Chapter 374: The Beauty Takes Action (2)

Chapter 374: The Beauty Takes Action (2)

Jiang Weiwei’s apartment was in an upmarket district, and was only a few minutes drive away from the hotel. It was just your standard three room apartment unit, of which, one room was used as a study. However, due to her not using it much, she’d decided to convert it into a guest room that was just a little smaller than usual. Naturally, this room was assigned to Shen Jingchen.

Due to the maliciousness that lay in the hearts of single people, Jiang Weiwei rejected Shen Jingbin’s idea for the two of them to share a bed, and instead allowed Shen Jingbin and Zhao Chengning to have the master bedroom to themselves.

Yeah right! If she’d actually agreed, then Zhao Chengning probably would’ve torn her head off!

Feeling helpless, Shen Jingbin could only grit her teeth and accept while the person standing behind her had a profound smile on their face.

It was getting late, so Zhao Chengning just took a quick shower and made a beeline for the room.

By this time, the ceiling light was already turned off. He was left with the warm yellow glow from the wall light, which cast hazy shadows around the entire room.

A small mound could be seen sticking out of the bed. Judging from its size, he guessed that it was Shen Jingbin lying on her side.

He subconsciously quietened his steps, slowly walked over, lifted one of the corners of the blankets, and carefully laid down onto the soft mattress, gradually sinking into it.

“You’re done washing up?” Shen Jingbin’s eyes were slightly glazed over as she turned to face him. A lemon scented fragrance wafted into her nose; the exact same fragrance that she had on her.

“Mm. Were you sleeping?” he asked as he gently shifted closer to her side, wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his beautifully shaped chin on top of her head.

With her head buried in his chest, her voice came out muffled, “Not yet.”

Zhao Chengning rested a hand on her waist and felt how perfect it was as he subconsciously stroked it. Her slim and shapely waistline that didn’t have a hint of excess fat was probably a result of her practicing martial arts from a young age. Going a little lower, he could make out two dimples on her back.

He suddenly thought back to something Xuya had said when he was showing off one of his girlfriends: women with back dimples were the sexiest. Back then he’d scoffed at what Xuya had said, thinking that only perverts like Xuya would believe in something like that. But now, maybe there was some truth to what he’d said. If nothing else, his throat was feeling like it was about to dry up.

Shen Jingbin’s waist was one of her sensitive spots. Her lower back, in particular, was especially sensitive. It normally wasn’t that sensitive whenever Zhao Chengning drew her by the waist. But today, with his large warm hands gently rubbing against her back, separated only by a thin set of pyjamas, left her feeling like she was about to burn up whenever he brushed against her bare skin.

“Up for a chat?” he asked as he angled his head towards her ear and blew against it.

Shen Jingbin buried her head even deeper into his chest. A long time passed before he finally heard a faint “Mm.” from her. Her voice was akin to that of a kitten that had just had just woken up. It was so soft and delicate that it could make a person melt into a puddle of water.

Zhao Chengning couldn’t help but break into a smile. He lifted up a hand and run it through her hair like a comb, going past locks of her jet black hair that had fallen onto the pillow. In the warm glow cast by the wall light, Shen Jingbin’s exceptionally cared for black glossy hair, which was spread out on the white pillow, had an inexplicable allure to it.

Zhao Chengning’s freshly bathed body was starting to warm up as well.

In an attempt to distract himself, Zhao Chengning tried to change the topic. “That kick you did when you trampled Dragon’s Claw looked pretty ferocious. From the way he acted, one might think you even broke his ribs. National Treasures and rest of them were pretty stunned by what you did.”

“I made sure to hold back. He only felt pain, but none of his bones were broken. He won’t be able to find anything even if he goes to a doctor to get it checked out,” Shen Jingbin replied as she stretch out a hand and wrapped it around his lean waist. Even with his pyjamas in the way, she could still feel his sturdy abs. Out of curiosity, she let go of him and tried pushing against him a little. She tried jabbing at his stomach with a finger at first before full on feeling it up with her hand. “You’ve done a pretty good job training up your stomach.”

Zhao Chengning’s breathing suddenly became heavier, carrying with it a warmth that was filled with eagerness as it landed against her neck.

“Don’t feel me up,” he said as he released her waist and caught hold of her rogue hands.

Shen Jingbin let out a dissatisfied ‘“Tsk.”, but she listened to what he’d said and obediently returned her hands to his chest.

“These hands of yours really are lethal weapons. When do you plan on giving me a lesson?” Zhao Chengning asked.

“Do you think any Tom, Dick or Harry can learn it? This was a result of years of sweat and blood ever since I was a child,” she said as she wrinkled her nose, clearly unhappy with this question of his.

“Hm? Why’s that?”

“I was a little mischievous when I was a kid. This was especially so when I was learning martial arts with my Grandfather. There was one time back then when I got into a fight with a boy at school and I broke his nose. It just so happened that his parents were one of the city’s officials and had quite a lot of clout, so the matter was blown up. Even though Grandfather and Grandmother managed to clear everything up by making an appearance, because of that, the very first thing that my Grandfather taught me was to control my strength so that I’d never cause lasting damage.”

Zhao Chengning burst out laughing when he heard that. He never knew that something like that had happened when she was younger. “Looks like I can’t afford to offend you in the future. I won’t even have a chance to seek redress if you beat me up.”

Shen Jingbin glared at him. “So, you’re planning to offend me?”

Zhao Chengning lowered his head and looked into her eyes. It looked as if there were stars dancing in his eyes, and they shone so brightly that it could blind a person. “By doing this.”

After saying that, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. Feeling like that wasn’t enough, he used his tongue to pry open her lips and snaked it into her mouth. His hands that he’d left wrapped around her waist weren’t left idling either as they explored the edges of her clothes and ran about the curvature of her back, gradually making their way upwards, lighting fires throughout her body in the process...

Shen Jingbin’s mind was in a haze when she heard a man whisper three words into her ear.

“I love you.”

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