Chapter 383: A New Life (1)

Chapter 383: A New Life (1)

That night, for the first time ever, both Grandpa and Grandma Shen didn’t try to convince their grandchildren to stay overnight. It was so out of the ordinary that the siblings felt that something wasn’t quite right.

It was slightly after 9pm when Shen Jingbin, Shen Jingchen and Zhao Chengning said their goodbyes to the rest of the Shen family. Looking at the time, it wasn’t too late, so they decided to slink off and play <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>. Different from how the wealthy Shen siblings did things - opting to buy new gaming pods for their apartment during their internship - Zhao Chengning had come to A City this time with only a smattering of luggage. He had no intention of buying a gaming pod during his stay, so if he wanted to play, his only option was to go to an internet cafe. There was no way the siblings could just leave him at the internet cafe by himself while they went home to play in their gaming pods, so the three of them made their way towards an internet cafe together.

They got themselves a private room, donned their VR helmets, and logged into the game.

This was their very first time gaming together ever since the offline meetup. The game had been updated during this time, and when they logged in, there were several big changes awaiting them.

“The two of you can go have your fun. I’ll do some research and find out what changed in the update.” Not wanting to be a third wheel, Shen Jingchen cooked up an excuse and slipped away.

“Do you have anything that needs to be done?” Shen Jingbin turned to Zhao Chenging and asked.

Zhao Chengning expressionlessly rejected the various party invitations he’d received from his guild members, and said, “Nope… Let’s have a look around and see what’s changed.”

“Alright,” Shen Jingbin said with a Duchenne smile. She smiled so widely that her eyes formed crescents.

Zhao Chengning’s little heart trembled, but he powered through it and grasped her hands and held them in the palms of his own. He then gave them a rub and returned her smile.

His wifey would always be his wifey no matter what she looked like!

Due to the offline event, most of the player base now knew that White Cloud Temple’s Senior Sister of unparalleled beauty from the promotional video was the very same Senior Sister in-game! Even if the truth was a little too out there, everyone had seen it for themselves during the award ceremony. This, coupled with the hubbub that Luo Feng had created during the Weibo incident, exposing all sorts of information, had caused Shen Jingbin to shoot up in popularity once again. These two things put together was all the evidence that one needed. It was irrefutable.

Because of this, everyone’s eyes were glued on Shen Jingbin the moment she walked into Jiang City.

Everyone knew that the Goddess had a boyfriend, and that he was both handsome and rich; someone with power and influence. In spite of that, they weren’t able to hold back their nerdy infatuation for her. They bore the brunt of Zhao Chengning’s killing intent and bravely stared straight at her character to express their love for her! Things like: muack muack, please whip me, and all sorts of other morally degrading nonsense came out of their mouths.

Honestly, if they’d showed such determination and perseverance in the beginning, it might have turned into yet another story of an in-game relationship blossoming into real life romance.

Then again, there was a person who was thinking otherwise. If he could, Zhao Chengning would’ve sent all of these gutter rats straight back to hell in one fell swoop! Never in his life had he seen someone be as brazen as this bunch of bastards when it came to snatching another man’s woman!

Unfortunately for him, it was not meant to be. In the end, all he could do was swallow his anger, tighten his grip around her hand, and shove the gawkers out of the way as he attempted to snake his way out.

There were eyes everywhere, and throwing them off was no small feat. A long time passed before the two of them were finally able to throw off their fanatical pursuers.

“If I knew things were going to be like this, I wouldn’t have let you attend the event. I underestimated how thirsty these guys can be,” said Zhao Chengning half jokingly.

“There were quite a few people who were running towards you as well. At the most, only half of them can be attributed to me,” Shen Jingbin said indignantly.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t the only one who’d risen in popularity after the offline event. Zhao Chengning saw quite a bit of interest as well, and he was a very popular individual to begin with. He had both looks, influence, and not to mention was deeply devoted to his girlfriend. Any woman would swoon at the thought of having a man like him. Even if they didn’t know who he was in the past, there was no way they could let him go now that they’d seen how he was like. Because of this, a number of women who saw themselves as unique and talented mixed in with the army of thirsty men and tried to snag themselves a catch.

They looked at one another and saw the slightly sorry state they were in before exchanging a smile of understanding.

While they were smiling at one another, Shen Jingbin suddenly felt that the dark alleyway they were in looked rather familiar. “Eh, is this…”

Although Jiang City’s alleyways were supposed to be more or less the same, in their rush to escape their pursuers they’d dove into whatever hiding spot they could find. Now that they had a chance to calm down, didn’t this look like the place where Shen Jingbin had first bumped into Wu Lang?!

Speaking of which, this was where the two of them had met for the first time as well.

“Should we pay Wu Lang a visit?” Shen Jingbin suddenly made a suggestion when she thought back to what had happened when they first met.

Zhao Chengning had never thought of going back to see how an NPC was doing after completing their quest. But, now that she mentioned it, it didn’t seem like all that bad of an idea, so he nodded in agreement.

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