Chapter 379: Let’s get married (1)

Chapter 379: Let’s get married (1)

Compared to the stormy atmosphere below, the table of youngsters upstairs shared a very harmonious atmosphere.

Zhao Chengning whispered in his little wife’s ear as he shot Xuya a meaningful glance, ruthlessly abusing the single dog Xuya. In the past, when Zhao Chengning himself was still a single dog, that bastard Xuya never failed to show off his girlfriend that he changed on a daily basis. Now, after going through great lengths, he’d finally managed to seize a chance to counterattack, so how could he not pay Xuya back for all the years of suffering that he’d endured.

It was a super effective move! Never before had Xuya eaten such a stifling meal in his life. Had he known that things would turn out like this beforehand, he would’ve eaten with that tiger of a sister of his instead. Though his appetite would be poorer, at least he wouldn’t be as physically and emotionally exhausted as he was now.

He could only blame himself for being so unreserved! He’d come running the moment he heard Little Jing was going to be present! Sigh, a woman’s charm is truly deadly!

“Zhao Chengning, when I arrived I saw a group of young ladies from influential families that hailed from B City downstairs. If one didn’t know any better, they’d think that they were gathering for you to pick a wife.” What made it unbearable was that apart from Xuya, Jiang Weiwei was present as well. Whenever she saw Zhao Chengning’s pleased expression, she’d glare daggers at him.

Xuya was quick on the uptake and immediately followed up. “That’s right. Brother Chengning, you already have Little Jing, so why are you still doing these things. Little Jing, you arrived later, so I doubt you saw what happened. When the three of us arrived just now, the entire hall was filled with the scent of perfume from these young ladies. If you took a close look at them, you’d find that each and every one of them was beautifully dressed; almost as if they were participating in a beauty contest... You can ask Brother Qihui if you don’t believe me. He was there too, and he even lamented that amongst us, only Chengning had such good fortune.”

“Shut it. What kind of nonsense are the two of you spouting?” Zhao Chengning didn’t bother with public displays of affection anymore when he saw how the two of them were trying to drag him down. Feigning anger, he stared at them and said, “Jiang Weiwei, why can’t you just shut your mouth and eat your food? Are you upset because I didn’t let you to bring your Jack along?”

Jack was Jiang Weiwei’s latest beau.

Jiang Weiwei rolled her eyes and stopped talking, opting to focus on eating her food. Xuya, who saw that his comrade had fallen in action, was just about to rescue her when he saw Zhao Chengning’s expression and was scared witless.

“Little Jing, you’re heading back to A City soon, right?” Xia Qihui had long since gotten used to the way this group of people interacted with one other. He chose not to participate in their conversation, and instead he looked towards Shen Jingbin and asked a her question.

Shen Jingbin nodded. “Mm, it’s about time for school to start.”

Xia Qihui shot a glance at Zhao Chengning and teasingly said, “In that case, Chengning’s going to have to suffer. His sweet days are ending.”

Zhao Chengning’s face didn’t change as he interrupted, saying, “Says who? I just so happen to be taking a trip to A City in the next few days.”

“Ah, that’s not right. Brother Ning, what’re you going to A City for? Brother Chengan left not too long ago, so doesn’t the company need you now? Is it alright for you to leave like that?” Xuya hurriedly asked.

Zhao Chengning stared at him. “Do I need to report to you whenever I’m going somewhere? Just eat your food.”

“... Tch. You’re just bullying me because I’m younger! Hmph!”

Shen Jingbin’s curiosity was piqued. She blinked and asked in a whisper, “You’re coming back with us too? What’re you coming for?”

Zhao Chengning cast a sidelong glance at her and revealed a profound smile. “It’s a secret. I’ll let you know when the time comes.”

Shen Jingbin glanced at him unhappily, but the latter received it with pleasure.

Shen Jingchen, who was oppressed throughout the entire meal and sitting opposite the couple, noticed what was going on. He glanced at his future brother-in-law’s expression a few more times before a bold conjecture came to him, which then proceeded to terrify him.

When his soul came back to him, the first thing he did was to fish out his phone and send a message to his Mother.

And so, when Madam Shen was having a candlelight dinner with her husband, she received a text message from her worryingly foolish son. With a casual tap of her finger, she opened the message and saw that her foolish son had typed out a whole page of exclamation marks to express his inner emotions.

“Mother!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve stumbled across something huge!!! It looks like that silly younger sister of mine is going to get married!!!! I think there’s a high chance that my future brother-in-law is going to pay us a visit and propose! What should I do?! What to do?! What to do?!”

Madam Shen curled her lips in disdain before she calmly typed out a reply to her foolish son.

“Shen Jingchen, why don’t you act more like an older brother? What are your future prospects going to be like if all it takes is a trivial matter like this?”

“That’s not it, Mother! How can I be calm if there’s someone who actually wants this violent, silly girl?! Furthermore, if she marries out, then wouldn’t I be alone in the future?!”

“You can look for a wife now too if you want. My requirements for you aren’t very high.”

“... Mother, are you speaking from the heart? No, my Mother isn’t like this! W-w-who are you?! Return my noble and elegant Mother to me!”

Madam Shen couldn’t hold back the smile that tugged at the corners of her lips. Mr Shen, who was sitting opposite her, saw what was happening and asked curiously, “What is it? Who messaged you?”

Madam Shen put down her phone and sampled some of the red wine. She raised the corner of her eye and said indifferently, “The landlord’s foolish son.”

“...” Three black lines appeared on Mr Shen’s forehead. Why did it feel as if she was referring to him?

“What did the foolish son say?”

“He said that it looks like the landlord’s daughter might be getting married soon.”

Mr Shen: So she was referring to himself!

But, why did it feel like this wasn’t the crux of the matter?

After the handover of work was completed, the Shen siblings set off on their journey back home. Zhao Chengning had a fair bit of work left to take care of in the company, so he didn’t go back together with the siblings, and would instead arrive several days later.

The siblings had to report to school on the second day they were home. As such, they went back home for a meal before setting off for their villa. To avoid the peak period of reporting, the pair slept till noon before they climbed out of bed and went to school together.

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