Chapter 37: The First Confrontation (1)

Chapter 37: The First Confrontation (1) 

With Shen Jingchen's constant snubbing and Mascot's impressive support to spur her on, Shen Jingbin managed to reach level 80.

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, players who were below level 50 belonged to the novice rank and leveled quickly. Players between levels 50 to 80 were in the transitional phase, where the difficulty in leveling would start to increase. Players in the 80 to 100 range were in the middle of the spectrum, where they’d start to face a real challenge when they attempted to level up. And finally, levels 100 to 130 were the domain of experts. At this rank, gaining just a single level was the equivalent of asking someone for their life!  

This was also the reason why no one had managed to hit the level cap since the start of the game’s service two years ago till now.

During this period of time when Shen Jingbin was undergoing the challenging process of leveling up, the title of the first guild to conquer all three Demonic Sect dungeons was nabbed by an opposing guild, Life At First Sight. Jade Sea Pavilion’s raid team, on the other hand, lagged behind by just half a minute.

As a result, the entire guild fell into a state of depression for many days.

The history of the dispute between Jade Sea Pavilion and Life At First Sight would probably be enough to publish X number of novels.

The grievances between the two guilds had been accumulating for a long time.

In the beginning, it was Life At First Sight that commenced one-sided hostilities towards Jade Sea Pavilion. Reason being that their Guild Leader, Crying Fish, had been publicly rejected by Quiet And Steadfast.

Crying Fish was a goddess-like existence within the game. She had a pretty and flirtatious appearance, an explosive body, and was rather skilled at the game. On top of that, her Luck stat was the highest in the entire server. Due to that, her name was featured in the system’s announcement on a daily basis.

These qualities caused countless men to chase after her, to the point of even doing so in their dreams.

While she, on the other hand, was turned into a spoilt rotten diva[1. kek] from all the adoration she received. Thus, she viewed Quiet And Steadfast’s rejection as a form of humiliation towards her, and was immediately infuriated by it. In her rage, she appealed to all the male players and asked them to wage war on the guild that Quiet And Steadfast belonged to, Jade Sea Pavilion.

Naturally, apart from this group of male players attempting to chase after Crying Fish, there were many female players who felt bitter about being rejected by Quiet And Steadfast. There was also another group of players who had nothing better to do and just enjoyed seeing shit hit the fan. Either way, because of this unfathomable reason, Life At First Sight started to slowly expand, turning into a large guild that could clash head on with Jade Sea Pavilion.

In the beginning, Jade Sea Pavilion had no intention of going against Life At First Sight. However, after their BOSSes were repeatedly stolen and their members cut down in PK zones[2. Player Killing zones. Maps that have been marked as areas where players can freely fight one another], they couldn’t bear it any longer and their tempers flared.

This marked the start of the conflict between the two large guilds.

[Guild] Next Week Is Unlikely: We’re going to Sea Moon Island in the Thunder Marsh Region. Kill all enemies on sight. Anyone who’s free come along.

[Guild] Next Week Is Unlikely: We’re going to Sea Moon Island in the Thunder Marsh Region. Kill all enemies on sight. Anyone who’s free come along.

[Guild] Next Week Is Unlikely: We’re going to Sea Moon Island in the Thunder Marsh Region. Kill all enemies on sight. Anyone who’s free come along.

Today when Shen Jingbin logged on, the guild chat was buzzing with activity as they prepared to fight. Her level was still low, so she wouldn’t be able to do something like fighting in a PK zone. However, she still received an invitation to the group due to her status as White Cloud Temple’s Lead Disciple, and Shen Jingchen’s frequent bragging about how strong she was.

[Guild] Eight National Treasures: Nutty, come join our party~ We’ve got plenty of healers, so you can experience the joy of PVPing[3. Players Versus Player. Literally players fighting each other] without worry!

[Guild] Nutjob: Okay.

Thunder Marsh wasn’t a territory that belonged to the Humans, making the journey inaccessible via a relay station. Instead, players had to travel through several teleportation arrays to make the trip. Of course, players also had the option of traveling by foot, but Thunder Marsh’s vicinity was filled with high leveled, red named monsters. This made traveling via teleportation array much more convenient than going by foot.

Thunder Marsh was situated at the Easternmost region of the continent, just by the Eastern Sea. Sea Moon Island itself was located to the East of Thunder Marsh. It was a small island that overlooked the sea.

Sea Moon Island was a beautiful little island that was shaped like a lunula.[4. The rounded white part at the base of a person’s fingernail] It stood three stories high and floated in the sky, sitting on the boundary between land and sea. Half of the island was light green, while the other half was light blue. An expansive everglade could be found below the crescent shaped main island, where its greenish swamp waters stretched all the way out and intermingled with the light blue colour of the sea.

As the terrain was expansive and lacked any obstructions, this glade was one of the main PKing grounds.

The battle was already in full swing when Shen Jingbin reached Sea Moon Island. Special effects of various cool skills filled the sky.

“This obviously wasn’t going to work if it kept up.” Shen Jingbin thought as she overlooked the state of the battle atop Sea Moon Island.

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