Chapter 378: The Old Master’s Plot (2)

Chapter 378: The Old Master’s Plot (2)

Just as they were toying with the idea of returning home and coming back the next day to apologise to the Old Master, they saw Zhao Chengning step out of the house. Upon seeing them, Zhao Chengning made a beeline for them.

“Uncle, I’ll be around to look after them, so you can take care of your other duties.” After Zhao Chengning sent the butler off, he then asked the two siblings, “Why are the two of you just standing around instead of going inside?”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him unhappily, and motioned for him to look at the noble wives and ladies who were dressed to the nines for the occasion that the butler was receiving. “Putting aside your Grandfather who didn’t tell us about this, why didn’t you say anything either? It’s too inappropriate for us to enter dressed like this.”

Zhao Chengning smiled. “We were the ones who failed to realise it. But no matter, the antechamber will be used to host the guests, while we’ll be eating upstairs.”

“Is that okay?” Shen Jingchen asked.

“Xuya, Xia Qihui, and Jiang Weiwei are all here. It’s fine. Come on, let’s head upstairs.”

After taking in Zhao Chengning’s serious expression, the two siblings decided to skeptically head inside with him before quietly going upstairs.

However, no matter how quiet they were, there were still some ambitious individuals who noticed Zhao Chengning’s treatment towards them.

Amongst the people who were attending the banquet, most of them knew that the Zhao family’s second son had a girlfriend whom was very fond of, but there were still some who thought that as long as he hadn’t gotten married yet, their daughters still had a shot at nabbing him. In addition, the Old Master hadn’t formally introduced said girlfriend yet. That being the case, there was still a bit of wiggle room for them.

Putting aside the fact that Zhao Chengning himself was an outstanding individual in his own right, even just the Zhao family standing behind him alone would be tempting enough. It was no wonder that some people were unresigned and kept thinking of ways and means to get their hands on him.

When those who were currently chatting with Old Master Zhao saw Zhao Chengning bring a man and a woman upstairs, they began hatching their own plans and attempted to discreetly fish for more information.

Fortunately, while Old Master Zhao’s body was getting on in years, his mind was still sharp, and he immediately knew what schemes these people were trying to plot. His rolled his eyes upwards as he answered, “Oh, I think Chengning went to pick up his wife-to-be. She should be the one you spotted.”

The person who posed the question probably didn’t expect Old Master’s response, and was at a momentary loss for words. But, as expected, someone else followed up and asked, “Then, may we know which family she hails from? It’s very easy for them to be caught up in their emotions at such a young age. You’ll have to keep a close eye on Chengning to protect him. After all, Chengning is an outstanding individual. Who knows how many women are racking their brains trying to think of ways to marry him.”

Old Master Zhao chuckled, clearly pleased with this future daughter-in-law. “Be at ease, this daughter-in-law is someone I personally picked for this boy. She’s definitely a good pick.”

This time around, everyone was left speechless. All they could do was privately instruct their daughters to look out for any opportunities to act. No matter what, they had to fight for a chance to appear before Zhao Chengning.

Since this person was chosen by Old Master Zhao, they obviously couldn’t make any inroads with him. So, the only path left to them was through Zhao Chengning himself. The hearts of youngsters are easily swayed.

Old Master Zhao, no matter how pleased you are with this future daughter-in-law of yours, if your grandson is the one who changes his mind, then there’s nothing to be done, right?

Hence, these people who’d brought their daughters along were looking forward to the start of the banquet so that they could show off their daughters. But, much to their dismay, neither hide nor hair of Zhao Chengning could be found at the dining table when the feast started.

Some people couldn’t resist the urge and decided to ask Old Master Zhao where Zhao Chengning was. Old Master Zhao’s reply was blunt and straight to the point.

“That useless grandson of mine is upstairs having a meal with his wife-to-be. Honestly, the older he gets, the harder it is to restrain that child. No matter how much I tried to persuade him to have a meal with us, he insisted on accompanying his girlfriend instead. Aren’t youngsters these days getting sappier and more unreasonable? Back in our day, which one of us would dare to do something like this? Hahaha.”

Old Master Zhao, did you know that your body’s betraying your true emotions? You might say that you’re frustrated, but your expression says otherwise!

“So, when is Second Young Master planning to get married? When the time comes, you definitely have to treat us to drinks,” asked a person who still wasn’t willing to give up. Heheh, was there anyone who didn’t know how wealthy families were like? No matter how close a couple was to one another, nothing was set in stone as long as they weren’t married!

“Don’t worry, you guys won’t be left out. The young lady will be heading home in a few days. That boy Chengning is feeling rather anxious too. He’s already spoken with his father and come to a decision. This time around, he’ll tag along with her and ask her parents for her hand in marriage so that they can tie the knot as soon as possible. After all, that young lady is both bright and beautiful. If he doesn’t hold on to her tightly enough, I reckon she’ll end up catching someone else’s eye. If that happens, it’ll be too late for tears.”

“Would you mind telling us which family she’s from?”

“Oh, don’t you know? Old Shen’s granddaughter from A City. Do you guys remember Old Shen?”

F*ck, it can’t be that Old Shen, right?!

What the f*ck, if it really is Old Shen, then why even bother trying to go up against him? Chances are, they’d probably be beaten to death by him before they could execute any of their plans!

Forget it. No matter how tempting the Zhao family is, they’re probably not going to end up in bed with them anyway, so they shouldn’t provoke the Shen family.

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