Chapter 369: A Single Dog’s Life (1)

Chapter 369: A Single Dog’s Life (1)

Shen Jingbin finally released Luofeng when she realized a number of people had formed a crowd around them. She gave him a nudge forward, sending him stumbling towards Xiangpeng, who was making a beeline for him.

“Are you alright?” Zhao Chengning asked as he briskly walked over to Shen Jingbin and placed his hands on her shoulders. She nodded, and he let out a sigh of relief. He was well aware that an average person was no match for her, but he was still worried about her coming out on the losing end.

Zhao Chengning’s eyes narrowed when he turned his attention to Luofeng, who was currently flexing his wrist. He then looked to Xiangpeng and said, “Xiangpeng, in the future, I think your company should take a person’s moral standing into consideration before inviting them as a guest of honor. Otherwise, they might end up staining your company’s reputation.”

Xiangpeng had never seen Zhao Chengning get angry in the three years he’d known him as a classmate. With how upset Zhao Chengning was right now, Xiangpeng could feel himself breaking out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly nodded his head, and said, “Got it! I’ll head over and handle this matter myself, and I’ll report back to you afterwards.”

Luofeng knew this meant that Yiju was planning on ‘taking care’ of him. He let out a howl of frustration before turning his attention to Xiangpeng.

“Mr Xiang, what’s the meaning of this? Your company was the one that invited me for this event. Now, not only are you not providing any assistance when I’m injured, you’re even planning on looking into whether I’m responsible for this incident? Is this how Yiju handles its relationships with its partners? Before wrapping things up with those two over there, why don’t you answer to me first? Otherwise, this won’t be the last you hear of me!”

“I’ll leave this to you then, Xiangpeng. I’m sure you know what I mean by that,” said Zhao Chengning as he shot Luofeng a look of disgust. He then helped Shen Jingbin up, and said to his companions, “Let’s go back.”

“Leader’s so cool, what a man!” I’m Not A Monster said with a perverted look on his face.

“Get lost, you damn gay,” said I’m Really Not A Monster with a look of disgust.

Actually, I Am A Monster chimed in as well. “Now taking votes: those who want to kick I’m Not A Monster out of the room raise your hand. Yup, I’m raising both hands.”

“Me too… Alright, it’s unanimous, you’re getting kicked out,” I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me said.

“... You assholes!”

Xiangpeng gazed at Zhao Chengning and company with lingering fear in his heart until they rounded the corner and disappeared from sight. He then turned his attention back to Luofeng and said, “Luofeng, I’m afraid our partnership has come to an end. We’ll settle your fees for making an appearance today, but we won’t be inviting you to any future events.”  

Luofeng’s face turned pale. He shot a glance at the people behind him who were supposed to be his companions, and said, “Mr Xiang, don’t you think you’re being rather unkind? How are you going to explain this to my fans?”

Xiangpeng immediately broke into sarcastic laughter. After a while, he composed himself and pretended to put on a serious front. “A word of advice, Luofeng: don’t be too full of yourself. Do you have any idea just who you’ve offended today? Putting aside Young Master Zhao, Miss Shen alone can crush you beneath her heel! Forget being repentant; now you’re even thinking of threatening them. Kids these days really are full of themselves. Do you really think things like those online fangirls of yours can help you in any way? Although the saying ‘with money, anything is possible’ isn’t all that right of a thing to adhere too, it is the truth. Go ahead and try blowing things up, we’ll see who has the last laugh at the end of it.”

“You!” Luofeng was so enraged by what Xiangpeng had said that he couldn’t get another word out.

“I’ve already taken care of the bill for your hotel, so there’s nothing else that needs to be said. I hope to see you gone by tomorrow morning, otherwise, things aren’t going to be so rosy if I have to come looking for you.”

“So that’s how Yiju wants to play it, huh? Alright then, just you wait and see!” Luofeng shouted, his chest heaving. He then glared at everyone present and stormed off.

Xiangpeng stood in stunned silence for several moments as he watched Luofeng’s departing figure before giving a small sigh. “Haah, lacking the ability to read other people is fine and all, but it’s a wonder how you managed to get to this point in life with that personality of yours.”

One of the people standing off to the side noticed Xiangpeng’s expression and approached to give him a comforting pat on the shoulder. “Don’t take what Luofeng did to heart, Brother Xiang. On the surface, he might seem like a decent enough guy, but people in the know are all aware of his bad reputation. He was clearly in the wrong to begin with, so even if he tries to besmirch Yiju’s reputation, there aren’t many people who’re going to believe him.”

Xiangpeng smiled at the person who was trying to comfort him. “I’m not sure what everyone’s takeaway from today’s incident was, but all I can say is that as long as you earnestly cooperate with us at Yiju, and don’t do anything inappropriate, Yiju will definitely offer you many benefits… Alrights, let’s head back too. Let’s not spoil the mood just because of one bad incident.” With that, Xiangpeng’s group made their way back to their private room.

Going back to Shen Jingbin’s side of things...

Upon returning to their private room, someone started up a round of ridiculing, and the target of said ridicule just so happened to be Luofeng. Those who weren’t aware of what he was truly like would be blissfully unaware, while those who found out about it would be taken aback. Who would’ve thought that this rather famous individual had such a dark history about him. The more Zhao Chengning heard about Luofeng, the darker his expression became. He silently railed at himself for letting that piece of trash go so easily.

Whenever youths met up, the one activity that they’d be remiss to leave out would be KTV. After their meal, the group happily made their way over to a KTV outlet, proclaiming that they’d party all night.

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