted them whispering in each other’s ears and spoke up in feigned anger. “There’s so many people here, yet the two of you are still whispering. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of coming here?”

Shen Jingbin straightened her body and said unflinchingly, “We were just discussing if there’s anyone suitable we can introduce you to so that you won’t spend all day moping about.”

Huajuan’s smile reached her eyes. She mischievously moved closer and wrapped her arms around Shen Jingbin’s neck. “Oh, my Little Jingjing still loves me the most~ Come, let me give you a kiss.”

Shen Jingbin pushed her away in disdain. “Don’t think of covering my face with your saliva.”

Huajuan released her. “Hehe, you belong to someone now, so I can’t tease you like how I did before. Right, Mr Zhao?”

Zhao Chengning leaned back, smiling as he looked at them and said, “I’m not so petty. It’s fine as long as you guys are happy.”

Xuya suddenly interrupted them. “Hey, Big Sis, you’re so beautiful, yet you don’t have a boyfriend. Don’t tell me nobody’s chasing you?”

Huajuan pointed at her nose and asked, “Were you talking to me?”

Xuya blinked and nodded cutely.

Huajuan happily slapped Xiaohe’s thigh, who happened to be sitting beside her. A crisp sound rang out and whoever heard it thought to themselves that it must’ve hurt. Xiaohe grimaced in pain and nearly jumped up.

“The hell?! Are you insane?!”

“Hahaha, Xiaohe, Room Leader, did you guys hear? This kid said I was beautiful! Hahaha.”

“Sigh, and that’s all you have to your name,” Xiaohe said condescendingly.

“You are beautiful. Your beauty’s just been overshadowed by Little Jing,” Jiangmeng said sincerely

“So, the reason I don’t have a boyfriend after all these years is because of Little Jing… That’s not right. I didn’t manage to find a boyfriend even in year 3 when Little Jing moved out.”

Shen Jingbin landed the finishing blow. “You’re just like an old man. Finding a boyfriend? More like finding a girlfriend.”

Huajuan humphed. “Shoo shoo. You and Xiaohe don’t have what it takes to see my beauty… Hey handsome, what’s your name? It’s rare for me to come across someone like you who can spot a beauty. Why don’t you pass me your number?”

Xuya immediately beamed with joy and offered up his contact details.

After witnessing everything, Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning silently looked at one another.

Those two people just got together on their own. There was absolutely no need for them to play matchmaker!

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