Chapter 380: Let’s get married (2)

Chapter 380: Let’s get married (2)

After reporting their attendance, Shen Jingbin and the other girls who were with her in the same dormitory had their first meal of the school term together. As they ate, they chatted about their hopes for the future.

Practically all students their age were starting to consider what path they wanted to walk in the future. They could either sign up for a graduate program, start working, or perhaps just return home and get married. Regardless of what they did, it was important for them to have a plan in mind.

The Class President, Jiangmeng, had good results, so she planned to attempt the postgraduate exam first and find a job if she couldn’t get in. Xiaohe’s family owned a company. Although it wasn’t a large corporation, it had pretty decent future prospects and she’d always wanted to work for her family after graduating. As for Huajuan, her focus was never on her major to begin with. Huajuan had beautiful features, and she had a good sense of aesthetics. In her second year of university, she was scouted by a somewhat famous fashion magazine and would usually moonlight as a model in her free time. She was probably planning to model full time once she graduated.

Once all three of them had said their piece, they inevitably became curious about Shen Jingbin’s plans for the future; especially regarding marriage. After all, she had an outstanding boyfriend.

They were really curious if this fairytale of the princess and the prince would come to fruition.

“Jingjing, will you be getting married after you graduate? I want to apply to be your bridesmaid if I haven’t left A City by then,” said Huajuan.

“Me too! Me too! You can count me in as a bridesmaid too,” Xiaohe said hurriedly.

Jiangmeng didn’t try to push her way in as well. Instead, she asked, “You did your vacation internship in B City, right? How was it? How did your relationship develop?”

All four of them had shared a great relationship with one another since the start of university, so Shen Jingbin didn’t mind talking about these kinds of things with them.

“In the past, I used to think that I’d grow old alone. Never did I imagine that there’d come a day where I liked a person this much,” she said with a smile.

Once she’d finished speaking, the smile on her face made the other three single girls feel just how sweet it was to be in a romantic relationship.

Huajuan clicked her tongue, and her voice took on a regretful tone. “In the past, we used to wonder what kind of a man it’d take to match up to you. There was a time when we considered all these so-called famous seniors in our university and paired them up with you. But, in the end, we found that none of them could stand next to you without losing out in some aspects. We thought to ourselves: if things continued like this, wouldn’t you really grow old alone? If that happened, who were we supposed to give our red packets to? That all changed when we saw Zhao Chengning. We realised that the reason why those people couldn’t match up to you wasn’t because you were too outstanding, but because they just weren’t good enough. You and Zhao Chengning are what people call a ‘match made in heaven’ when the two of you stand together.”

“When I look at you, I sometimes wonder whether I should try my hand at dating too,” Jiangmeng added.

The other girls couldn't help but laugh at what she’d said. It was one of those rarely seen days with good weather ever since the start of winter, where the warm winter sun in the sky immersed the whole world in its radiance. The sunlight streamed through the French windows, illuminating the bodies of the four smiling young ladies. Seeing this, the pedestrians who were outside the window unconsciously slowed their steps, hoping to steal a few more glances at them.

Huajuan happened to glance out the window from the corner of her eye when a slender and classy looking individual caught her attention. She calmed herself and took another look at the person. When she’d gotten a good look at the person, the smile on her face widened, and she turned to look at Shen Jingbin who was sitting opposite her.

“Little Jing, we haven’t asked yet, but did you come back by yourself?”

Unable to find anything amiss, Shen Jingbin said, “Yes, why?”

Huajuan had an inscrutable smile on her face. “No reason. I just happened to spot a pretty familiar looking person. You have a good memory, so why don’t you have a look and see if you know who it is… See? Over there.”

Shen Jingbin unsuspectingly looked in the direction she’d indicated. When she saw the person’s face, her beautiful eyes widened. The other two girls looked over curiously as well, and smiles of understanding appeared on their faces.

“Ah, I’ll head over first.” With that, Shen Jingbin grabbed her bag and ran towards the person.

Separated by a glass window, the three girls saw a fairy-like maiden smiling as she threw herself into the embrace of a handsome youth. Sunlight rained down on their heads, making it look as if it were a scene from a beautiful oil painting.

“Ah, I really feel like dating,” Huajuan lamented. The girls looked at each other and smiled.

Shen Jingbin, who’d thrown herself into the person’s embrace, was pleasantly surprised. A long while passed before she finally raised her head, and asked, “Didn’t you say that you had quite a few things to handle, and would only be here a couple of days later? How’d you come over so quickly?”

Zhao Chengning tilted his head downwards and gave her nose an intimate rub. “A day apart from you feels like three autumns of separation. How could I bear to wait for several more days? Little Jing, will you marry me?”

After he’d spoken, Shen Jingbin looked into his earnest eyes and saw her own face brimming with uncontainable joy reflected within them.

At that moment, it felt as if her reply was a forgone conclusion.

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