Chapter 375: Distorting The Truth (1)

Chapter 375: Distorting The Truth (1)

The next day, Shen Jingbin was woken up by Shen Jingchen’s blood-curdling screams. By this time, Zhao Chengning was no longer around. She ran her hand over the part of the bed that he’d slept on and found that it was cold. Looks like he’d been awake for a while.

As she thought this, the room door was thrown open and in came Zhao Chengning with something in his hands.

“You awake? Jiang Weiwei brought back porridge when she went out. I got some for you.” He walked over to the bedside and placed the bowl of porridge atop the bedside table. Noticing that she was just sitting on the bed and staring at him, he reached out and patted her head.

The porridge was clearly just cooked, and was exquisitely prepared. One whiff was all it took to whet a person’s appetite.

“What was that sound just now?” she asked.

“Your brother was grousing about how the porridge Jiang Weiwei brought back didn’t suit his palate, so he was taken care of.”

“Tch, just leave him to his tantrums.”

“I’ll wait for you outside. Come out once you’re done washing up. Pure Crane said that his and Black Kite’s tickets are at ten. If we leave now, we can still make it in time to send them off.”

Shen Jingbin nodded and sent him off with a glance before she crawled out of bed, washed up, and got dressed. While washing up, she noticed that there were several red marks on her neck and shoulders. Her brain immediately thought back to what had happened the previous night.

Although they were able to stop themselves from doing the deed, she could feel her restraint eroding bit by bit whenever they got intimate with one another.

“This is a dangerous sign. Looks like I’ll have to stay a little further away from that beast in the future. Otherwise, who knows when he’ll turn into a big bad wolf and try to eat me up,” she thought to herself as stretched out her neck.

By the time Shen Jingbin had finished washing up and downing her bowl of porridge, the rest of the group were already sitting on the sofa in the living room and waiting for her with filled bellies.

Aside from Black Kite and company, a few other people from Jade Sea Pavilion were also heading home today. A majority of their departure times were at ten, so everyone in Jade Sea Pavilion decided to meet up and send them off.

After sending the others off, Shen Jingbin’s group was making their way back when Song Yubao, who was scrolling through Weibo, suddenly cried out, “The f*ck!? Leader, Nutty, take a look at this Weibo post! That Luofeng from yesterday is spreading rumours that he’d been maligned, and he’s saying all sorts of horrible things about Yiju and you guys!”

“What what? Let me see!” All four of the Four Monsters dashed over to Song Yubao’s side and craned their necks to look at her phone.

What appeared before them was a Weibo post from a Yellow V account.[FOOTNOTE: Think of it as the Weibo equivalent of twitter’s blue checkmark. The colour of the V determines what category you fall into. Blue is used for people who work in governmental institutions, while yellow and red are used for entertainers, the media, educators, etc.]

“Luofeng hopes he can be an even better person: Although I’ve always known that the world wasn’t fair, I never expected it to be this bad. What I first thought to be just another normal event turned out to be a smear campaign where they tried to raise false charges against me. To a certain woman, young master, and multi-million dollar company: I’m just an ordinary citizen, I’m not capable of standing up against you guys. I just want to go about living my simple and ordinary life, and release movies that I like. Please don’t spread any bad rumours about me. My reputation can’t take the hit.”

Based on the time of posting, it was clear that it’d only just been submitted. The location marker beneath the post revealed that it was sent from an unknown hotel in B City. In just these few short minutes between the time of posting till now, there were over a thousand comments and reblogs. When they opened the comments page, apart from the first few comments that were trying to figure out what happened, the rest of them were all raging alongside Luofeng. On Yiju’s page, the comments page on the most recent posts by them were filled with all sorts of curses and vile language. There was even someone who threatened to blow up Yiju’s headquarters.

As Yiju had gone all out with this offline event, and they’d put in a lot of effort to market it, many people knew that Luofeng was a guest of honor. They also knew that Yiju had thrown out money to secure a reservation for a high end hotel. After reading this post and where it originated from, the very first thought that entered most people’s minds was: Luofeng was taken advantage of during the event. And, they were 90% sure that the person who’d taken advantage of him was this ‘certain woman, young master, and multi-million dollar company’. After coming to that conclusion, Luofeng’s fans worked themselves into a frenzy and rushed to Weibo to console their idol. At the same time, they hurled vicious curses at the people who’d taken advantage of their idol.

Shortly after, someone claiming to be Luofeng’s friend posted several screenshots, which riled up his fans even more as they aimed their ire straight at Yiju and a ‘certain woman and young master’ that he’d talked about in his Weibo post - Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning.

It was a screenshot of Luofeng’s message history. In it, Luofeng revealed that he’d be participating in the event. He happened to catch the eye of a certain unyielding woman, who began dropping hints about wanting to ‘befriend’ him. The word befriend was written with quotation marks, causing everyone’s thoughts to run astray. Luofeng tried to tell this woman that he only wanted to be regular friends with her and nothing else, but she unexpectedly flew into a humiliation fuelled rage and tried to force him to give into her. It just so happened that this woman also had an influential boyfriend who hailed from a wealthy family. When he found out about this, he tried to besmirch Luofeng’s reputation while also putting pressure on Yiju by demanding that they bar him from all future events.

One would think that as a large company, Yiju wouldn’t yield to demands like these. However, Yiju actually gave in to the couple and did as they were bade. They even went as far as to throw him out of the hotel that very night. Even worse, that young master mentioned in private that he was going to end Luofeng’s career.

Countless people were outraged when these screenshots were revealed. Aside from Luofeng’s fans, there were also some otakus who joined in the mix.

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