Chapter 376: Distorting The Truth (2)

Chapter 376: Distorting The Truth (2)

Regardless of the times, rich young masters who abused their power to oppressed others were always derided by the general public. In the eyes of this group of people, it was an even greater sin. The contents of the screenshots undoubtedly touched these people’s bottom line, and in a fit of rage, with absolutely no regard for the veracity of the screenshots, they rushed forward to unreservedly criticize Yiju, the woman in question, and the young master.

There were some people who tried to convince Luofeng to reveal the identities of the woman and young master so that they could launch a crusade against them. But, Luofeng tried to play the victim and said that he didn’t want to antagonize these people; the further he got from them, the better.

This in turn made everyone even angrier.

It’s bad enough that you’re using your status to oppress other people, but now you’re even threatening them! How utterly intolerable!

However, due to the identities of the woman and young master remaining a mystery, countless self-proclaimed warriors of justice could only channel all their ire at Yiju’s official account and demand that they reveal who these two despicable people were. On top of that, they also demanded that Luofeng be given an apology and compensation. In fact, there was even a thread titled: Get out of gaming, Yiju!

Yiju was still busy taking care of the offline event, so it didn’t have time to bother with this and remained silent. But, in the eyes of these warriors of justice, Yiju’s silence manifested as a silent admission and a guilty conscience. This in turn led to an even more vicious tongue lashing from them.

Of course, not everyone believed Luofeng’s one-sided story. The more intelligent people out there asked Luofeng to produce tangible evidence that he’d been taken advantage of instead of asking everyone to trust him by his word alone. Unfortunately, this sort of talk was brutally shot down by everyone else, which led to it quickly dying out.

Song Yubao became increasingly upset as she read on. “This is too much. How can he distort the truth like this. His morals are in the dumps!” When she reached the end, she had half a mind to throw her phone onto the ground.

Although Luofeng didn’t expose who the heavy-handed ‘woman’ and ‘young master’ were, it didn’t take much for the members of Jade Sea Pavilion to figure out that he was referring to Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning.

“In the past, my school’s anime club worked together with Luofeng once before. They said that he had a horrible personality, and that he was self-important and loved taking advantage of women. In short, he was scum. Looking at him now, I’d say he’s even lower than scum,” said Descent Of Rain And Snow.

Lingering White Clouds turned her attention to Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning. “Nutty, Leader, what do you guys plan to do? What Luofeng’s doing is outright libel.”

Shen Jingbin’s head was still bowed as she continued to silently read through Weibo. On the other hand, Zhao Chengning’s face was pitch black as he made a call to someone. When the call connected, he bluntly told the other person to look at Weibo and figure out how to fix this before hanging up.

“Little Jing and I are going to make a trip down to Yiju. Xia Qihui, grab the rest of them and look up Xiangpeng in Panlong. Those who want to head back can do so, while those of you who are willing to testify as witnesses can come along with us.”

The members of Jade Sea Pavilion glanced at one another for a moment before they unanimously decided to follow along. The party split into two groups, and then they each made their way towards their target destination.

Xiangpeng was practically boiling over with anger after he got off the phone with Zhao Chengning and checked Weibo. He hurriedly rounded up the other two people in charge of the event and gave them a summary of what had happened. He then made a call to Yiju’s PR department. The PR department informed him that they’d get right on the case, and also suggested that he find the relevant individuals and get them to refute Luofeng’s claims. Also, it’d be best if they were people of some status. Although Luofeng had many fans behind him, the PR department felt that Luofeng was employing the use of ‘sock puppets’ and ‘bots’ this time around for reblogs and comments. If they wanted to reveal the truth to everyone, they’d have to present the public with someone who was even more influential to speak up for them. Otherwise, the voices of minor individuals and Yiju’s own refutes would fall on deaf ears.

Heeding the PR department’s advice, Xiangpeng rushed to look for some of the guests of honor who were resting and tried to enlist their aid to reveal what really transpired. Upon hearing what happened, the guests of honor immediately assured Xiangpeng that they’d work with Yiju to help get the truth out.

And so, while the warriors of justice were giving their all in talking about Yiju and rich heirs, several celebrities that they’d been following suddenly made a post. And, it turned out, that all of them were calling out Luofeng for distorting the truth. He was the one who didn’t know his place and tried to hook up with the daughter of an affluent family. When that didn’t work, he’d try framing her. What truly disgraceful and repulsive behaviour.

The big name celebrities suddenly getting themselves involved in this incident sparked a lot of confusion. Some people felt that Luofeng’s version of the story was the truth, and that those celebrities who’d spoken up later on were bought over by Yiju to smooth things out. Other people were moved by what the celebrities said, and entertained the possibility of Luofeng lying. Because of this, what was once a simple attack against Shen Jingbin, Zhao Chengning, and Yiju, had now turned into a war consisting of people taking various sides. Furthermore, due to the increasing number of celebrities who’d chosen to get involved, the situation devolved to the point where fans would lash out at anyone who tried to speak ill of their idol.

That is, until a certain Yellow V Weibo account holder who only posts once in a blue moon made a statement.

“Vv: @Luofeng hopes he can be an even better person - I’ve seen some shameless people in my time, but you take the cake. I’ve never seen someone who could distort the truth as well as you do. You tried to hook up with a woman and failed, but you still tried to force your way. When that didn’t work out, you tried to use force against her but got beaten up instead. Now, you’re trying to besmirch her reputation online. You’re truly a disgrace to all men. PS: Will those who are aware of how the legal system works please tell me what counts as libel? I’m referring to the kind that leads to you being charged in court.”

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