Chapter 368: Something Fishy’s Afoot (2)

Chapter 368: Something Fishy’s Afoot (2)

This brief interlude passed quickly. Shen Jingbin led Black Kite and the rest of them to meet up with Qi Mu and the members of Jade Sea Pavilion before they continued their tour of the exhibition. By the time they were through, most of the morning had gone by. As there were quite a few people in their group, and all of them were either a beauty or a hunk in their own right, they quickly drew the attention of players attending the event. When they found out that Shen Jingbin’s group was from Jade Sea Pavilion, many of them secretly decided that they’d leave their guild and join Jade Sea Pavilion instead! Regardless of whether they’d manage to get in or not, they were going to send in their application first before thinking about anything else!

In the afternoon, several other members from Jade Sea Pavilion who didn’t receive an invitation, but happened to be in B City, dropped by. They decided by a unanimous vote to have an official gathering at night.

As the second day of the event fell on a Sunday, although the event was still ongoing, it was about time for those who’d come to B City from other parts of the country to get ready to leave. So, this was their only chance to have a gathering.

As Jade Sea Pavilion’s Leader and Vice-leader, along with the fact that they were locals and were loaded, the task of hosting the dinner naturally fell on Zhao Chengning and Next Week Is Unlikely’s heads. Seeing as Zhao Chengning was romantically involved at present, Xia Qihui resigned himself to being the one who did the legwork and made the booking. On the other hand, Shen Jingchen couldn’t stand seeing how his sister had suddenly turned into a cute and helpless-looking girl. So, based on the principle of ‘see no evil’, he decided to go along with Xia Qihui.

When a man acts, the extent of his wealth can easily be seen.

Xia Qihui booked a table for dinner at Blooming Flower Pavilion. As there were many of them, he even specifically requested Chen Yi to provide them with a large private room. Unfortunately for him, Zhao Chengning was on the verge of throttling Xia Qihui when he found out about it.

Although there wasn’t any secret relationship between Zhao Chengning and Chen Yi, he was still afraid that his wife would be upset!

In spite of his fears, Shen Jingbin took it in her stride and didn’t look the least bit unhappy.

It takes two hands to clap, so Chen Yi didn’t pose any threat whatsoever. She wasn’t worth losing sleep over.

It was a very enjoyable meal, and there was a harmonious atmosphere in the air. Everyone acted as if they were old friends, and they talked about everything under the sun. In fact, people who weren’t in the know would never have guessed that this was their first time meeting one another.

Halfway through dinner, Shen Jingbin stepped out to visit the washroom. Just as she was walking past the private room beside theirs, someone happened to open the door from within. With the door open, the once narrow passage became virtually impossible for her to cross. Left with no other choice, Shen Jingbin just stood there and waited. While waiting, she happened to glance at the person who’d stepped out. Noticing her gaze, the person looked over to her as well, and they locked eyes.

It was Luo Feng.

Shen Jingbin’s face darkened in that instant.

Luo Feng froze as well before he immediately flashed an immaculate smile at her. He was confident that if any of his fans saw this smile of his, they’d fall head over heels for him.

Unfortunately for him, the only thing that Shen Jingbin felt was disgust.

People that pretended to be elegant and refined were the most disgusting type of people; he didn’t even know how to hide the lust in his eyes. Did he really think that everyone in the world was a fan of his?

“What a coincidence, Miss Shen. Are you dining here as well?” Luo Feng shut the door and cast his gaze around. Upon realising that she was by herself, the smile on his face broadened by several degrees.

Shen Jingbin didn’t feel like humouring him, so she just gave an apathetic nod in reply before she stepped past him and headed towards the washroom.

“Don’t be so cold, Miss Shen.” Luo Feng caught up to her after she’d walked quite a distance and was now in a more secluded area. He even boldly held onto her hand.

“Mister, please maintain your sense of propriety. Don’t try to make a move on me,” Shen Jingbin said unkindly as she shook off Luo Feng’s hand that had grabbed onto her own.

“Miss Shen, this should be our first time meeting with one another. I don’t think I’ve done anything to offend you in the past, right? Why’re you so…?” Luo Feng blocked her way forward, and he now wore a smile that seemed somewhat sinister.

Shen Jingbin cast a glance at him. “How I treat other people is my own business. Please step out of the way,” she said, her voice ice cold.

Luo Feng reached out to grab her once again. “Miss Shen, what you’re doing might give me the impression that you’re trying to play hard to get… Ah!” Luo Feng cried out before he had a chance to finish. Shen Jingbin had grabbed onto that perverted hand of his and turned it over. It was now stuck in a very unnatural position.

Shen Jingbin eyed Luo Feng’s face, which was now distorted by pain, and sneered. The warm lighting gave her expression a demonic sort of beauty. Luo Feng was mesmerised by it, and for an instant, his howls of pain even halted.

“There’s a saying: your appearance reflects the quality of your heart. With that vulgar look of yours, even taking another look at you would rot my eyes. Also, why don’t you figure out how strong the other party is before you try acting like a hoodlum. Don’t think all women are easy pickings.”

“L-l-let go!” Shen Jingbin’s merciless tongue lashing caused Luo Feng to come around. He drew out a breath of air as he cried for Shen Jingbin to release him. At the same time, he tried struggling free. He didn’t know how she’d done it, and she clearly only had one hand in her grasp, but every movement caused his entire body to flare up in pain. Not only that, he found that his hand that was being held prisoner couldn’t exert any strength whatsoever. Breaking free was impossible.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Luo Feng’s cries of pain had kicked up quite a bit of fuss. The people within the nearest two private rooms came running when they heard him. Their expressions twisted when they had a good look at the scene before them.

Zhao Chengning’s handsome face darkened, and his displeasure was open for all to see as he walked forward. Seeing this, Xiangpeng’s face paled, and his little heart trembled as he jogged up.

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