Chapter 385: The Sect Leader Returns (1)

Chapter 385: The Sect Leader Returns (1)

The newly appointed Sect Leader of the Lich Palace was a woman who oozed sexuality. But, for some strange reason, she had a pair of exceptionally clear eyes. She spoke to others in an earnest manner, making them subconsciously forget all about her sensuality.

Her name was Yu Xiao.

“Sect Leader Yu Xiao,” greeted Zhao Chengning respectfully as soon as he stepped into the main hall.

Yu Xiao was sitting in her seat of power as she watched the pair walk in. She glanced at them with her charming eyes and gave them a once over.

“It’s you? Long time no see. Why are you here?”

“I came to pay respects to my Master.”

Yu Xiao sized him up and said, “Senior really did pick a good disciple.”

Zhao Chengning pursed his lips and smiled.

Yu Xiao and Poison Toad were martial siblings, but before she took up the mantle of Sect Leader, very few people knew of her existence. After Poison Toad’s passing, she made her appearance with a letter penned by Poison Toad himself when several elders were battling it out for the position of Sect Leader. With Poison Toad’s letter in hand, she dominated everyone - including the elders harbouring selfish thoughts - and claimed the title of Sect Leader.

Only a brief description was provided by the game’s officials about this person who was the previous Sect Leader’s Junior Sister. Apart from saying that she appeared to be very mysterious, nothing else was written about her.

Yu Xiao led the pair over to the Eternal Spirit Pavilion. The Eternal Spirit Pavilion was a place of rest for everyone who’d made a contribution in the name of the Lich Palace.

Yu Xiao stopped at the entrance and indicated for the two of them to go in by themselves.

As they pushed opened the door and entered, the wind generated from their passage caused the altar lamps to sway. They quickly returned to their former state once the door was shut.

A wooden rack ran the entire height of the pavilion’s interior, and many memorial tablets could be seen stacked on it. Poison Toad’s tablet sat right at the forefront of the rack.

The pair stepped forward. Each of them lit an incense stick for Poison Toad and stood rigidly in front of his tablet for several moments. Shen Jingbin suddenly remembered how precious the Black Tortoise was to Poison Toad. In a moment of emotion, she summoned the Black Tortoise from her pet storage.

The Black Tortoise transformed into a handsome man as it fell to the ground. At first, there was some confusion in his eyes, as if he were unsure of where he was. But, after getting a good look at the tablet behind him, the confusion in his eyes gave way to pity and sorrow.

“Black Tortoise, why don’t you light an incense stick for Poison Toad as well,” Shen Jingbin said.

Several moments of silence passed before the Black Tortoise lit an incense stick. He placed it between his hands and went back to his original spot. After another moment of silence, he slowly placed the incense stick into the censer.

Just then, something unexpected happened.

All of the tablets within the Eternal Spirit Pavilion began to shine with a golden light the moment the Black Tortoise placed his incense stick into the censer! The dazzling light easily passed through the room’s windows and spread in all directions before dying out as a beam of light that shot towards the heavens. Yu Xiao, who was standing guard by the door, was scared witless for a moment before she pushed open the door and stormed in.

“What happened?!”

By this time, the golden light within the room had started to diminish. Three dimly lit shadows could be seen standing inside... Wait a minute, three shadows?!

Yu Xiao froze. She held her weapon tightly in her hand at the ready and calmed herself before she took another look. There really were three people present!

She saw two people entering with her own two eyes. Now, there was a third person who’d somehow managed to get inside without making a peep. There was definitely foul play afoot!

“Who are you?!” cried out Yu Xiao coldly.

When the golden light completely dissipated, Yu Xiao, Shen Jingbin, and Zhao Chengning were finally able to make out what was going on in the room. As they looked around, their eyes widened in surprise!

Poison Toad, who should’ve been gone, was now smiling before them! He looked just as elegant and as sensual as he always did. The slants of his brows expressed his heart-filled emotions, causing others to feel an ethereal sensation when they looked at him.

When Shen Jingbin came around, she hurriedly scanned her surroundings, but she couldn’t find the Black Tortoise anywhere. She decided to check her pet inventory next, and received a huge fright when she opened it up.

Not only was the Black Tortoise missing, but even Mascot, the Vermillion Bird, and the Azure Dragon which she hadn’t let out were all missing as well.

Noticing that something wasn’t right with Shen Jingbin, Zhao Chengning asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mascot and the rest of the Divine Beasts are missing.”

They’re all gone? For a moment, Zhao Chengning had absolutely no idea what was going on.

Yu Xiao’s shock from seeing Poison Toad again was quickly replaced with anger. She hardened her expression and denounced the newcomer. “Where are you from, evildoer? How dare you impersonate my Senior Brother!”

Yu Xiao couldn’t be more clear on how her Senior Brother had sacrificed himself, along with the rest of the other Sect Leaders in the battle between good and evil. Now, someone who looked exactly like him was standing before her once again. She absolutely refused to believe it was him even if someone told her he’d reincarnated.

In spite of that, the Poison Toad imposter still insisted on quietly calling out to her. “Junior Sister…”

“Silence! I don’t see any Junior Sister of yours here, you monster!”

Yu Xiao’s expression twisted even more. She raised her weapon and swung it down at Poison Toad’s face. Unexpectedly, her attack went straight through his body and smashed into the floor. Poison Toad still remained where he was, having not moved a single inch.

Yu Xiao was taken aback.

“You’re just as impulsive as ever, Junior Sister,” said Poison Toad. His tone was suffused with a sense of familiarity and affection.

“A-are you really Senior Brother?” Yu Xiao asked, disbelief creeping into her voice as her limbs started to freeze up.

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