Chapter 372: Taking Shamelessness To The Next Level (2)

Chapter 372: Taking Shamelessness To The Next Level (2)

By this time, Zhao Chengning and company had already created some distance between them and Dragon’s Claw. Black Kite looked over to Qi Mu, and it looked like she’d been scared witless. A wave of concern for Qi Mu washed over her, and her intuition told her that there was something up with that man too.

“What’s wrong, Qi Mu? Do you know that man?”

“Hm?” Qi Mu looked as if she’d suddenly been wrenched free from her thoughts, and was overcome by a brief stint of confusion. Upon making out what Black Kite’s question was, her confusion quickly turned into resentment and bitterness. A thought suddenly occurred to Shen Jingbin when she caught Qi Mu subconsciously looking back.

Sure enough, Qi Mu’s answer proved her right.

“That man was the one who caused Whitey, Gentle Kite, and me to lose our levels.”

“Ah!” Black Kite cried out softly in surprise. “So, he’s the one? I never expected someone decent looking like him to turn out to be such scum! Good thing my little brother didn’t come today, otherwise, he might’ve tried to beat him up,” she said as she gave herself a calming pat on the chest.

“You’re the only one who thought that that man looked decent. Didn’t you see how he stuck to Nutty the moment he laid eyes on her? Calling men like him ‘trash’ is an insult to trash,” Delicate Flower said.

Qi Mu nibbled at her lips as she looked to Shen Jingbin and said with some hesitation, “Nutty, do you know him? He said…”

Shen Jingbin knew what she was getting at. “No, I don’t know him. But, I happened to run into him at the exhibition hall in the afternoon. He’s a brainless, arrogant idiot.”

Qi Mu’s expression turned unreadable.

Seeing this, Pure Crane attempted to console her. “Men like him aren’t worth reminiscing over. Knowing his true colours sooner rather than later is a good thing.”

“I wasn’t reminiscing about him. It’s just hard for me to look at him. He couldn’t even recognize me… Sigh, do you think I’m a fool?”

Shen Jingbin really felt like nodding her head and saying ‘yes’, but she held herself back when saw how Qi Mu looked like she was about to break out in tears at any moment.

While the group was doing their best to console Qi Mu, telling her not to bother about such scum, they suddenly heard the impatient shuffling of footsteps from behind them, followed by a man’s excited yet somewhat frustrated voice.

“Qi Mu! You’re Qi Mu, right?!”

Dragon’s Claw came running over and went straight up to Qi Mu, grabbed her shoulders, and gave her a good shake. In his excitement, he failed to control his strength and nearly shook her senseless.

“Qi Mu, it’s you, right?! I knew you looked familiar… Don’t you live in C City? Why’re you here? I asked you to come over to B City in the past, but you refused. We wouldn’t be like this if you’d listened and had come to B City a little earlier.”

Dragon’s Claw’s tone made everyone present feel like puking. This person was rewriting what it meant to be ‘shameless’ all by himself!

“L-let go of me!” Shortly after, Qi Mu came to her senses and she began struggling to break free. Unfortunately for her, there was too much of a disparity in strength between a man and a woman and she failed to do so.

Being the nearest to Qi Mu, The Winds Of Ximen and Cheshire Cat rushed over to help her. One of them held the man back, while the other shielded her.

Dragon’s Claw wasn’t the least bit happy about being interrupted, and he began swearing up a storm. “Who the hell do you think you are? What’re you doing? What I say to my wife is none of your business. Butt out!”

Qi Mu, who was wrapped in Weiwei’s embrace, was so overcome with anger that her body began to shudder.

How blind must she have been to actually date such a ‘man amongst men’?

Pure Crane couldn’t bear to look on any longer and stood between Qi Mu and the man. “Take this nonsense about her being your wife and whatnot somewhere else. There’s no wife of yours here.”

“The f*ck did you come from, you little shit? Do you have any part to play in this? Listen up, that woman behind you is my wife in-game. We agreed to extend that to real life as well, so she’s my wife both in-game and outside of it. Don’t butt into our matters!”

“Bullshit!” At this moment, Qi Mu broke free from Weiwei. “Your wife is Angelic Mira! You have nothing to do with me, so stop spouting bullshit!” cried Qi Mu with reddened eyes.

Dragon’s Claw, who still couldn’t break free from The Wind’s Of Ximen’s hold, immediately softened his tone. “Qi Mu, I know you blame me for not helping you last time, but you know how powerful Mira- no, that woman is. If I stepped out to help you, she would’ve made things even more difficult for you… You… you have to know that I did this for your sake… I still have that picture you sent me of you in a nightgown from last time. If you don’t forgive me, I-I can’t be sure of where this photo will end up tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, he decided to turn to threats at the end. Qi Mu’s eyes turned yet another shade redder.

The photo that Dragon’s Claw was referring to was the one she’d sent when they first got together, and they were in their ‘honeymoon phase’. At the time, she didn’t know of the evil that lurked within the hearts of men, and she’d had complete confidence in herself. One word from him was all it took for her to send him an R18 photo of herself. She’d even fantasised about how she was going to have him wrapped around her thumb. Although the photo didn’t reveal her entire face, those who knew her would be able to immediately figure out who she was.

“You bastard!” Unable to keep his anger in check any longer, The Winds Of Ximen rushed at him and gave Dragon’s Claw a good kick.

Dragon’s Claw let out a blood-curdling shriek before falling to the floor.

“Eh? What’s wrong? What are you guys doing?” The members of Jade Sea Pavilion who’d drunk themselves silly and hadn’t noticed the commotion behind them finally realized that something was wrong and came running back to see what was happening. They couldn’t help but be taken aback when they saw The Winds Of Ximen kicking someone, while the rest of the people present had dark looks on their faces.

Why’d it feel like the entire world had changed in just the blink of an eye?

Before they had the chance to figure out what was going on, they heard Shen Jingbin speak up in a conspiratorial whisper, frost lacing her voice, “Zhao Chengning, would you stop me if I decided to beat someone up?”

Zhao Chengning’s voice sounded just as dangerous as hers did, “I was just about to ask you the same question.”

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