Chapter 373: The Beauty Takes Action (1)

Chapter 373: The Beauty Takes Action (1)

Dragon’s Claw, who wasn’t aware of the impending danger, was still going off on his rant that was becoming increasingly abusive.

Shen Jingbin walked up to Wei Wei and extracted Qi Mu from his embrace. She then gave Qi Mu a gentle pat on the shoulder and whispered a few words of comfort into her ears. Shen Jingbin’s voice was pleasant to begin with, but it sounded even more luxuriant when she put her mind to it, allowing her to stabilize Qi Mu’s mental state. Once done, Shen Jingbin turned her attention back to Wei Wei and shot him a meaningful gaze, prompting him to retreat with Qi Mu in tow. With a nod of his head, Wei Wei half coaxed and half forced Qi Mu back towards the hotel.

“Stop right there you little shit, where the hell do you think you’re running off to with my wife?!” Dragon’s Claw scrambled to his feet when he saw Wei Wei walking off with Qi Mu. Unfortunately for him, he was struck by The Winds Of Ximen and sent crumbling to the ground the moment he stood up, his head swimming in pain.

Before the pain subsided, a pair of long slender legs appeared before him. He looked up, only to find that they belonged to the woman he’d been lusting after. In that moment, his face took on an exceptionally vulgar look.

“What are you playing at, Miss? Weren’t you the one who said that you didn’t know me? In that case, why’re you meddling in my affairs? And, what are you planning to do now? Beat me up? I’ll have you know that assault is a criminal offence! I’ll report you to the police if you dare to lay a hand on me! I know people in the public security bure…”

Before he had a chance to finish, he felt a jolt of pain from his chest. It was so painful that it felt like he’d broken a rib. He collapsed onto the floor and erupted in a fit of coughing, all five of his senses in complete disarray.

“You *cough* you actually hit me… Don’t think I’ll hold back just because you’re a little *cough* pretty! I know people in high places! You’d better *cough* apologize to me right now, or else just wait and see what’ll happen to you tomorrow! *cough cough*”

Shen Jingbin sneered and looked down at him with her eyebrows raised in askance. “If you’re really a man, you’ll get up right now and fight me one on one. Otherwise, shut your trap and stop spouting rubbish!” Shen Jingbin pulled out her handphone from her handbag and sent it flying towards Dragon’s Claw’s chest that had previously been trampled on, eliciting yet another groan of pain from him. “You know people in high places, right? Here’s a phone, go give them a call. I’d like to know just how powerful these backers of yours are.”

In reality, Dragon’s Claw was the type of person who feigned his strength. To him, women were akin to flower vases. This was particularly so for beautiful women. But, to his surprise, he was left without any recourse the moment Shen Jingbin took action. To top it up, judging from the fearless looks on both her and her boyfriend’s faces, it was clear that they weren’t your regular everyday person. At this point, his alcohol addled brain finally sobered a little, and he realised that he’d bitten off more than he could chew.

“Why aren’t you saying anything now? What happened to all that bluster?” The Winds Of Ximen asked sarcastically. If not for his rationality holding him back, he would’ve long since gone up and given Dragon’s Claw a few more kicks so that he’d be bedridden for at least a month.

Dragon’s Claw continued to remain silent.

Zhao Chengning, watching off by the sidelines, suddenly sneered. He stepped forward and took his girlfriend into his arms before shooting Dragon’s Claw a look of disdain. “You good-for-nothing coward.”

One look from Zhao Chengning combined with his five words made Dragon’s Claw’s face flush red in anger. However, the throbbing pain in his chest reminded him that he was, in fact, a good-for-nothing coward that lacked even the ability to defend himself.

Pure Crane jumped in at just the right time to help smooth things over, and urged them to leave. “Alright, it’s not worth wasting our time on a good-for-nothing like him. Let’s head back.”

The sight of a sniveling man killed off whatever she’d had planned. She shot him a look of disgust before walking off. Zhao Chengning knelt beside Dragon’s Claw and rummaged through his pockets for a moment before fishing out his name card. He then gave Dragon’s Claw a profound smile and walked off after Shen Jingbin.

When Shen Jingbin and company had walked out of sight, Dragon’s Claw’s companions finally appeared. They were faced with the shocking sight of him lying on the ground, and hurriedly rushed over to help him.

“Bro, what happened? Didn’t you say you saw someone you know? How’d you end up like this?” Wyvern dashed to his brother’s side and looked over him anxiously.

“I’m fine. I just felt a little woozy and tripped.” When Dragon’s Claw saw the looks of concern on everyone’s faces, he clamped down on the hatred brewing within his heart and acted gave an indifferent reply. With the help of one of his companions, he managed to get back to his feet. “*Cough cough*, let’s head back.”

His companions glanced worriedly at one another. This definitely wasn’t something as simple as him just falling over. But, since the person himself wasn’t willing to say anything, it wouldn’t be right of them to force the matter. After all, this was their first time meeting one another; they were only acquaintances.

Upon returning to the hotel, Shen Jingbin and company found out that Wei Wei had spent this time consoling Qi Mu. Having calmed down, she’d gone to sleep. With the last of their concerns taken care of, they bid those that were staying at the hotel good night and made ready to leave for home.

After exiting the hotel, Jiang Weiwei checked the time and made a suggestion. “Hey, Nutty and Leader, if I remember correctly, the two of you live pretty far away, right? Since it’s so late, why don’t you crash at my place instead? I have a place near here and there’s quite a few empty rooms… Oh and the other two of you can stay over as well.”

Normally, Shen Jingbin would reject such a suggestion without the slightest bit of hesitation. But, this time around, there was the inclusion of her brother who’d drunk himself stupid and had half a mind to just roll over and fall asleep on the spot. Before she had the chance to reject Jiang Weiwei’s offer, Shen Jingchen butted in and agreed. Shen Jingbin’s ‘agreement’ led to Zhao Chengning’s silent consent as well. Xia Qi, who was the only one left who’d yet to decide, looked around for a bit before taking Jiang Weiwei up on her offer as well, since he was feeling tipsy too.

With that, the five of them drove off in two cars in the dark of the night and made for Jiang Weiwei’s apartment.

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